I am not exactly sure what we are comparing as light number one is one large bulb, light number two is three bulbs, and light numbers three and four each have four bulbs.

LED ligh Gloucester ©Kim Smith 2015New LED Light above

Streetlight Gloucester ©Kim Smith 2015Existing Light

I would describe the color of the LED lights not as blueish as I have heard described, but greenish. They appear extremely harsh, with an eerie and unwelcoming quality.


  1. Cape Ann is one of the few remaining dark sky areas on the North Shore. We can see the Milky Way from our backyards. The Andromeda Galaxy, 2.5 million light years away, can be seen with the naked eye! Few people in eastern MA can claim the same. Let’s keep it that way.

    4000 and higher kelvin LEDs produce measurably greater light pollution than do the warmer, more natural appearing 3000K variety. This is because so much of the light from 4000K lamps comes from the blue part of the visible light spectrum—and our atmosphere absorbs that blue more readily than any other light color. If you’ve ever wondered by the sky is blue, that’s your reason.

    Aside from its negative impact on the night sky, high kelvin, blue-rich night lighting has documented ill-effects on local and migratory birds and animals, the human sleep cycle, and other aspects of human health, including cataract formation.

    Our dark sky and bodies shouldn’t be bathed in this crude. So let’s do the right thing: adopt 3000 kelvin LEDs for Gloucester’s streetlight makeover.


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