PAUL MANSHIP #GloucesterMA historic artist home and studio milestone! STARFIELD property purchased and in the news

Read Gail McCarthy article “Local group buys, plans art residency for sculptors’ estate” from the Gloucester Daily Times.


American artist Paul Manship (1885–1966) was internationally renowned since the 1920s. He maintained multiple homes and studios: two in the Unites States (New York and Gloucester, MA); Paris; London; and three in Italy. This very special purchase–the only one in the world of a Manship property– Starfield, in the Lanesville section of Gloucester, MA, was made possible by the incredible generosity of the Manship heirs, YOU- Gloucester and MA residents (City of Gloucester & the Commonwealth of MA monies were allocated to this initiative), foundations, businesses and private donations. Congratulations to Rebecca Reynolds and all involved. Early supporters included: the City of Gloucester; Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund (MassDevelopment in collaboration with the Massachusetts Cultural Council); the Boston Foundation; Essex County Community Foundation; McDonagh Family Foundation; Stella and Charles Guttman Foundation; National Trust for Historic Preservation; Massachusetts Cultural Council; New England Biolabs Foundation; and Essex National Heritage.

Read more about the funding here

Now that the property is purchased, there will be ongoing fundraising to maintain the property and its mission.

If ever there was a forever endowment match sought, this prestigious Manship opportunity would be one to grab!

Follow this link to see rare, original art by Paul Manship, John Manship and Margaret Cassidy that was recently made available FOR SALE to help raise money for this endeavor. Join to support the cause by donating on line through the website, Manship Artists Residency and Studios (MARS). Eventually the historic property will be open to the public and community, and will support working artists.


There are more than 15,000 historic house museums across the county, and just a few that were artists’ home and studios. One of the most influential is the Pollock-Krasner house in East Hampton, Long Island, established in 1988.  A welcome recent addition is the Winslow Homer property in Portland, ME. Here’s hoping the Manship estate is a member on this Historic Artists’ Homes & Studios (HAHS) map soon. Currently, the Massachusetts sites include Daniel Chester French’s Chesterwood in Stockbridge, and the Frelinghuysen Morris home in Lenox.

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Magnolia Library Community Center 2nd Annual Fall Market

Our INDOOR MARKET Series has begun! Our first market will be October 22! Featuring Cookies, Gifts, Art, Raffles, Homemade Beauty Products, Stone Design, Photography, Jewelry, Handknit hats and scarves, Quilts, Clothing, Produce and much much more!!! Brand names like Lularoe, PUREHaven Essentials, Thirty One Bags anf Gifts, Princess House, and more! Local artists and photographers, Marshalls Farm Stand and Classic Cooks, crafters and creators of all kinds! Join us for a day filled with commerce and community!  Hope to see you all there.  Thank you

Topic Time Stamped Gloucestercast 243 With Ken Hecht, Karen Ristuben, Ken Hecht, James Caviston, Chuck Haybeck, Karen Pischke, Kim Smith, Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 9/24/17

You can click on the time stamps before each topic to go right to it.  It took me a while to figure out how to do this and correlate the time stamps but it will allow you to go right to the topics you’re interested in or skip the ones you aren’t.

Let me know if you like this feature and I’ll continue to incorporate it.  Thanks.

01:34 Cape Ann Plein Air Discussion With James Caviston, Karen Ristuben and Chuck Haybeck

27:06 Ken Hecht Why He Is Running For Ward 2 City Councillor

41:17 Trails and Sails

41:32 Feather and Wedge Sunday Brunch and Make Your Own Bloody Mary Bar

43:38 Parson’s Street Mural

45:07 Thanks Thomas Philbrook

46:11 Toad Hall Closing

49:22 Manship Residency and Studio

55:19 Backyard Growers Growdown Event

59:24 Aria McElhenny Is a Monster Grant Writer

01:00:20 Dan Allen’s Peace Love and Honey

01:04:00 Kestrel Naturalist Meet-Up

01:09:40 Kim Smith Is An Essex Heritage Commissioner

01:13:04 Solo Italiano In Portland Chef Paolo Laboa

01:17:00 Indian Restaurant in Gloucester

01:18:22 Lone Gull American Thanks To Karen Pischke

01:18:47 Honeycomb In Hamilton Lesson For Madeline

Six Taste Spice Mix ~

Cape Ann Wellness

Fall is Vata season through the lens of Ayurveda.

It is a time to eat warm grounding foods and to have all six tastes represented at each meal:


This means to focus on foods that are naturally in season at this time of year!

Sweet fall foods include pumpkin, squashes, root vegetables, whole grains (quinoa and amaranth are the most warming), pears, persimmons, apples, whole milk dairy and fresh dates or figs. Cook your squashes and your roots.

Salty fall foods are most important for the person who deals with a dry/cold vata imbalance. Water follows salt so salt in this context is meant to hydrate – specifically good salt: Celtic sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, Fleur de sel, etc. Salts that are not bleached or processed but are whole – and balanced by minerals that naturally occur alongside sodium in the earth. Salt…

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Feels Kind of Like the Jetsons Cartoon

Just stepped off of our super early flight out of Kentucky and landed in Newark hungry and in desperate need of coffee.

We have a three hour lay over and a little work to do so we saddled up at a breakfast counter with work space and put in our virtual order.  Super easy and convenient…but felt a little weird about the total lack of interaction.  Good news is you don’t need to tip the iPAd.


Pet of the Week-Rose

9.25.2017 Pet of the Week--Rose

My brother Axel and I traveled all the way from Texas.  We braved hurricane Harvey with our loving foster family who kept us safe and made sure we could get here as soon as possible to find a loving forever home.

We adore each-other so are looking for a family willing to take two!  We are mixed small breed pups, maybe some poodle, chihuahua or terrier tossed in but lots and lots of adorable is the only breed we can guarantee!  We are affectionate and outgoing and the most frequent word used to describe us by the staff here, “cute” said with a huge smile.  We both love soft beds, toys, blankets to burrow under and treats.  We get along with other small dogs and are being room mates with Bianca, a scruffy little terrier rescue gal from Puerto Rico who is also looking for a home.

If you love small dogs, have the space and time to devote to us we promise to be loyal and loving to the end of our days.   To see Axel and all of the dogs and cats at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter please go to our website