What’s all the fuss over Joeys Atomic Buffalo Turds?

Been wondering what all the fuss is about over Joe’s atomic buffalo turds?  I’ve been hesitant to try them cause I’m a baby about spicy things, but Neil and I decided to give them a try on our Traeger smoker yesterday and they were THE…BOMB!  Tons of flavor with just enough kick and super carb friendly.  Thanks Joe! Here’s the recipe...enjoy!



4 thoughts on “What’s all the fuss over Joeys Atomic Buffalo Turds?

  1. Looks great to me over this way they grind items up together pack them in – I used to love the burn but not as much as the old days! Now got to remember when cleaning the jalapenos off seed and not to rub that itch eye…Old Dave has made that mistake one too many times but do I still love a burn now and then yes! 🙂 Dave. & Kim 🙂

    This may be helpful….??? Now I did eat one of those really hot ones ONCE whole face turned red not fit for man or beast now I know whey there were only a few gone never again on a dare back in the beer drinking days a good challenge never went without trying :-O Not anyone more class of 1992 excused!


    This way popular:


    Remember the “Scoville rating”, detailed description, and a photo of each pepper. These are listed in order from the ‘hottest’ to ‘no heat’.


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