Does anyone have a clue as to why a tree over in West Gloucester at Greenbelt’s Wingaersheek Headlands has multiple bags of (what looks like) dog pooh and sand dangling from its branches? Just curious.

7 thoughts on “POOP IN A TREE – WHY?

  1. Probably because the dog walker picks it up in the bag and discards the bag on the side of the road. A disgusted person sees it and puts the bags in the tree so the offender can see it. We have the same problem.

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  2. I googled ~ seems to be a nasty habit ~ no redeeming reason to do such a thing. Ocassionally, this “nasty” has happened In my neighborhood of 545 homes. We recently replaced our one big centrally located doggie deposit trash can with six official “doggie trash cans” We located them along our sidewalks in common areas away from homes. The recepticals include a supply of doggie pick up bags ~ clean out is provided once a week by our landscaping service. No more bags in the trees. Now we notice, as we walk, empty chewing tobacco tins ~ could this be from the guy picking up the poop?

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