GloucesterCast 242 With Phil Hayward, Bill Whiting, Kim Smith, Nicole Bogin, Karen Pischke, Sharon St Clair and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

GloucesterCast 242 With Phil Hayward, Bill Whiting, Kim Smith, Nicole Bogin, Karen Pischke, Sharon St Clair and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

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GMG Podcast No. 242 copyright Kim Smith

Topics Include:

Gloucester Gig Rowing- Gloucester Gig Rowers 2017 International Regatta

Cape Ann Farmer’s Market

Harvest Festival

Phyllis A Art Show At East Gloucester Marine Railways

Thanks To James Eves At Cape Ann Giclee For Hanging My Artwork Yesterday See- YESSSSS!

Love Fest

John Nesta Passed Click Here For Many Posts Over The Years With John Nesta

Salt Island For Sale

Catherine Ryan Crushing Her Posts

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Ban On Polystyrene Was Passed – Discussed Ban on Single Use Plastic Bags

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Monarch Migration Update

Primary Is Tuesday Night

#GloucesterMA Sun Streaming Over The State Fish Pier #GloucesterHarborScenes


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A foggy Sunday morning and the captain and crew of the FV Capt. Novello are hard at work preparing for a day of fishing.

Heading Out Into the Fog


In honor of International Coastal Clean Up Day, Gloucester’s Ainsley Smith led a team of volunteers to clean along the Annisquam River. Ainsley shares the following:

“We had about a dozen volunteers on foot, kayak and in small boats take place in our river clean up in honor of International Coastal Clean Up Day. We filled 9 bags of trash with the usual: foam cups, cigarette butts, snack wrappers, plastic and ziplock bags, as well as a buoy, a broom, a raft, a boot, work gloves, pieces of rope, gear, and fishing line. Many thanks to our volunteers who joined us despite the foggy start, we hope to make the river clean up an annual tradition!” 

First three photos are by Zach Orsulak.

Second round of photos by Jennifer Smith Iliades.

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Boston Globe focus on farm & sea to table | Gloucester’s Cape Ann Fresh Catch

Today’s Boston Globe: Meat and Seafood Supporters Tap Into Community Support by Johanna Seltz

features Gloucester CSA CAPE ANN FRESH CATCH:

“which started in conjunction with the Gloucester Fisherman’s Wives Association in 2008 and has about 400 people signed up for the current season…Recent species include…”

“Marshall gets her fish from about a dozen Gloucester fishing boats, and every CSA package includes a note with the name of the boat that caught the contents…” 

Boston Globe Cape Ann Fresh Catch Sept 17