Boiled coffee From Al Bezanson

Boiled coffee has been the preferred morning beverage on GREEN DRAGON for most of the 53 years I’ve owned her.  On fishing vessels it was/is the way to go as well.  About fifty years ago I was aboard the dragger DELAWARE when provisions, including a boxed, new giant percolator, arrived from Gloucester Grocery.  Bert Cluett was the cook.  The first thing he did was unbox the percolator and fling the innards over the side at the state fish pier.  The general feeling was that sooner or later some of the parts would go missing, not to mention the extra work of cleaning them, so you might as well get rid of them forthwith.

It just came to my attention that my neighbor of long ago, Joseph Burnett,  patented a product for discerning coffee drinkers.  Only ½ cent per day per family. 

The patent  likely expired long ago, so here is an opportunity for someone to challenge the K-cup market and add value to cod landings.

Al Bezanson

coffee settler


Inga and Eben Cake Ann 2016 Kim SmithCake Ann is now offering vegan cakes and cookies by special order. Egg and butter free, if anyone can make a delicious vegan cake, it’s Inga!

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Vegan cakes are available at Cake Ann by special order.

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Craigslist 2009 @WeberGrills Performer Deluxe Upgrade Update New Metal Table and Stainless Table Charcoal Bin Holder Cable

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Northeast BBQ

Here’s the original post-

The 2009 @WeberGrills Performer Clean Up and First Cook #BBQ

She started out dusty, faded blacks,rusty vents with a stained thermostatic plastic table-


She got a though rough detailing that you can follow in the link at top of this post.

So yesterday she looked like this-


Today the updated Performer table and stainless charcoal basket cord arrived.

The swap out took all of five minutes and the results are very pleasing. If I owned an older Performer it would be the first thing I’d do is order the newer style table.

The newer style metal table comes with bolts that are darker than the bolts that came on the original as you can see in the picture.  I was torn deciding between keeping with the silver ones that were in great shape still or using the newer black ones that shipped with the metal table.  In…

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Where was I Painted?

I needed a change of scenery from my chair  So I got another painting out of the storage unit that my dad’s paintings are stored.

I removed the painting of “Good Harbor Beach winter” scene and replaced it with a painting my father did En Plein Air from the late 70’s of a Schooner docked in Gloucester Harbor.

Can you guess where this painting below was painted from?


Close up
Close up

CLICK HERE to check out information on my Dad’s paintings that are for sale


Boston Globe complimenting Gloucester’s gorgeous WPA era murals


Did you see? Wonderful John McElhenny’s My View article to the Gloucester Daily Times thanking great work by the CPA committee and residents? And more this week in the Boston Globe? Nice to be the successful model. “In Gloucester, residents have leveraged funding for 80 units of affordable elderly housing in an old grammar school, replaced historic lead glass windows at the Cape Ann Museum, and restored Depression-era WPA murals at City Hall.”  Read more of the Boston Globe article here

Since April is National Poetry month it seems extra fitting to pause on the Charles Allan Winter mural–which by the way is notoriously difficult to photograph in that site. Nice job by photographer Pat Greenhouse / Boston Globe.

In 1931, he and his wife Alice Beach Winter, also a successful artist, came to live in Gloucester year round having spent summers since 1914 and building their Mt. Pleasant studio  in 1922.  Poetry was the third mural Winter completed in Gloucester.

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Free Lecture on Reiki Ryoho: Japanese Healing Art/Method at Common Crow Natural Market

More Cape Ann Wellness

Cape Ann Wellness

Promoting Optimal Wellness for Body, Mind and Spirit Promoting Optimal Wellness for Body, Mind and Spirit

Wondering ‘What is Reiki?’ Reiki (ray-kee) is a hands-on (or non-touch for those that prefer) healing method/art that originated in Japan in 1922. During a session, recipients are fully clothed and can lie down or sit for their sessions. Preliminary search indicates that a session of Reiki can promote relaxation and potentially decrease stress, increase calm, and improve comfort. More information on Reiki and other integrative therapies can be found at the National Center Complementary and Integrative Health ( Not to take the place of conventional medicine, Reiki is offered in hospitals and other healthcare settings, as supportive care for patients undergoing cancer treatment, pain management, and before and after surgery. Want to learn more? 

