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How long have you lived in Gloucester?

14 Years. I moved to Rockport in 2002 from Providence RI to join my lovely bride, Anna. We did a “Brady Bunch” thing merging families, her three kids and my two. These have been the best years of my life.

What is your favorite season In Gloucester?

Late Spring / Early Summer

Do you have any secret outdoor spots in Gloucester where you go to “get away”?

Anywhere along the coast. I love the sound and sight of the ocean. It’s rejuvenating and peaceful. When the kids were young we used to go to “Little Parker” Quarry in Rockport after a day at the beach to rinse off. I suppose that is my favorite “inland” spot.

What is your favorite pizza joint in Gloucester?

Being from New Jersey and New York, It’s not easy to impress me with pizza. I must say that Cape Ann has some of the best pizza I’ve had in New England. We order most from Rockport House of Pizza, Sebastian’s and Mike’s.

What is your favorite sub shop in Gloucester?

Well, now that I’ve had a chance to explore my options since the podcast when I answered this question with “Subway” (WTF?), I like the Italians at Mike’s and Sclafani’s!

What place would you go for a romantic dinner in Gloucester?

Anna just loves to go to Duckworths so that’s my favorite!

What is your favorite bar in Gloucester?

This is a tough one. There’s a bunch go great watering holes here. However, I most often end up at the Rhumb Line.

What is your favorite breakfast joint in Gloucester?

It’s a toss up between George’s Coffee Shop on Washington and Lee’s on Main St. 

What is your favorite local event in Gloucester?

Schooner Festival is the one I never miss. Although I hope to get to the Blues Fest this summer.

In the summer do you prefer the beach or to be on a boat?

I do the best of both by bringing a kayak to pebble beach.

Who is your favorite local artist?

There is simply no way I could answer this one. At Cape Ann Giclée, I work with hundreds of artists. All of theme have knocked my socks in one way or another. The trait that I find most impressive in an artist is the ability to explore a technique, experiment with it and then master it  by applying it in their work.

Which is your favorite local beach?

Cape Hedge (unless Felicia has food at Niles)

Who has the best chowder in town?

Anna makes the best clam chowder ever. In a public place, I like it when they add bacon like the Fish Shack.

Excluding GMG what is your second favorite local blog?

The Clam < > is damn funny.

Do you prefer haddock chowder or clam chowder?

Both, all day every day!!!

What were your thoughts on The Downtown Block Parties last year?

I missed it last year. Normally I like to hang a Passports and watch the insanity.

What is your favorite local band?

I always like who ever is playing at the Rhumb Line. However, though we’ll never play in public, “The Old Folks Novice Acoustic Jam” who meets at my studio on Wednesday nights is definitely my favorite local musicians.

What about Gloucester sets it apart from anywhere else?

Holy Smokes! I could write volumes on this topic. I’ve lived in many, many places and I can confidently say that there is no place like Cape Ann. The thing that stands out most is the amount of friendly, open generous people that live here. 



