Karen Pishke Represents! In India

My husband and I recently traveled to India for a family wedding. In my mad dash to the airport, I left my GMG stickers at home. While there I was never able to connect to the hotel’s very slow computer to access my email, and truly felt ‘a world away.’ Somehow, I did manage to logonjust once to GMG’s website to catch up on local news and print a GMG sticker. The Indian wedding was 3 days long, and included a Sikh and Hindu ceremony. I took part in the mendhi (henna) and other ceremonies. The family also arranged tours of Old Delhi and the Taj Mahal. We totally immersed ourselves in Indian culture and customs, were charmed by our warm new relatives, and enjoyed delicious, buffet Indian meals. Cows were seen roaming the streets and sidewalks, along with dogs and monkeys, like this one seen at the Taj Mahal. And if anyone thinks Boston driving is crazy, they haven’t been to India! This video is shot from the front of our bus, on the way to the Taj Mahal. :O  
https://youtu.be/3M1JQZRiuqI   ~ Karen Pischke





This just in from George and Charles King:

WE HAVE AWESOME NEWS!!! Our Awesome Gloucester grant proposal for the Bacheler Civil War Coat has made it to the semi-finals! Now it’s up to our 3-5 minute pitch next Monday 7PM at the Gloucester House to bring it home!! Three other good projects will also try.

Awesome Gloucester wrote:“we encourage you to invite as many of your friends, family, and supporters as possible. The more the merrier!”

That’s where you come in. We know it’s school vacation and some might have plans. If you can come, we’ll be ecstatic. Let us know! Either way, you’re all part of what everybody has worked towards for the coat. It would be impossible without you guys. Thank you for everything. If we get this, we’ve done it! The coat will be fixed, mounted and displayed!


Charles and George

So excited and looking forward to coming George and Charles. Congratulations!!!

To donate to help rehabilitate Gloucester’s historic Civil War coat:

Visit You Caring and follow instructions on how to contribute.

Send a check with “Civil War coat” written in the check’s memo field to The Gloucester Fund, 45 Middle St., Gloucester, MA 01930, or Committee for the Arts, c/o Gloucester City Hall, 9 Dale Ave., Gloucester MA 01930.



Lighthouse Beach Meadow Sunset Annisquam Kim SmithHow Color is Created in Bird Feathers will continue tomorrow. So sorry, but was a very long work day today. It’s so interesting though and I can’t wait to get back to writing. Did you know that the study of feathers is called Plumology? I’ll have time to finish tonight. In the meantime, here are several of last night’s snapshots from a walk at sunset on the Annisquam meadow, heading to Lighthouse Beach. It was a beauty, especially with the bevy of Robins doing their robin-hop-thing while feasting in the grass in the softening sunlight. Spring really and truly has arrived!

Lighthouse Beach Meadow Sunset Annisquam -2 Kim Smith

Lighthouse Beach Meadow Sunset Annisquam -3 Kim SmithLighthouse Beach Meadow Sunset Annisquam Robin Kim Smith


whale-watching-gloucester-ma-cape-ann-boston-breach-22Paul Frontierro, Captain and founding owner of 7 Seas was busy this afternoon getting things ship shape for their reopening on Saturday. Looks like gorgeous weather this weekend!

For information visit their website here.

Whale Watching Trips Daily to Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary


7 Seas Whale Watch has had the privilege of introducing thousands of passengers to the many species of whales and marine wildlife that inhabit the waters from Cape Ann and out to the Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary. Our trips run from mid-April to mid-October and are designed to educate, inspire and provide a deeper understanding and appreciation of our fragile marine environment.

We are a family business – Three generations of career captains have worked from this very dock for more than 7 decades. We have a love and respect for the marine environment and a passion for providing the best possible customer experience for you and your family. Browse our website, reserve tickets on-line, call our sales office (888 283-1776) or use our contact form to ask a question or send a comment.

We look forward to seeing you on the water.



Paul Frontierro, 7 Seas Captain and founder

Photos 7 Seas website


Gloucester’s City Ward Councilors, the Gloucester Committee for the Arts and the new Arts and Cultural Initiative will host a series of Ward/Community meetings concerning the Arts and Cultural Initiative and a review of a Draft Public Art Policy Ordinance.