 Attend a Free Lecture this Wednesday, April 6th at the Common Crow Natural Market – 
*Introduction to Reiki Ryoho; Japanese Healing Method/Art. Wednesday. April 6th. 6…

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Cape Ann Community Bulletin Board Listings For 4/2/16

I support the Cape Ann License Plate – Join Me -Sign-up NOW!

April 2, 2016 ~ Joey C


I support the Cape Ann License Plate – Join Me -Sign-up NOW!; or call the Chamber at 978 283-1601, and they will sign you up over the phone.

Let’s get these plates on the road.  Our contributions directly support our Cape Ann communities.



Informational Cocktail hour to discuss a fabulous opportunity to visit the Azores Tuesday April 5th from 5-7:30

April 2, 2016 ~ Joey C


Informational Cocktail hour to discuss a fabulous opportunity to visit the Azores

Tuesday April 5th from 5-7:30

Azorean Restaurant Gloucester Ma

Singles, Couples and Groups are all welcome!

Contact Jean for more information at 888-602-7622

Amazing Azores
September 23rd to October 2nd

A fantastic tour to Sao Miguel offered by
The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce and
Connections Adventure Travel

You are invited to attend our  information session  at the
Azorean Restaurant, Gloucester Ma.
Tuesday April 5th from 5-7:30 PM

Price per Person, $2,359 USD    *based on double occupancy

  • Round-Trip Airfare from Boston to Ponta Delgada, on SATA/Azores airlines, economy class. Only 4 1/2 hours from Boston.
  • 8 Night Lodging at Royal Garden Hotel, 4 Star Hotel in Ponta Delgada (or similar) , based on double room with breakfast daily.
  • 13 Total Meals.  Includes welcome & farewell dinner, 3 lunches and 7 breakfasts.
  • Tours to Twin Lakes, (Sete Cidades), Furnas with traditional “cozido”, and Nordeste
  • Whale Watching Half Day
  • Transfers, and English speaking local guides on all tours
  • Transfer to /from Ponta Delgada Airport to Royal Garden Hotel
  • Reception with Ponta Delgada Chamber of Commerce

Get a fun group together and travel to paradise just 4.5 hours from Boston.

New Program at the Senior Center – From Panic to Powerful – for cancer survivors and their caretakers

April 2, 2016 ~ Joey C

New Program at the Senior Center – From Panic to Powerful – for cancer survivors and their caretakers.  Led by cancer coach and cancer survivor, Laurie Geary .  Tuesday, April 5th from 1-3 pm


Power of Play

April 1, 2016 ~ Cape Ann TV

Hundreds of children and parents had a great time at the Power of Play event held at the Gloucester High School Field House on Sunday, March 2o. Cape Ann TV was there and we created this highlight video. The video was shot and edited by our intern Anthony Farenwald.

Themed Mini Tours at the Cape Ann Museum

April 1, 2016 ~ Cape Ann Museum

On Saturday, April 16, join the Cape Ann Museum docents for a series of creative and fast-paced twenty minute tours on a variety of themes of their choosing. Whether you have time for just one tour or get in on all of them, you’ll be exposed to information, art and characters not always available on the traditional “highlights” tour.

winter shorts_51image credit: Nicole Fandel

  • 10:00 a.m.   Wood You?   Explore some of the wooden objects in the Museum’s collection—from everyday kitchen implements to magnificent pieces of furniture, a cigar store Indian and several sculptures by James McClellan (1910–2005).
  • 10:30 a.m.  Patriots’ Day Tribute  From the American Revolution to the Civil War – We’ll meet some of our local heroes and view historic artifacts as we explore how each contributed to the patriotic heritage of Cape Ann.
  • 11:00 a.m.   How Dear to Our Hearts Are the Scenes of Our Childhood   A quick romp through the Museum to look at several works relating to children and childhood on Cape Ann—the children who worked and those who played and those who sat still for portraits.
  • 11:30 a.m.   Seeing the Light—Navigation & Lighthouses   During the age of sail, navigation was iffy at best. Learn why landfalls could be the most dangerous part of a voyage, and why the Fresnel lighthouse lens was a true breakthrough.
  • 12:00 p.m.   Harvesting the Sea: Gloucestermen in the Heyday of Fishing Under Sail   More than 1,000 schooners called Gloucester their home port, sailing to fishing grounds as far as 1,000 miles away in search of finny gold.
  • 12:30 p.m.   Fifteen Shades of Blue   Experience the impact of blue—the color of sea and sky, symbolic of trust, loyalty and wisdom. This tour explores works of art in the Museum that make use of this favorite color.

