PAUL MANSHIP #GloucesterMA historic artist home and studio milestone! STARFIELD property purchased and in the news

Read Gail McCarthy article “Local group buys, plans art residency for sculptors’ estate” from the Gloucester Daily Times.


American artist Paul Manship (1885–1966) was internationally renowned since the 1920s. He maintained multiple homes and studios: two in the Unites States (New York and Gloucester, MA); Paris; London; and three in Italy. This very special purchase–the only one in the world of a Manship property– Starfield, in the Lanesville section of Gloucester, MA, was made possible by the incredible generosity of the Manship heirs, YOU- Gloucester and MA residents (City of Gloucester & the Commonwealth of MA monies were allocated to this initiative), foundations, businesses and private donations. Congratulations to Rebecca Reynolds and all involved. Early supporters included: the City of Gloucester; Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund (MassDevelopment in collaboration with the Massachusetts Cultural Council); the Boston Foundation; Essex County Community Foundation; McDonagh Family Foundation; Stella and Charles Guttman Foundation; National Trust for Historic Preservation; Massachusetts Cultural Council; New England Biolabs Foundation; and Essex National Heritage.

Read more about the funding here

Now that the property is purchased, there will be ongoing fundraising to maintain the property and its mission.

If ever there was a forever endowment match sought, this prestigious Manship opportunity would be one to grab!

Follow this link to see rare, original art by Paul Manship, John Manship and Margaret Cassidy that was recently made available FOR SALE to help raise money for this endeavor. Join to support the cause by donating on line through the website, Manship Artists Residency and Studios (MARS). Eventually the historic property will be open to the public and community, and will support working artists.


There are more than 15,000 historic house museums across the county, and just a few that were artists’ home and studios. One of the most influential is the Pollock-Krasner house in East Hampton, Long Island, established in 1988.  A welcome recent addition is the Winslow Homer property in Portland, ME. Here’s hoping the Manship estate is a member on this Historic Artists’ Homes & Studios (HAHS) map soon. Currently, the Massachusetts sites include Daniel Chester French’s Chesterwood in Stockbridge, and the Frelinghuysen Morris home in Lenox.

Historic Artists' homes & studios GOOGLE map



5 thoughts on “PAUL MANSHIP #GloucesterMA historic artist home and studio milestone! STARFIELD property purchased and in the news

  1. I was fortunate enough to know John and Margaret in their later years. Working on that beautiful property, pruning the miles of grapevines, espaliered pear trees among other wild growth. The repair of a serene corner of the yard that housed a wonderful marble of Paul’s and topped with one of his bronze owls, lead to conversations of John’s father and his work.

    Time was spent sketching with John and then occasions for a night out for pizza at Maria’s and a drive for ice cream.

    They were a warm, eccentric and engaging couple, I hold many memories of those times.

    I am so relieved that this property will be “saved” and hopefully reflect a wondrous span of art, family and love.


    1. Great post and spot on comment too the tee :-). I too worked on their place and it was pleasure my stint was in the 60’s! When I was working they had a pink Nash Rambler by the barn and the there was also a civil war uniform in there with a saber. The pear trees where on the back side facing Washington street. Beautiful look out the patio area toward the pond not far from Lutheran church.

      The big quarry on the other side accessible from Washington street is where we swam dirt path leading down and had a crane cable going across the pathway.

      Shovel the drive way during winter and cut grass and rake leaves fall. Seem to recall there was some blueberry bushes too!

      Yes Lanesville even had three stores then Kenny’s was the largest right on duly street, Fred Sarris’s, and McPhersons close to the brick wall going to Andrews corner also had Walker Hancock up in the woods swam there too and had a place up past his studio we cub scouts and boy scouts camped out. I went to the old wooden lanes school too now a playground! 🙂

      Your last sentence says it all Don Josephson… And Catherine thank you for the post!

      Well said thank you both for the walk back! 🙂 Dave


  2. Is Starfield open to visit by the general public. I will be in Gloucester over the next few days and would like to see it but can’t find any address.


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