Hello winter friends! As the herons, egrets, and plovers have departed for parts warmer, Cape Ann welcomes mergansers, buffleheads, grebes, and so many more. Overcast morning walk along the shores of Niles Pond –

male-female-red-breasted-mergansers-copyright-kim-smithMale and Female Red-breasted Mergansers

pied-billed-grebe-gloucester-ma-copyright-kim-smithJuvenile Pied-billed Grebe

male-bufflehead-female-red-breasted-merganser-copyright-kim-smithMale Buffleheads and Female Red-breasted Merganser

brace-cove-gloucester-ma-copyright-kim-smithBrace Rock


    1. Rob, I read that technically speaking, shorebirds are birds in the order Charadriiformes, sandpipers and plovers, for example. But I also read that generally speaking, shorebirds are any bird that frequents the shore. Do you you think it is incorrect to refer to birds that visit our shores as shorebirds?


      1. Teaching folks about “birds” is a great. The photos you take and information you share is excellent. The nomenclature can be confusing and I like keeping it a precise as possible. “Shorebirds” tends to be a general term and, I suppose, could include all birds found at the shore but I’ve seen sparrows pecking along the beach “shorebirds?” Shorebirds also include gulls and terns, but ducks are different and grebes are even more peculiar.

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        1. Great point Rob, thank you 🙂 In retrospect, I could have titled the post “They’re Back! Beautiful Birds that Visit Cape Ann Shores in Wintertime,” or something along those lines. Thanks again for writing.


  1. I also noted a few buffleheads over the weekend … and was so happy to see them because they’re my favorite winter visitor. Thanks for your post and great pictures, Kim.

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