Searching for artist! Byron Brooks?

This jumbo bloom still-life with small flamingo reminded me that it’s the season for forcing indoor bulbs. More than that I do not know. Owners of the painting want to track down information and work by the artist. Their daughter reached out to her friend, Katelyn Foley. Here’s what we do know:

Yes, (Bryon Brooks) had a gallery in his house where he sold paintings. We have one of the first ones he did dated ’61. He was married. Not sure about kids. Not exactly sure how he was related to Grammy, she called him a cousin. Maybe there’s a Lundberg or Bergman connection. I remember watching him paint at the ocean and most of his were seascapes.”

Hmmm. You’d think tracking down an artist with such a name would be easy. Maybe not a known artist, as in Byron Brown. Still. ‘Byron Brooks’. Brooks- that’s a common name in this Cape Ann neck of the woods; several leads can be followed. Alfred Mansfield Brooks! David Brooks! Brooks in Essex. Brooks in Ipswich. Ditto Lundberg. And Berman. Byron? Not so much, and often supplanted with that wrench in research, the nickname.

Cursory searches pull up speculation only. The name doesn’t appear in artist association memberships. “Byron L and Gladys Brooks” are listed residing at 12 Millett in 1942; retired at 2 Davis Street in 1971. Those dates may not gel with the year 1961, described as ‘early’ for the artist’s works–unless creating art was a later pursuit, or hobby. Perhaps he advertised in local papers.

Dear readers, do you know more about the man, his art, his gallery? Please share.


25 thoughts on “Searching for artist! Byron Brooks?

  1. I have one of his paintings, and sold another I had at a yard sale. They were given to me by my mother who got them from her sister. My mother said that Byron worked with my uncle Bill at the Highway Department before the war (WW2).
    The one that I have is a winter scene of a colonial home at the end of a driveway. Heavy snow everywhere. A very beautiful painting!
    Ken Joyce

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    1. Hi Ken, great to hear from you! How nice to have some more biographical information about the artist, and hear about this connection. I want to come see you all and the painting. I’ll give you a call.


  2. Hello, I also have an original oil painting by Byron Brooks – a beautiful painting of fisherman’s wharf. The signature on the painting matches the lily painting above, but no date. On the back of the it reads “Draggers Byron Brooks Fisherman’s Wharf. It is clearly that motif and has three older style boats 2 in green and one in blue. It is framed in wood with fabric, then in a beautiful 2 1/2” weathered frame with 4 hammer hits on each side of the corners. My husband’s family purchased it, but no one is sure when. My father in law died in 1972 at the age of 65. We are guessing it is from the 40’s. Any information you have on the Artist would be of interest to me.

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    1. Thanks, Sharon, for writing. Your details help fill out his story. Are you able to share a picture? Yes, as soon as I have some more information will definitely share with you!


  3. My dad worked at Sears in Gloucester mass from 1960to 1965. We have 4 of his paintings and all were bought in 60 to 65. 2 are ocean scenes, 1 is 3 fishing boats in the harbor and 1 is a clipper ship on the high seas. We have more info about artist contact for more info.

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  4. Hello All……..Byron Brooks was my neighbor on Davis Street for many years. Byron loved painting and did have a small gallery in his home next to the East Gloucester Elementary School. He also loved hunting and had german pointers in his outdoor kennel in the yard. Sometimes he would even take our yellow lab, Taffy with him. He was a very sweet man who just loved to paint. My brother and I own a few of his paintings..They were wedding gifts to us from Byron. I don’t believe that Byron had any children. I know that he was married twice. His first wife died and he later was married to another sweet lady named Margie. Sad to say, I can’t remember what her name was prior to marrying Byron. If I had to guess, I would say that most of Byron’s work was done from the early 50’s through to the late 70’s. I got married in 1979 and Byron gave me a seascape painting as a wedding gift. I don’t think he painted much in his later years.

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  5. Thank you, Mary Ann, for adding in with vivid details and honoring your family friend!

    Folks with art: if you email photos I can put them together as a digital catalogue and fill out the tribute a bit more.


    1. I have inherited two of Byron’s oil paintings. One is a small winter scene and the other a larger, waterfront Wharf scene.

      My grandparents really liked his work and purchased them on a trip they made to the area. I’m not sure of the timeframe but thinking it was in the late ’50’s or early ’60’s.

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  6. I have 2 of his paintings inherited from my grandparents. One smaller winter scene, the other a larger dock scene. The winter scene actually had his business card stapled onto it. I am also trying to find out more about the artist and the value of the paintings. My grandparents loved them. Posting this on 12-5-17.

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  7. Hi Karen
    Wonderful that you’ve found this post and thanks for writing. If you care to share some descriptions and photos I can include them. Your great uncle’s paintings continue to bring enjoyment to many.
    Do you happen to have a photograph of him, his home, his gallery?


  8. Hi!

    I recently picked up one of his pieces while traveling in Tucson, AZ. I’d love to send you a photo. Please let me know where to send!

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    1. I have at least one I’m willing to sell also; however, I have found nowhere to get an up to date value unless you pay an appraiser . . . and it may not be worth the cost. I even tried to donate it to the local museum and they didn’t want it because of space. So it might just be about what it’s worth to us to get rid of, or keep them. My smaller one has the original purchase price of $35.00 on it. Dont have any idea what the larger one was bought for. Probably have the most value in the area he painted from.


  9. I have a Byron Brooks that I’d like to sell if anyone is interested? Its BEAUTIFUL and was my grandmother’s FAVORITE “den picture”! Please let me know if you can help with this, and MANY other paintings/artists, maybe everyone involved can makenanfew dollars while making art lovers HAPPY!


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