The Cultural Arts Initiative will provide an overview of the new initiative and seek community input to help set priorities for the program. The initiative also seeks assistance in identifying the full range of Gloucester’s artistic and cultural community to insure that it understands, connects and advocates for all.

The Gloucester Committee for the Arts will lead a discussion to review a draft art policy ordinance in advance of its submission to the City. All documents pertaining to the art policy will be available for review prior to the Ward meetings on the City’s web site, the Sawyer Free Library and the Mayor’s office.

The meetings will be moderated by John Sarrouf from Gloucester Conversations.


April 19th – Councilors Cox and LeBlanc will host a meeting for Wards 2 and 3 starting at 6pm in the Sawyer Free Library.

April 20th – Councilor Memhard will host a meeting for Ward 1 at 6:30pm at the Gloucester Stage

April 21st – Councilor Nolan will host the Ward 5 meeting at 5pm in the Magnolia Library

April 25th – Councilor Gilman will host the Ward 4 meeting at 7:00 pm in the Lanesville Community Center

Cultural and Arts Initiative Background Material –

In September, 2015, a partnership of three arts organizations – Rocky Neck Art colony, ArtsGloucester, and seARTS – received $45,500 in grant funding over two years for the establishment of the Gloucester Arts and Cultural Initiative, a project whose mission is to champion innovation and excellence in the cultural landscape, to support private and public cultural development across all sectors, and to strengthen and promote the cultural vitality of the city’s waterfront and neighborhoods.

The Initiative will be led by Martha Wood, the Project Manager, and a Steering Committee. The initiative will engage in long-term projects including development of a Cultural Master Plan for Gloucester, investigating ways to provide affordable studio space for visual, performing and other artists; and researching how best to provide resources and advocacy for Gloucester’s many-faceted cultural organizations and communities. Among the Initiative’s tasks will be to determine priorities for the program and to assemble the Steering Committee, a council of citizens dedicated to the future and sustainability of Gloucester as a city rooted in its arts, culture, and the unique heritage of its natural environment.

Community input will play an important part in determining the priorities and shaping this Initiative. To that end, we invite and encourage you to attend one of the forums and complete an online survey to gather public input at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/F62NTPQ.

Art Policy Background Material –


The Committee for the Arts was established in 2000. Over the years since, the City and the Committee (CFTA) have realized that the City needs a public art policy that deals with not only its current art holdings, but also includes a process to provide City officials and the community with assurances that proper procedures are in place to guide future public art decisions for the City. As early as 2005, CFTA Chair Kate Bodin and CFTA member John Ronan drafted a very lengthy and inclusive art policy. Although this policy was offered, but not considered by City Council, its value as a guide remains to this day. Later, in 2012, another partial and more condensed art policy was written by CFTA member, Marcia Hart, but this policy was never submitted to the City.

Following the concerns and confusion regarding the proposed gift of sculpture from David Black in late 2014, Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken with the assistance of Jack Clarke hosted the first of several public meetings regarding public art. In 2015, at the request of CFTA, the City put out a request for proposals for a public art consultant to assist in formulating a public art policy. As a result of the RFP, CFTA selected consultant Elizabeth Keithline to advise CFTA on what such a policy should address and how to get public input on it. Keithline conducted additional public meetings and did direct public outreach, through which public concerns regarding a public art policy were collected.   Keithline’s report was submitted in March of this year. After review of that report and the previous reports, CFTA now has developed a new proposed ordinance that will be considered by the public and City officials over the next few months.


As demonstrated by the 2005 report (totaling over 60 pages), a comprehensive public art policy is a large document, with a lot of detailed procedures. While those details are important, most important at the beginning is to establish the framework through the ordinance to incorporate the safeguards and overarching requirements that the public wants and the City needs to ensure that the process is transparent and fair, and consistent into the future. Once that framework is adopted by the City, CFTA can then begin writing specific policies and procedures on various aspects of the overall policy.

