“Wait…what?” The Phenomenal Satch Kerans is at it Again!

You want to support local music and score some pretty excellent songs written about our beloved Gloucester at the very same time…. head straight to the link below!


Take the time to take a listen.

Satch Kerans has just released his 5th solo album and after listening it to it during yesterday’s Patriots game it was a total no-brainer to go ahead and buy it on his “bandcamp” page for a mere $7.  The songs are “folky rock” (or at least that is what this non-musician would call them) and, when I closed my eyes…which is how I always need to listen to new music…I kind of felt like I was soaring over Gloucester Harbor, the docks, the fishing fleet, through downtown, and towards Rockport.

Of course, don’t just take my word for it….

“Years after settling into an entirely different identity and new set of priorities – Kerans reemerges with some of the best songs he’s ever written. At the collection’s core is a clutch of sturdy melodies and classic pop structures…Kerans gets better and surer with age”.

Jonathan Perry
The Boston Globe

In case you were under a rock…or maybe just not living on Cape Ann and the greater surrounding area during the 80s, the 90s, and a bit beyond…Satch Kerans drew crazy crowds with his band The Catalinas (ahhhh…the memories).  While he’s also now rocking the baseball and soccer fields as a father, husband, and coach…his musical talents have only grown stronger.

If, by any chance, I haven’t given you enough reason to go ahead and take a listen, buy a song, or buy the entire album…it is worth noting that solo album #5 by Satch Kerans is also dedicated to his friend, Ed Gieras, who passed away in April, 2015 after enduring Huntington’s Disease.

Satch was sure to include the link where we can all help find a cure for Huntington’s Disease on his BandCamp page.

“Help find a cure and donate to the Huntington’s Disease Society of America (hdsa.org).”


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