I support our Police and Firefighters


Much has been made about the standing up or kneeling during NFL games.  As I understand it it started out as a statement against police brutality.

I’d like to go on record that I believe the vast majority of police officers are good people and I support them.  Are there some bad cops, absolutely, just like there are bad seeds in EVERY single profession out there but these are the exceptions not the rule.

I know many policemen.  I don’t envy their jobs.  They care about doing the right things and how much they love our community.  I couldn’t imagine having to witness some of the crap they have to deal with day in and day out.

We’re lucky to have them.  The world and our community would not be as good a place as it is without them.

I tip my cap to the first responders and people charged with keeping the peace.

Thanks for all you do.

Huge Spread In North Shore Gas Prices

Y’all might want to download Gas Buddy from either Apple or Google Play stores. I paid $2.40 Saturday in Peabody when I was up there for my daughter’s soccer game. 30 cents or higher is just too much of a swing IMO. 60 cents is insane. 60 cents on 20 gallons is $12.

Here’s the link to download- http://m.gasbuddy.com/app.aspx

5:35AM Captain Pete Mondello Readies The Mighty F/V Allison Carol For The Long Day Harvesting Lobster

Available for purchase.   Printed by Cape Ann Giclee on fine art paper-

12×12 -$48


Reference Joey’s 9/26/17 post and call Cape Ann Giclee 978-546-7070 or email info@capeanngiclee.com

Cape Ann Giclée
20 Maplewood AVe.
Gloucester, MA 01930


Don’t Sit Down

I snapped this photo in downtown Louisville the other day.  Couldn’t help but giggle at the three tiny pink penguins that looked like they’re about to peck at the massive golden statue’s behind.  A funky juxtaposition of art…..oddly enough just a few doors down from the Louisville Slugger Museum.


GHS Football Fundraiser Monday, October 2nd 5pm – 9pm Dinner at The Studio Restaurant

GHS Football Fundraiser

Monday, October 2nd 5pm – 9pm

Dinner at The Studio Restaurant

All you can eat buffet – $15/person (Drinks purchased separately)

GHS Football is once again fortunate enough to have the support of The Studio Restaurant and its owner Dennis Dyer offering to hold a fundraiser for the benefit of the team.    See details below.  The event was held in 2014 and 2015, and was a huge success.

Tickets are available

1. From GHS football players

2. You can contact Tricia Reed at (978) 317-1054, or by e-mail at Tricia triciaann0809@aol.com or Chip Smith at 978-590-4398 or by e-mail atcs@rockportmortgage.com

3. Tickets will also be on sale at the concession during our home game this Friday night, September 29th at 7:00PM at GHS.