Check out Jeff Zinn’s promo video for Flight of the Monarch, the current production at Gloucester Stage Company. Sunday’s talk back was a delight to attend. So many thanks to Jeff Zinn and Bob Walsh for the invitation. The playwright Jim Frangione has a deep love for Monarch butterflies and it was a joy to make his acquaintance!

For the video, Jeff borrowed footage from forthcoming documentary Beauty on the Wing: Life Story of the Monarch Butterfly. The scenes that he selected from the film were all shot right here in our own backyards, in Gloucester.

For tickets and more information visit the Gloucester Stage website here.

To read Tom Hauck’s review for Good Morning Gloucester, go here.

Another great show to benefit the Phyllis A

This is a great venue, right inside the Marine Railway on Rocky Neck. The Marine Railway is the oldest in the country. So much fun. Want to thank all who helped put this great job together. For more information on the Phyllis A, please go to the link below.

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Cape Ann Plein Air update

Supporters Line Up as Cape Ann Prepares to Welcome Artists and Art Lovers to Next Month’s National Painting Competition

Cape Ann Plein Air 2017 to kick off week of events, activities on October 8 — Sponsorship Opportunities Still Available


When the 2017 Cape Ann Plein Air (CAPA) outdoor painting competition kicks off on October 8, it will mark the beginning of a week of activities for artists and art-lovers. Next month’s competition follows a highly successful CAPA 2016, and this year, organizers have planned more events and activities, made possible by a growing number of sponsors and supporters.

The 40 artists selected to participate in the competition will be painting throughout the week across the four Cape Ann communities, and each evening there will be special events for the artists, visiting art enthusiasts and local residents. One of the highlights is the Grand Awards Exhibit and Sale on the evening of October 14, from 6-10pm at the Rockport Art Association and Museum (RAAM), where the competition’s winners will be announced and the artists’ work will be available for sale. The CAPA artists’ works will be on display at RAAM until Monday, October 16, marking the close of CAPA 2017.

To purchase tickets for this event – or the Collectors Preview which will he held just prior to the gala – visit the CAPA website at

www.capeannpleinair.comOther events and activities throughout the week include a Meet the Artists Opening Reception at the North Shore Arts Association on Sunday evening, October 8, and a Cape Ann Quick-Draw Competition – open to artists of all ages and skill levels — at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum on Sunday, October 15, from 10am-3pm.

This year’s group of CAPA artists come from 20 states – from Florida to Oregon — and the province of Quebec, Canada. There are nine Massachusetts-based artists participating in the competition, including five from Cape Ann — John Caggiano and Ken Knowles from Rockport, and Stephen LaPierre, Rokhaya Waring and Paul George from Gloucester. Five alternates were also chosen, including Cape Ann artists David Curtis and Charles Shurcliff. 

CAPA 2017 Sponsors and Supporters

CAPA 2107 is made possible thanks to the generosity of sponsors that include Applied Materials, By The Sea Sotheby’s International, Linzee and Beth Coolidge, Cape Ann Savings Bank, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Executive Director Jason M. Traino, Lynne Comb, William and Anne Kneisel/Kneisel Foundation, and Judi Rotenberg Zuker and Ed Zuker.

 The selected artists will be competing for over $20,000 in prizes made possible by award sponsors.  In addition to these sponsors, dozens of other businesses and individuals have signed on to lend their support.

 There are still opportunities available for others who are interested in supporting CAPA 2017 as event or award sponsors. CAPA organizers are also offering Affiliate Partnerships to Cape Ann galleries, studios and other businesses.

 Those interested in learning more about sponsorship and partnership opportunities should contact CAPA via email at

About Cape Ann Plein Air

Organized by the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, seARTS and Cape Ann’s leading arts and culture groups, CAPA 2017 will provide a backdrop for regional and national artists, many of whom participate in other national plein air events around the U.S.

CAPA 2017 builds on the success of the region’s inaugural plein air event – held in October of 2106 – which attracted painters, collectors and art enthusiasts from around the U.S. Widely considered to be the birthplace of plein air painting, Cape Ann today remains the showcase for a vibrant and growing group of artists spread throughout the North Shore communities of Gloucester, Rockport, Essex and Manchester-by-the-Sea.

Visit for a schedule of activities, background on sponsorship opportunities and additional information on Cape Ann Plein Air 2017


Descendants Sunday Sail on Adventure

Out into the fog we went with thirty-eight descendants of Capt. Jeff Thomas, crew members and dorymen Frank Redmond, Samuel Amirault, Willie Muise (30 & 40’s) and Lovitt E. Spinney.  We also had relatives of the boat builder, John G. James.  The niece of Captain Frank Mitchell was aboard, she told me the story of how he rode out the Hurricane of 1938 with 140,000 lbs of fish in the hold and made it back to Boston, all safe.

In and out of the fog all afternoon it was an amazing day hearing the families stories and memories.  One family member brought a cannon on board and we were able to fire twice, just another fantastic Adventure!

As we headed in Schooner Lannon and Ardelle headed out for there second trip in the fog.

Certified Refurbished Amazon Echo’s are $80 Today Only Down From $164.99


Order it in White or Black at Amazon, at this link. Sale ends today.

We got a refurbished unit and you know what?  there’s no way anyone could tell me that it wasn’t a brand new unit.  total steal.  We use ours about 20-30 times a day.  If it were only a bluetooth speaker with the sound quality it has filling up the entire room it would be worth more than $80.  Knowing how much stuff it does on top of that makes it a certified no-brainer purchase!

Here are typical questions we ask Alexa-

What time is it?

What is the Red Sox Score?

what time do the Patriots play today?

Set a timer.

Play Snoop Dog Radio.

Turn on living room lights.

Dim living room lights half way.

How many cups in a gallon?

Etc, etc, etc…

Who Else Looks for These Turkeys Every Day?

At first there was just one….at some point there were obviously two….so now there are three.  Three turkeys living in the center of the Blackburn Circle.

It used to make me so sad to see the female turkey walking around day after day in the brown desolate grass in the center of the busy rotary.  I assumed she was injured….and for a while she went unseen during my commutes back and forth to Beverly.

Then, low and behold, I saw her again….and this time she was followed closely by a couple of poults.  Cute little baby turkeys.

So now, it would seem, all three of them live at Blackburn Circle.  Do they stay there all day and night?  What an odd place to decide to live.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Rare Orange #Lobster Caught By Mike Tufts Aboard The Mighty F/V Degelyse

Our lobsterman Mike Tufts catches a rare orange#lobster. If we didn’t shoot the video to show it moving and alive you’d think it was cooked. He returned it to the sea once he let us shoot the video.

Click here to see pages and pages of other mutated lobsters we’ve documented at Captain Joe and Sons Lobster Company 

#mutantlobster #GloucesterMA#lobstercompany #beautifulindustry


If you have an android phone- you really ought to download the free Good Morning Gloucester App I Built


Get The GMG App Free At This Link

Here’s a video demonstration of it in action on my cellphone (press the arrow in the middle of the screen below this text)-

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