Gloucester’s  new  Arts  and  Cultural  Initiative  is  extremely  pleased  to  announce  that  Cape Ann  artist  and  business  owner  Martha  Wood  is  leading  the  Initiative  as  its  first  Project Manager,  effective  March  25th. Martha  Wood  holds  a  B.A.  cum  laude  from  Harvard  University  and  an  MBA  from  the  Tuck School  of  Business  at  Dartmouth.  She  has  staffed  a  C$9  million  startup  campaign  for  the Alberta  Performing  Arts  Stabilization  Fund,  and  she  has  experience  as  a  management consultant,  as  a  board  member  for  arts  and  education  non-profits,  and  with  historic preservation  on  Cape  Ann.  She  has  operated  her  own  jewelry  design  and  fabrication business  since  2001  and  manages  the  Pop-In!  Gallery  in  Manchester-by-the-Sea. In  September,  2015,  a  partnership  of  three  arts  organizations  —  Rocky  Neck  Art  Colony, ArtsGloucester,  and  seARTS  —  received  $45,500  in  grant  funding  over  two  years  for  the establishment  of  the  Gloucester  Arts  and  Cultural  Initiative,  a  project  whose  mission  is  to champion  innovation  and  excellence  in  the  cultural  landscape,  to  support  private  and public  cultural  development  across  all  sectors,  and  to  strengthen  and  promote  the  cultural vitality  of  the  city’s  waterfront  and  neighborhoods. This  prestigious  grant,  awarded  by  the  Massachusetts  Cultural  Council  through  its  Adams Arts  Program,  is  an  important  step  for  Gloucester.  The  grant  partners  gratefully acknowledge  the  Council’s  continuing  investment  in  Gloucester  and  the  many  people whose  efforts  over  many  years  have  helped  sustain  Gloucester’s  cultural  vitality  by fostering  support  at  the  community,  municipal,  and  state  levels.  Among  these  arts leaders,  the  partners  give  special  recognition  to  Karen  Ristuben,  President  the  Rocky Neck  Art  Colony,  whose  role  in  the  development  of  the  successful  Adams  grant  proposal was  crucial,  and  whose  leadership  and  commitment  to  the  arts  in  Gloucester  is  an inspiration. The  City  of  Gloucester  is  assisting  the  Arts  and  Cultural  Initiative  through  collaboration and  the  contribution  of  in-kind  services.  “This  Initiative  is  critically  important  to  the  future of  our  City,”  said  Mayor  Sefatia  Romeo  Theken.  “I  am  pleased  with  the  decision  to  hire Martha  Wood.    She  is  certainly  qualified,  and  I  believe  that  she  will  be  a  strong  partner  as we  work  together  to  promote  and  sustain  Gloucester’s  arts  and  cultural  heritage.” A central  goal  of  the  Initiative  is  to  plan  for  and  create  a  permanent  City  government  office for  arts  and  cultural  development  led  by  a  full-time  salaried  Cultural  Development  Director and  supported  by  a  broadly  representative  volunteer  Cultural  Development  Council.
The Initiative  will  be  led  by  the  Project  Manager  and  a  Steering  Committee.  In  September, the  partners  convened  a  planning  group  to  lay  groundwork,  including  the  design  of  a process  to  hire  the  Project  Manager.  After  a  state-wide  announcement  for  the  position, an  independent  community-based  Screening  Committee  reviewed  16  applications, conducted  interviews,  and  recommended  Martha  Wood,  whom  the  partners  have unanimously  and  enthusiastically  ratified. Henry  Allen,  Chair  of  the  Screening  Committee,  said  “We  were  looking  for  the  right balance  of  many  important  qualities.  We  selected  Martha  Wood  from  a  field  of exceptionally  qualified  finalists  because  of  her  impressive  accomplishments  in  business administration,  her  extensive  experience  in  government  and  the  arts,  and  her  expertise in  strategic  planning,  and  analytical  studies.  A  working  artist  herself,  Ms.  Wood  has  been a  civic-minded  Cape  Ann  resident  for  19  years.  The  Committee  found  her  to  be  a remarkable  blend  of  the  creative  artist  and  the  effective  planner.  We  trust  that  she  will bring  her  valuable  perspective  to  the  Initiative  and  that  with  her  leadership  the  City  of Gloucester  and  its  arts  and  cultural  communities  will  join  together  in  an  enduring  way.” Suzanne Gilbert  Lee,  Executive  Director  of  the  lead  grant  partner,  Rocky Neck  Art  Colony, praised  the  diligence  of  the  Screening  Committee  and  called  it  a  “wonderful  example  of the  community  working  together  for  everyone’s  benefit.”  “We  were  fortunate  to  have  such thoughtful  and  diverse  Screening  Committee  members,”  added  Jo-Ann  Castano, Principal  of  ArtsGloucester. Guided  by  Ms.  Wood,  the  Initiative  will  engage  in  long-term  projects  including development  of  a  Cultural  Master  Plan  for  Gloucester;  investigating  ways  to  provide affordable  studio  space  for  visual,  performing,  and  other  artists;  and  researching  how  best to  provide  resources  and  advocacy  for  Gloucester’s  many-faceted  cultural  organizations and  communities.  Among  the  Initiative’s  tasks  will  be  to  assemble  the  Steering Committee,  a  council  of  citizens  dedicated  to  the  future  and  sustainability  of  Gloucester as  a  city  rooted  in  its  arts,  culture,  and  the  unique  heritage  of  its  natural  environment. On  behalf  of  the  Gloucester  Committee  for  the  Arts,  Chair  Judith  Hoglander  said “Congratulations  and  welcome!  The  Committee  for  the  Arts  looks  forward  to  partnering with  Martha  Wood  in  promoting  arts  and  cultural  development  in  Gloucester.”  To  that  end, the  Initiative  and  the  Committee  are  working  with  the  City’s  Ward  Councilors  to  hold  a series  of  public  forums  in  April  to  solicit  further  public  input  on  both  the  Committee’s  efforts to  develop  a  new  public  art  policy  and  on  arts  and  cultural  development  priorities  for  the Initiative.  The  Initiative  has  also  created  an  online  survey  to  gather  public  input  at


