It pays to listen to The GloucesterCast

Joey–I was pleased (thrilled actually) to learn today that the photo I submitted to the Gloucester Rotary Calendar project was selected!  I learned about the contest through GMG and was encouraged to send a photo along even though I am daily humbled by the photographic geniuses you have on hand.

I had just submitted the photo when I listened to podcast 147 where you mentioned a fall scene would probably have a good chance of being selected.  Mine is “Fall Reflection at Halibut Point”, so I guess you were right again!

So, thanks for the encouragement and we hope to stop by the dock next week for my husband Jim’s shirt.  I think we are arriving just in time for a storm.  Thanks again.  Pat D

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One thought on “It pays to listen to The GloucesterCast

  1. Oh, she was thrilled all right. She couldn’t wait to tell me all about being selected! I am looking forward to purchasing one of these calendars! I also love the photography on GMG. I have actually started looking at things differently because of your “Beautiful Industry” photos. Congratulations, Pat!


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