My Turn

It’s been a few days since we’ve seen Snowy Owl pictures, so I’ll take my turn posting some I took yesterday on the Back Shore.  This owl was disturbed by crows who dive bombed and squawked like the crazies they are.  It flew back and forth a few times; there was a dog nearby that I believe may have scared Owl a bit.

There were only a few people around with cameras at the time.  The waves were pretty spectacular and I think drive-bys thought we were simply taking wave photos.  One of the other couples that did come by noted there are two owls in the vicinity.  As I compare recent Back Shore owl pictures, I would tend to agree these two are different owls.  Greater minds than mine will be able to be more certain that these two below are not the same owl.

It’s been a magical experience to see these–it speaks to the wonder and beauty of Cape Ann!

5 thoughts on “My Turn

  1. So blessed to see these beautiful creatures! I hope to see one live, someday. I’m a huge fan. Love the picture of him in flight! Great job!


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