Beautiful pond over in West Gloucester

As I drive around doing work errands, always have my camera with me. Came across this beautiful spot the other day. Not sure of the name.

14 thoughts on “Beautiful pond over in West Gloucester

  1. Donna,

    From what I recall in west Gloucester a few times there are quite a few brooks and at least five or six ponds that way (west Pond, I did a quick look here are some locations I found…You could say curiosity got this cat hopefully make it to you! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂 P.S. Even list some of my old hangouts like days pond and others 🙂

    The actual PDF is 6.7 MB

    Source: Waterbody Assessment and TMDL Status 0 0.5 Miles
    Map produced by EPA Region I GIS Center
    Map Tracker ID 6678, February 25, 2010
    Data Sources: TeleAtlas, Census Bureau,
    USGS, Mass DEP Gloucester, MA

    1) Adapted from Final Massachusetts Year 2008 Integrated List of Waters;
    available at
    2) Waterbodies shown without an identified category are assigned as Category 3 by definition.
    3) For additional information on TMDLs and to view reports, see:
    4) For Massachusetts Surface Water Quality Standards, and waterbody classes
    and uses, see:


  2. it was never a pond it was made by a beaver i was a stream then he built a dam he made one across the street to robbie from bray st


      1. Welcome! This is an older document sourced so there are lot more up to date items just didn’t have the time for extended search as working some issues this way! Diversity at it’s best mother nature style! 🙂 Dave


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