Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week – Men Are At Risk of Breast Cancer Too

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October is breast cancer awareness month and this week is Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week. While more rare than in women (< 1% of breast cancer according to the national cancer institute,) breast cancer in men is often further along when diagnosed due to less routine screening or awareness of risks. Knowledge is Power – Increased awareness leads to early detection and increased survival.

Male Breast Tissue

Couples with Breast Cancer  Husband and wives faced with breast cancer, and their inspiring stories – Meg and Gerard Campion and Kara and Mike Selsman. Kara’s breast cancer was caught at an early stage due to routine screening. By the time Mike’s breast cancer was diagnosed, it was more advanced with metastasis to the lungs and bones. Hear their stories and efforts and increasing awareness of male breast cancer.

Marines with Breast Cancer at Camp Lejeune –

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