Tab Hunter & Allan Glaser approachable and inspiring at Gloucester Cape Ann Cinema & Stage

(L)Tab Hunter – he’s 86!  and Allan Glaser (R) at Cape Ann Cinema, Gloucester, MA

Find a screening of the Jeffrey Schwarz documentary, “Tab Hunter Confidential”; it’s fantastic!

“How long did it take to make?” was the first question at Gloucester’s Cape Ann Cinema talk back, following the must-see, indeliable and candid documentary: Tab Hunter Confidential. Six years and a life well lived along with a kick in the pants. Word of an unauthorized biography was motivating enough to tell Tab Hunter’s story “straight from the horse’s mouth, rather than straight from a horse’s ***.”

Tab Hunter is an American movie star, singer and author. The documentary is a gift that leaves the viewer wishing both Hunter and Allan Glaser were your friends, and that Hunter had starred in even more movies. There’s something for everybody to relate or aspire to: success, disappointment, betrayal, love, gratitude, humor, hard work, spirit and character. Hunter and Glasser traveled from California to Gloucester for this special screening because of Cape Ann Cinema. They shared easily and kindly as if everyone there was at a private screening and already acquainted. They’re staying downtown. They visited the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum. (Do they know she came here? Did they go to Beauport Museum?  Will they come back?) They were smart, charming and personable. Present. Real. Decidely NOT full of themselves.  Hunter, along with Natalie Wood and James Dean, were the last three Hollywood stars to be signed under contract in the studio system. Beyond acting, Hunter was also a chart topping singer and competitive athelete in not one but 3 sports, a devoted son and awe struck brother. A new Hollywood biopic is in discussions. (I thought which Director might be inspired- lots of Todd Haynes moments.) The theater audience was comprised of Tab Hunter fans including super ones who drove in from Lowell. There were a couple who did not know about Tab Hunter or his other accomplishments. We’re all super fans now. The programming at this little art house cinema can break your heart.

more photos from last night

Allan Glaser (rhymes with passer) said that “eveything they needed to get out of him (Tab Hunter) took YEARS to film … it was a different time, and he’s such a private person, and as you see in the film, so natural, down to earth. The last thing he wants to talk about is himself, or about his sexuality…” To which Hunter responded, nodding “Yes, yes, that’s true. People have to understand that that’s just a thread in the tapestry of your life. I mean, because a life has so much that you have to cover. That’s just a thread. People always want to hang so much importance,  and in actuality…”

One thought on “Tab Hunter & Allan Glaser approachable and inspiring at Gloucester Cape Ann Cinema & Stage

  1. Oh yes classic tab hunter too I am listening to it now and Tab Hunter and Allan Glaser, bet it was a blast to have them in town! Find many old school folks very people oriented! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


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