More Beautiful Bay View Views

beautiful bay view2

It never ceases to amaze me, the beautiful spots on Cape Ann that you could pass by regularly and never know they were there.  Thanks Ann Kennedy for taking me on such a wonderful walking adventure.

E.J. Lefavour

12 thoughts on “More Beautiful Bay View Views

  1. Love all these photos and want the house. I call the color of the house trim Gloucester green ~ you can find that color in a dinning room at Beauport, my grandmothers living room and hopefully soon my family room and kitchen. There is a bird reserve/sanctuary on the backside of wingaersheek beach behind 55 2 Penny Lane ~ early morning and around 4 in the afternoon you will find hundreds of the sanderling birds. The house has a very old small book with hand drawings describing the shorebirds of the ares. Agreed walking\ wandering around Cape Ann is wonderful ~ it’s only September ~ I’m missing it already.


  2. That building used to be a Life Guard Station.
    The Ames Estate used to be owned by General Bece Butler of Civil War fame.
    He even owned the Schooner Yacht America.
    He put in the granite causeway to get out to the island.


  3. IF you go to Facebook/Ames Estate you can see more photos of the old life saving station.
    And what it looks like in mid winter. Owned by a family named Marshall.


    1. I actually had gone on the Ames Estate facebook page, and that was an amazing photo of the young woman in red out on the frozen cove in front of the old life saving station. Beautiful shot of the house in the snow too.


  4. Look up General Benjamin F. Butler. 1818-1893
    He was Governor of Mass and gave the area the name Bay View.
    He owned the Ames Estate where the old life savings station is located.
    There is a picture of him in the Cape Ann Museum.


  5. EJ Thank you for sharing a beautiful view it is thank you for sharing this and you don’t know how much it boost the spirit having flown! 🙂 Dave:-)


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