Charles and George King Civil War Coat Kim SmithO’Maley Middle School students Charles and George King were presented with a check for $1,000.00 by a group of distinguished historians. The gift will be used toward the restoration of the Alfred Bacheler Civil War coat. Bacheler was an escaped POW during the Civil War and Gloucester High School principal for twenty years (1884-1914).

Charles and George gave an outstanding  presentation before fellow students, teachers, friends, family, and the historians, which call themselves the Gathering (they “gather” together monthly to discuss history and share books). Members include Dan McDougall, Ken Novak, Hugh Collier, Herb Collins, Greg Neal, Sargent Goodchild, Carl Gustin, John McCormick, and Tony Sutton.

The King brother’s passion for this project is infectious!

Charles and George King Civil War Coat -2 Kim Smith

Funds raised beyond the $3,500.00 will go towards creating a permanent display at the high school. There are several ways to donate:

Visit, and search for “Civil War Bacheler coat caper” and follow instructions on how to contribute: Link: Civil War Coat

Send a check with “Civil War coat” written in the check’s memo field to The Gloucester Fund, 45 Middle St., Gloucester, MA 01930, or Committee for the Arts, c/o Gloucester City Hall, 9 Dale Ave., Gloucester MA 01930.

Charles and George King Civil War Coat -3 Kim Smith



Read More about the project here: Twins embark on Civil War coat caper

Bananas Fashion Show City Hall Benefit

Bananas fashion show

A benefit Bananas Fashion Show to get the hot air out of City Hall.

Richard Leonard, the owner of the iconic Main Street vintage clothing store, Bananas, is staging one of his rare fashion extravaganzas on Saturday April 23 and Sunday April 24. The production will benefit the Gloucester City Hall restoration fund with the proceeds being used to restore the auditorium’s ventilation system. As Maggie Rosa, Chair of the City Hall Restoration Commission says with a smile, “we are aiming to get the hot air out of City Hall!”

This show, Leonard’s third held to benefit City Hall restoration, will include his Bananarettes, a group of both women and men, some of whom travel from New York City to participate.

The creative black tie Saturday gala starts at 7:00 p.m. and will include live & silent auctions, champagne & dessert – tickets are $75 each. On Sunday the doors open at 2:30 p.m. and the show will include a pick-a-prize auction and light refreshments – tickets are $35 each for adults and $15 for people 18 years and under.

“This being Gloucester, you can dress however you want to, but it’s a lot of fun to wear something different. If you have nothing to wear, go to Bananas and you will find something” says Jan Bell, Co-chair of the event.

Tickets are on sale at Bananas (78 Main St., Gloucester,) Alexandra’s Bread (265 Main St., Gloucester,) and online at Eventbrite. For more information, please contact

VIDEO: Top North Shore Talent brings Doo-Wop to life in Beverly April 15-17

Classic Doo-Wop April 15-17 right down the road at The Larcom Theatre — Beverly’s most intimate acoustically stellar listening venue!

Written & Directed by Malden-native Richie Willis (founder of the award-winning vocal group, North Shore Acappella) The Last Days of Doo-Wop is a heartwarming tale of five local street corner singers — the Doo-Rays — that brings you back to a time of tenderness and turbulence.

Top hits of the 50s & 60s woven together with critically acclaimed original songs — this engaging musical tugs at your heartstrings and warms your soul.

Good seats still available for all shows.  GET THEM HERE.