To move the remaining process forward, several critical steps will be taken:

All related documents (including the current and proposed ordinances, previous proposals, and the consultant’s report, will be available for public view on the CFTA page of the City’s website and copies will be placed in the Sawyer Free Library and the Mayor’s Office in City Hall.

The draft ordinance will be reviewed throughout Gloucester’s communities via public forums in the various wards. During these meetings, the community will have an opportunity to comment on the draft ordinance and offer their assistance and input on several issues that remain unresolved.

Once CFTA has heard from the communities, the Committee will address any additions or corrections to the draft ordinance and submit it to the City’s General Counsel and the Mayor. Once a final ordinance is approved by the Mayor, it will be presented to City Council, which before considering it , will hold a formal public hearing. As in the past few months, the public is encouraged to stay involved as this process moves forward.


Judith Hoglander, Chair, Committee for the Arts



202-669-4412 (Cell)


Martha Wood, Project Manager

Gloucester Arts and Cultural Initiative


(978) 857-6731

Alicia Unleashed Episode 22 taped 4/12/2016 with B- Side, Kristina and Hostess Alicia Cox

aliciaunleashed-1-picsay (1)

Alicia Unleashed Episode 22 taped 4/12/2016 with B- Side, Kristina and Hostess Alicia Cox

Dodgeball recap, Much love to the Rabbit, Bridget’s shitty situation, John was teary eyed, Box Blocking, Cox vs. Cox, Do you pay attention to lyrics?, If you are challenged do you quit?, Passive agressive posts, Do your friends call you out?, New app Tango,When do you become friends on Facebook, Is Kristina on the tindha?, Can you be alone?, Don’t care about what people say about you, Softball talk, Boys are so dramatic, Bars that no one judges, Whitey Bulger Movie, ACDC



Two dynamic presentations/two towns/ on the same day brought to you by the 4 Cape Ann Public libraries

Cape Ann Reads special presenter

Most people can remember a book they loved when they were a child. What was yours?

Saturday April 16 2016 10am – 12pm
Manchester Community Center,
on Beach St., Manchester, MA

Saturday April 16 2016 1pm-3pm
1PM Rockport Public Library,
17 School St, Rockport, MA


The four Cape Ann public libraries and other community partners are promoting children’s picture books throughout 2016 with CAPE ANN READS. Each month there are special free programs. Expert ANITA SILVEY will give two special presentations! Please join us. She will be in Manchester presenting her talk based on her well known book of the same name: Everything I Need to Know I Learned From A Children’s Book.

She will be speaking at the Manchester Community Center, on Beach St. Please register with Sara Collins, Manchester Public Library Director, at scollins@mvlc.org, 978-526-2011 or the TOHP Burnham Library Essex Director, Debbie French, at dfrench@mvlc.org, phone 978-768-7410.

At 1pm Anita Silvey will travel to the Rockport Public Library to speak about “The American Picture Book: The Simplest, Subtlest Art Form of Them All”.  The Rockport Public Library phone number is (978) 546-6934.

For more info:




Wednesdays with Fly Amero~This weeks special guest:Ron Schrank @ The Rhumb Line 7-10pm 4.13.2016


Great dinner specials every week!

Wednesday, April 13th – 7pm
Musical Guest: RON SCHRANK!!

ron schrank










Ron Schrank is among my all-time favorite musical guests

at the Rhumb. It’s a simple, honest delivery every time. No
pretense. I’m not even sure he knows himself just how good
he really is. One thing for sure… the people always do. ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!
4/20 – Charlee Bianchini

4/27 – Inge Berge

5/4 – Orville Giddings

Visit: http://www.therhumbline.com/
Looking forward……to seeing you there 🙂

Live Music @ Katrina’s on Wednesdays ~ This week’s host will be Jusin Tocco 7-10pm 4.13.2016

Katrina’s is excited to have Justin Tocco performing this evening.
Justin will be playing a mix of classic, contemporary and original acoustic music. Stop by and join us for a bite to eat, cocktails and a whole lot of good music!

