Poll: Do you give a shit about the Plovers?

It has come to my attention that there is a faction of people that in passing on the street will comment to me and say things like “Enough with the plovers”, or something to that effect.

I find the Plovers somewhat interesting just to see if they will survive but I’m not sure why the coverage irritates certain people.  Like when it made the newspaper one of the guys in the office muttered “This is front page news?”

I may have mentioned this to Kim, not sure, but it seems like there are firmly entrenched two camps- those that are absolutely all in and fascinated by them and those that aren’t.

So just out of curiosity, and of course it’s anonymous so you don’t have to worry about hurting anyone’s feelings, here’s a poll to determine where the readership falls.  I’m very interested where people fall on this.

11 thoughts on “Poll: Do you give a shit about the Plovers?

  1. Whether people care or not, these plovers are an endangered species and therefore warrant protection. Plymouth Mass ran into problems (fines) with the federal government when they failed to protect piping plovers on Plymouth beach. It caused a great hullabaloo in the town. Kim’s coverage of these plovers encourages people to respect them. Thanks

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  2. Anyone who knows me knows my love of living creatures. I enjoy seeing their progress. It’s better than negative news. Sad to say, it also shows how rude and ignorant a few humans are. Refusing to follow rules and yeah for me to hell with you attitude. If you don’t care about the wildlife that’s fine, but respect others who do.

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  3. I love seeing the coverage! As I’m usually not visiting in time to see it in person (maybe someday) As for the atrocious disrespect some have shown to not only the birds, but to their own beautiful beaches and landscapes — it makes me both sad and angry. I grew up in landlocked Pennsylvania and still live here, but ever since I took my first trip to Gloucester in 2000, I fell in love with it and have continued to visit…. and when I can’t visit (health issues this year depleted my vacation time and $$$$) I get to see the area I love through this wonderful website and its contributors. Thank you….for the plover coverage, the beach coverage, the windmill electric bills….. ALL OF IT. I do hope to someday be able to afford to become a permanent part of the community….but until then…..I have GMG.

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    1. Is there a documented case of a plover death by cat? Or is this just more pearl clutching?

      Most do care about the PP, but I have heard some people say they feel unnerved having their picture taking without permission…


  4. Coverage of the plovers, coyotes, snowy owls and various creatures in the sea give an insight onto our local natural world.lack of interest also gives an insight. Don’t like it, don’t read it.


  5. I am very happy to know that people are enjoying and interested in the information and photos about the PIPl and that we are not over sharing. I do worry about that. Thank you so much everyone for writing 🙂

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  6. There are articles on this blog I’m not very interested in. Hate me, but I really don’t care about Speedo sports, Joey’s crazy video posts and the unnecessary profanity. I don’t have to read them. So if you see a headline or a photo of an endangered species and don’t care, just don’t read. The folks who don’t care about the environment may ultimately regret it. Nevertheless, Kim’s photography is amazing. Thanks.

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  7. I was sad to hear that 3 of the little birds didn’t make it. ALL of God’s creature are special.
    This isn’t PC but there is a DJ at WROR named Tom Doyle who has a song about
    50 ways to kill a plover to the tune of Paul Simon’s ’50 Ways to Leave Your Lover’.
    IF you like black humor. His CD is called Townie Tunes


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