WORLD PREMIERE MUSICAL Dogtown Common: Never Try, Never Win ~ Starts today 7pm 4.1.2016

never try never win

April 1, 2016
7 PM

The Folklore Theatre Company
169 Main St, Gloucester, MA

Tickets Available


Former fisherman Abraham Wharf, now homeless, struggles with heroin addiction. It is midwinter, and he has set up his cardboard bed beneath the Babson “Never Try, Never Win” boulder in Gloucester’s long-abandoned settlement known as “Dogtown.” As he enters a drug-induced euphoric state, he edges ever closer to overdose and hypothermia. Two ghostly children appear through the trees, reaching out to Abraham. Unsure, Wharf decides to take their hands, allowing them to guide him deeper into the woods, and eventually into 1800 Dogtown Common and the home of Easter Carter. Here in her home, the only two-story house in the Commons, colorful residents of the Commons have gathered for warmth, for food, for community. Each character represents something within Wharf that leads him on an introspective journey of spirit survival. Three witches serve as a sort of Greek chorus, reminiscent of the three crones of mythology and Shakespeare’s Macbeth… here, they are the hissing voices of addiction: Dysphoria, Despair, and Redemption.
This groundbreaking inter-generational piece (actors ages 7-80) will raise the question: “What killed a 200 year-old community?” in a way that challenges us to avoid ever letting it happen again in Gloucester & Cape Ann.
Issues that are still universal hot topics today: ignorance, addiction, mental health, sexism, ageism, gossip, gender, homelessness, hunger, poverty and classism are all touched upon in this show.
Programs like The Open Door, Action Inc., The Grace Center, Wellspring, and Gloucester’s new Angel Program are all examples of how a community, through education understanding, and innovation can find healing and sustainability in ways that simply did not exist two hundred years ago. Indeed, if we knew then what we know now, and if these great organizations had existed in that time, Dogtown Commons might still be a thriving community today.
Each of the three production weeks, 10% of box office proceeds will benefit Gloucester’s newest community support organization, The Angel Program. Suggested donation $10-$30, as always, no one is turned away. Consider this show rated PG-13 due to mature theme.

Season tickets now available, just $15/mo!

Community Organization

(978) 704-1269

City Council President Announces the Retirement of City Clerk

City Council President Announces the Retirement of City Clerk
Gloucester City Clerk to Retire

Today, Gloucester City Council President Joe Ciolino and Council Vice President Steve LeBlanc announced that Linda Lowe will be retiring as Gloucester’s City Clerk after six and a half years of service.  In addition, Linda has also served as the City Legal Council for a number of years, for Mayors Bruce Tobey and John Bell.

“Linda has done a great job serving Gloucester and its residents as City Clerk.” said City Council President Joe Ciolino.  “We have been lucky to have her experience and institutional history. Linda always put Gloucester first in administrating the office in charge of all of Gloucester’s vital records and elections.”

Linda’s last day of work will be Friday April 29, 2016.

The Gloucester City Council’s Ordinance and Administration committee will begin interviewing candidates for a new City Clerk in the coming months.  

Jason Burroughs’ art will be featured in Montserrat’s Artrageous!30 in Gloucester this Saturday


His sculpture will be featured in the LIVE auction portion of Montserrat’s annual big wheel gig, ARTRAGEOUS including one that debuted at the Thanksgiving Pop Up Fair. This 2016 auction marks the 30th anniversary for the college of art’s annual fundraiser. Buy tickets now and note the night’s venue change…from Beverly to Gloucester. A portion of each sale goes to the school and directly to the artists.


  • Saturday, April 2, 2016
  • 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • 11 Dory Road, Gloucester, MA 01930 (Off Blackburn circle)

Anyone know why the college’s founders selected the name ‘Montserrat’?


Wind & waves

Warm winds were blowing hard during high tide yesterday.  Stopped down the Boulevard after work and got my exercise running out of the way of the waves coming over the railings. (try to keep the camera dry at all costs!)  One of the great things about this island is the ever changing scenes!

Rough Seas on Stacy Boulevard
Pavilion Beach Waves

And So it Goes.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post asking for suggestions about how to…or even whether or not to….surprise Thatcher and Finn with the trip we are taking to Florida in April.

You can read that post HERE if you’d like

To summarize, I had planned a “Disney Reveal” three and a half years ago and it was an epic failure.  Thatcher had just turned five and Finn had just turned three.  They had been asking to go and, of course, I thought they’d be over the moon.  Don’t get me wrong…they got excited…just not while I was trying to capture the magic on film.