Check out Justin’s  video here:

katrinas nye

14 Rogers St

Gloucester, MA

BREAKING NEWS: Mayor Romeo-Theken announces arts email hotline

Bob Ritchie Dogtown Books

April 2016 Mayor Romeo-Theken opens an email for arts and culture! Together we’re going to connect what we have with what we need.

Use your phone to email directly to the Mayor sefatia4arts@gloucester-ma.gov

Add your name to sign up sheets that are happening NOW

email subject line: artist studio space Fitz Henry Lane

Per Mayor Theken initiative to help with requests from city residents that need studio space– the City of Gloucester will be offering FREE  shared space at the Fitz Henry Lane House during the day in month blocks.

email subject line: Public art

Residents- We are keeping a list of residents who have a project idea for the city  or  have questions such as available sites and locations or funding. 

Organizations/Places of Worship/Business- Please let us know if you have available free space such as interior or exterior walls, windows, parking lots. We have requests for: displays, street art, pop up movie nights, artisan markets, performances, studio space, programming. Maybe we can make a match. 

Send or text an image! Do you have a favorite corner, steps, view, from your Ward or any spot in Gloucester that you think would be a good one for creative arts project (temporary or permanent)– or maybe it’s one that should be left alone.

email subject line: St. Peter’s Square LOCAL MARKET one day a month

Mayor Theken is talking about putting the town square back into St. Peter’s Square to go with the block parties. The idea is a local market by residents for residents. There’ll be tables and chairs to hang out. Pick up some local fish & lobster, crafts, flowers and vegetables during the day. At night sit and relax, have some coffee, listen to soft music. Email if you want to join the planning or have questions.

Mayor Theken wants to give a couple of shout outs:

Awesome Gloucester for supporting so much art and culture.

Ward councilors are holding meetings next week in YOUR neighborhoods. They work hard. The Mayor is going. Can’t go? No problem. Use that email. The Mayor  is committed to assuring that citizen voices are amplified, assessed and acted upon. Every resident matters!

Ward 2 and 3 April 19th, 2016 @ Sawyer Free

Ward 1 April 20, 2016 @ Gloucester Stage

Ward 5 April 21, 2016 @ Magnolia Library

Ward 4 April 25, 2016 @ Lanesville Community Center




HomieCast 15 with @CraigShoots, @Eves3, B- Dizzle, Rick Doucette, and @Joey_C Taped 4/12/16 at www.capeanngiclee.com


HomieCast 15 with Craig Kimberley, BJ Mohan, Rick Doucette, James Eves and @Joey_C Taped 4/12/16 at http://www.capeanngiclee.com



Topics Include-

The grub: Craig’s outrageously good Jerk chicken wings, Maria’s Pizza. beer, Jameson Irish whisky.

The HomieCast Grilling Streak Is Still Alive Thanks To Craig.

Dodgeball recap/Getting emotional

After Dodgeball in the car I was talking to Kate about how there’s so much that goes into putting something like that on but when you’ve got such awesome friends the obstacles you run into all get worked out when you’ve got those kinds of people around you in the planning stages.

Alicia’s team descended on this one guy on Rabbits team and I thought there was going to be a cat fight for sure.  The way they were throwing themselves in between the other girls and the guy it was unbelievable.

Aggressive box blocking. The fight for the peen

Cutting the cord.  How much do each of you guys pay what do you have for service and do you plan to do anything about it?

I pay $181 for the triple play and I think it’s outrageous.

Bruins didn’t make the playoffs and I didn’t even think that was possible with how many teams that make the NHL playoffs. Attending an NHL Playoff game is intense.

Last year or so Yeti coolers all the rage.  Craig shooting a show and the mountain man guy is sponsored by Rtic coolers.  Go to the website and literally half the price for what looks to be exact same cooler.  Some guys saying but these other coolers are made in the USA.
What percentage if any percentage more would you pay for an American made cooler that has the same exact specs as a foreign made cooler?

I get sick thinking about how much money I wasted on gas grills. On the hunt for CraigsList grills for James and Craig.

Advice for BJ going to college for orientation.

How Instagram works for young people.

Rick’s Insomniacafe On Facebook