This program is free for CAM members / $10 for non-members (includes Museum admission). Space is limited; first come, first served.


image credit: Nicole Fandel

Sawyer Free Library Week of April 3, 2016

April 1, 2016 ~ sawyerfreelibrary


April5AnneEmersonApril 16Mechanical Mind of John Coggin - Book Launch Poster

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We’re ALMOST There! Sign Up for Your Plate Today.

April 1, 2016 ~ chambercacc

Cape Ann – We are seeking YOUR SUPPORT in this final push to get the Cape Ann License Plate on the road! Please share with friends and family – we only need 150 more applications in to be able to submit to the registry! Sign up here
Our contributions directly support the communities of Cape Ann!


We can easily sign you up right over the phone!  Call the Chamber today at 978-283-1601.

The Cape Ann License Plate is a wonderful way to support our region. Proceeds from the license plate will be used to benefit promotion, economic development and education initiatives for Cape Ann and the Cape Ann communities of Essex, Gloucester, Manchester-by-the-Sea, and Rockport.

Piano prodigy Aaron Wonson is headed to Germany in June to play piano at the homes where Liszt and Schumann composed their masterpieces

Piano prodigy Aaron Wonson is headed to Germany in June to play piano at the homes where Liszt and Schumann composed their masterpieces. Grandson of John and Dianne Wonson of Rockport and son of Rockport High graduate Brian Wonson, the 16 year old junior at Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School discovered his love and inherent talent for the keyboard after he first played in his 8th-grade music class.

Neither Aaron nor his two younger siblings had ever expressed an interest in music before. Just like his father Brian who played hockey and baseball for Rockport, Aaron always liked sports. He now studies at the New England Conservatory Preparatory School in Boston where he was selected by the faculty to travel to Germany this summer along with 12 other students.

The tour will begin with a sendoff concert in Boston at the Conservatory’s Jordan Hall followed by two concerts in Germany, in Weimar at the Liszt-Haus and in Leipzig at the Schumann-Haus.

In 2012, he started piano lessons with a local piano teacher who discovered he was immediately able to read very complicated classical music and was almost immediately playing at a college level.

“Aaron completely immersed himself in piano and classical music,” his mother Paula has said.

That’s when his teacher recommended Aaron audition to study at the New England Conservatory where the instructors could not believe he had been studying for just eight months.  “He literally brought tears to their eyes and ours. The incredible passion he has while playing is so intense,” his mother said.

Aaron’s favorite composer to play is Debussy. “There’s not a note he wrote down that didn’t matter. He gives the pianist a lot to work with,” he said.

His favorite composer to listen to is Chopin, calling him quiet and reserved and whose music is understated, elegant and deeply moving.

“A lot of people say he wrote the human experience,” Aaron said adding, “A good composer can exploit the harmonies in a way that’s heart wrenching.”

Aaron and his parents were both surprised and honored that Aaron was invited to tour.  Sending Aaron to the Conservatory was not part of the long-term financial plan for this family of five and the trip to Germany will cost $5,000. But it’s an opportunity his parents wouldn’t want him to miss out on.

“He loves to share his passion with everyone and his friends have always been very supportive,” says Mom.

Aaron will be sharing his passion with friends and family on Cape Ann this Sunday in a fundraising concert from at 1PM at The Lutheran Church, 1123 Washington Street, Gloucester where he will be playing a variety of classical pieces by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy and others. To support his tour in Germany, donations can be made on his go fund me page

Refreshments will be available and the free will offering will help to fund Aaron’s tour as well as the youth of the St Paul Lutheran’s church trip to the 2018 ELCA gathering in Houston, Tx.