So, flash forward to Easter Sunday this year.  I figured I would surprise them with the trip during an Easter Egg hunt.  I wrote a little poem, I numbered some eggs 1-18, hid them inside the house (so as not to get confused with the Easter Bunny’s outside eggs), had them line the eggs up in order, open them up to reveal letters, and read the secret message.  It was pretty fun… if I do say so myself.  And, this time, their reaction was….well, no better than last time, actually.  There was a brief moment, when Finn had figured it out, that I thought there may be some celebration dance of sorts….but, he squelched any kind of enthusiasm that was about to break free.  Sigh.

While I know they’re actually excited to bust out of dodge for a bit, head to the sunshine, go on some excellent rides, and hang by the pool….clearly my boys do not enjoy the act of being surprised.

Live and finally learn.

Beauport Hotel Pool Rendering



Hotel friends, enjoy this stunning rendering of our rooftop pool and jacuzzi area. It’s sure to be the highlight of any stay at our hotel, offering our overnight guests panoramic ocean and harbor views as a backdrop for lounging, splashing, and tapas-style dining and cocktails. Chair and towel service provided.

Overnight hotel guests and other visitors to our restaurant and tavern can also enjoy a beachside meal and cocktails on our expansive Oceanside Terrace, located on the first floor. The Terrace is accessible from both the restaurant and tavern and is just steps away from Pavilion Beach. It’s a perfect spot for dinner and drinks with friends while enjoying the sun setting over Cape Ann.

View original post Bulletin Board Listings For 4/1/16

Joshua Nelson & The Kosher Gospel Singers

March 31, 2016 ~ taagloucester



Joshua Nelson at TAA

Join us for this extraordinary evening of music and celebration!

Invite your family and friends!

Sunday, June 5, 2016 at 5:00 pm

At Temple Ahavat Achim, 86 Middle St, Gloucester, MA

$36 Regular Admission, $18 for Kids Under 13


For information about becoming a benefactor and attending a private reception with Joshua Nelson, please call Natalia at (978) 281-0739.

All proceeds from this Benefit Concert will support Temple Ahavat Achim’s religious services, celebrations, programs and education for all ages in our beautiful building!

TAA Passover Seder

March 31, 2016 ~ taagloucester

TAA Passover Seder

Saturday, April 23rd at 6 pm at Temple Ahavat Achim (86 Middle St, Gloucester)
passover plate

Please join us for the Traditional TAA Second Night Passover Seder.
Space is limited, so please reserve your seat today!


Jazz, Wine Tasting & Silent Auction Evening!

March 31, 2016 ~ taagloucester

Jazz, Wine Tasting & Auction Evening

Sunday, April 10th at 6 pm at Temple Ahavat Achim (86 Middle St, Gloucester)

Come listen to wonderful jazz (“Jazmen” Trio feat. Mark Arnold will perform! An acclaimed vocalist Mari Martin will be joining us that evening!), bid on wonderful auction items and taste some delicious wines! Space is limited to 80 people, so please buy your tickets early.


Maritime Gloucester Fish Printing Workshop for Adults

Image ~ March 31, 2016 ~ maritimegloucesterprograms

Fish Print Workshop April 2016 poster


March 30, 2016 ~ Joey C


APRIL 2016

Thanks to the Friends of Seacoast the residents enjoyed many activities including their St. Patrick’s Day celebrations with a luncheon at Bunratty’s Irish Pub, Irish Step Dancers and an Irish concert by Sgt. Dan Clark, the St. Joseph’s celebration with fresh baked Zeppolis and the weekly concerts by professional entertainers.

The Friends of Seacoast enhance the residents lives at the Seacoast Nursing and Rehabilitation Center with hours of enjoyment by providing the finances needed for the special entertainment, supplies and community outings.

The Friends of Seacoast are grateful for the gifts they have receive in honor of loved ones. Any and all donations to “The Friends of Seacoast” are gratefully accepted.

We are looking forward to many upcoming events with the support of the Friends of Seacoast including a Baby Farm Animals visit, Red Sox “Home Opener” Celebation with Fenway favorite snacks, weekly Musical Entertainment and a Couples luncheon at The Gloucester House Restaurant where our Married Couples will enjoy a lunch date together.

The next Friends of Seacoast meeting is scheduled for

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at 5:00 PM at The Bank Gloucester.

New members welcome.

Alison Cox

Activity Director