The search For a sub $800 Canada Goose Jacket Alternative Part 1

A little background:

The McKays and The McElhenny’s came over for an adult gamenight last week.  We played “What Do You Meme” and while here Erin let Kate try on her Canada Goose Jacket.   The same type of  winter parka that our Kim Smith raves about.   Of course Kate fell in love.  After all these ladies have style for days.  Kate said the comfort was indescribable.  aaaaaand the obsession began…

I can appreciate the finer things in life.  Ugg slippers which we talk about on the Podcast are one of life’s luxuries I’d gladly pay double for because they’re so far better than anything else I’ve ever put on my feet so I completely understand why they are priced the way they are.  The Canada Goose Jacket I can only assume is the same thing.  Only we just don’t have over $800 laying around for a jacket.

Now we got away this past weekend to Montreal.  One of my five favorite cities but also one of the coldest.  People in Montreal are very stylish, very polished, very European.  It’s also cold as fuck up there.  Negative digits routinely this time of year.  We stayed downtown and walked everywhere and wouldn’t you know more women than not and a ton of men were rocking Canada Goose Jackets or Canada Goose Jacket look-a-likes.

So while stuck at the airport for a bit I set out to find an alternative to the Canada Goose Jacket for Kate.  Surely there has to be a company out there that A) makes jackets, B) sees how much Canada Goose is charging for their jackets and C) has set out to make an equally as well performing jacket for way less money.  

You can’t tell me that it costs anywhere close to $800 to produce these jackets.  I get that it’s become a total status symbol type thing but there is something to the fad, the comfort and style that can be replicated for far less money.

So I checked around and one alternative is the North Face Arctic Parka II  $298.95 Read the reviews here



Here’s the Canada Goose version which actually gets lower review ratings read the reviews here


(can the patch on the sleeve really be worth $500 more?)

Kate’s going to get the North Face one and we will report back.  Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “The search For a sub $800 Canada Goose Jacket Alternative Part 1

  1. Will be interested to see how the North Face parka works out. I’ve heard that Land’s End sells a good expedition parka too for about a third of the price of the Canada Goose.


  2. I got a Canada Goose coat as an incentive coat in a size smaller than I normally wear. Summer came and I forgot about it. Fast forward to this winter,I still have a 900.00 coat that doesn’t fit. Well maybe 2019


  3. If you are seriously trying to stay warm (standing around birdwatching in Northern Minnesota, or even merely walking downtown Gloucester on a windy winter day), Canada Goose Expedition parka cannot be beat and is worth the money. Quality of wind/waterproof shell, pockets, zip, cuffs,down lining etc. The hood can be flipped forward into a long tube to protect you if the blizzard is blowing into your face, and I am grateful to the coyote who died and lines my hood. Mine kept me warm in the Saxe- Zim bog, and many times since then locally.


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