Right Out of the Blue: Architectural Character Downtown Gloucester


Inspired by Nelson’s fairly recent coat of blue, downtown Gloucester caught between the blues and the deep blue sea

blue architectural downtown1a






Nelson’s before (prior to blue)

For green details downtown and Manny’s post for Be Sargent’s 1996 Judith Sargent Street Mural 

6 thoughts on “Right Out of the Blue: Architectural Character Downtown Gloucester

  1. I have said many times that Crayola needs to make a Gloucester Blue crayon–or maybe a series of Gloucester Blue crayons in the many different, seemingly endless, shades of blue that are a day and night in Gloucester in any and all seasons. Sigh……Blue is home!

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    1. 😉 we think alike ~ I want to replicate the color blue/green found in the small dinning room in Beauport, overlooking the harbor ~ I call it Gloucester blue. My grandmother was able to get it the color in her Bass Rocks living room. At this point the color remains in my minds eye.

      Enjoyed the inspired Blue post and Girls suggestion for Crayola!

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  2. It’s a definite improvement over the bolder colors of before, and looks more settled into the downtown environment. Herbie and Doris Nelson were wonderful people to be around; I was fortunate to know them growing up.

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