VIDEO: 2017 Rocky Neck Plunge

5 thoughts on “VIDEO: 2017 Rocky Neck Plunge

  1. Great job folks all in the faces!!

    The looks on the faces tell the story – was that the look of love or a warm towel and get them there wet clothes? The wind brings a quicker return blowing with the wind!! Thanks Marty

    Slow it down some was that take my breath away seems fitting? Been here before in both water and quarry’s before too icy Mom would not be happy but she did not know :-O Rascals yes indeed!

    Eva Cassidy – You Take My Breath Away

    🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


  2. Fun and invigorating way to start the new year, and all for a great cause – the Open Door. The Polar Plunge definitely puts the FUN in Fundraising. 😀


  3. I agree with a past comment, the black lab type dog was the only smart one, he ran to the edge of the water and ran back, didn’t see much sense in going into the freezing water. Dogs know best!


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