I Have to Know!

So, I suppose there is a chance that these “flashes” are simply sunlight reflecting off of boats waaaay far out, but I don’t think so.

When driving home from Cape Hedge Beach, past Pebble Beach, by Lands End, and down Eden Road along the ocean near Thacher’s Island, my own Thatcher noticed “lights” flashing off that little sailboat.  After pulling over, and upon closer inspection, the lights were obviously well beyond the sailboat and more to the right.  He was concerned the boat was in trouble and was shooting off flares.  Too much Discovery Channel or National Geographic at home? Maybe.

So, we watched for a while and they continued….a good distance a part, dotting the horizon.

Forgive the surly tone coming from one of my boys ….and the dog barking in the background.  Such is my life.

Watch closely, to the right of the boats, and as far over as the edge of the screen.  You’ll see 7 or so flashes.  Just sunlight?  I don’t know…maybe.

7 thoughts on “I Have to Know!

  1. Ok, so forgive me. I have clocked some serious time on boats…and on Jeffrey’s Ledge and Stellwagen Bank. I have also worked for a tuna buyer and even gone tuna fishing. I once caught a small 70 lbs (give or take) tuna that was obviously released. But, I’m still unclear of what the flashes are? Sorry. Simply the sun reflecting off the different boats in the fleet? Or are they actually doing something to cause those flashes. For the record, I am slightly embarrassed for not “getting it” so go easy on me.


  2. Great posts and if your never ask a question you may never know the answer!! Does remind me of many influences in my life growing up that way we were like sponges soaking everything up and annoying at times? I want to Dedicate this from a friend below to all the teachers of today – in no only school but vocations, jobs, each teaches in there own way and sometimes in only moments. Thanks You All!
    🙂 Dave

    A little long but great message about the Just a minute quoted with permission of author! :-)!

    Just One More Minute
    By D.J. Vanas © 2015

    I’m very proud of my mother-in-law who recently retired after serving 50 years as a nurse, much of it in oncology. She’s caring, kind and outgoing which is why, at her retirement dinner, we were so shocked. A no-nonsense doctor she’d worked with for years stood up and started his speech by saying, “When I first started working with Iris, I couldn’t stand her.” I nearly choked on my bite of pasta. “She kept following me around, asking me to spend one more minute with patients, just one more minute.” He went on to explain that he resisted, citing how busy he was, how he needed to get in an out and on to the next task. Iris explained that just one more minute, to learn a bit more of their story, to understand them, could be impactful. He caved to the pressure and started spending a few more seconds, thirty seconds and finally a minute. This doctor had a reputation for not having a good “bedside manner” and was very business-like. “That extra minute changed the way I practiced medicine,” the doctor gushed. “I feel I understand them more, they trust me more…and I enjoy my job more.”

    Time is our most precious resource. It is the only thing we ever spend that we will never, ever get back. We can have a house and it burns to the ground – we can build a new one. We can have a job, lose a job and get a new job. We can have and lose money, but we can get more money. Heck, you can even have love, lose love, and find love again. That’s what E-Harmony and Match.com are for, right? But a second of time gone is gone forever that is why it’s not just important, it is absolutely critical that we put ours not into everything but into the right things.

    The good news is that because it’s the most precious resource we have, it’s also the most precious gift we can give someone else. Often when we discuss “investing time” into relationships you see people roll their eyes because they falsely believe this is many hours of “look into my eyes and tell me your story” type of interaction. It’s not! A few seconds or a minute of authentic interaction can change the whole dynamic of a situation. It can make the difference between making or breaking a relationship, a team, or a multi-million dollar sale. It can make people feel appreciated, make our children feel loved or make someone’s day, week or month. I’ve seen it so often – and you have too! A few seconds or a minute of time, given willingly, is so powerful that in can even save a life.

    I’ve worked for many years in the arena of suicide prevention across Indian Country. It’s taken a horrific toll on our Native youth and has also affected my family and my wife’s family as well. I’ve seen countless times where someone will stand on stage in front of hundreds of people and say, “Eighteen years ago, I made a decision to end my life. I felt stuck. Hopeless. Unloved. And then I ran into (and you can fill in the blank here with friend, teacher, Auntie, Grandpa, coach, etc.) that said something to me that changed my mind. That’s why, eighteen years later I stand before you, alive.” How many of these stories do we need to hear to know, once and for all, that a few seconds or just one more minute can change everything?

    Please don’t keep waiting for more proof on this one. Remember, time is passing. Instead, make sure to use yours for the right things, not everything. What can one more minute do? It depends on where you put it. We can spend on something frivolous (complaints, gossip or criticism) to make a statement. Or we can give it to someone and make a difference.

    How we use our time defines our lives, our service, relationships, performance and how we are remembered. Spend it well, for it will be spent, and we can make the world a better place to be with just one more minute.

    After all, it’s the very best thing we can offer.

    *Autumn is here, but as the leaves fall don’t let the motivation, drive and growth of your people do the same. Call or email us and we can deliver a session with D.J. that will strengthen your people and instill a new spirit of service in all they do!

    Native Discovery Inc.
    (719) 282-7747 v
    (719) 282-4113 f
    http://www.djvanas.com / http://www.nativediscovery.com
    “Inspiring the warrior spirit…”

    Dave 🙂 & Kim 🙂


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