7 thoughts on “Not a heart!

    1. I’m starting to think it looks more like Mr Peabody. (Of Peabody and Sherman from the Bullwinkle Show.)


  1. What’s the difference between Pluto & Goofy?
    Did you hear that the man who discovered Pluto has his ashes on that spacecraft?
    What happens if the craft keeps going into the Milky Way Galaxy and encounters aliens from Rigel 7 or Tau Ceti 5 or Zeta Reticulae 2?


    1. Yes, Clyde Tombaugh’s ashes are on board! Kind of weird but very cool at the same time. There goes Clyde!

      The difference between Pluto and Goofy? You cannot be serious! Now what they actually both are is a different question since it seems like Pluto is Goofy’s dog but Goofy has long ears so what the hell is he?

      This link will explain a lot. It is safe for work although there is one photo with very tiny nudity.

      But wait, before the link I will explain that Goofy can talk and do all sorts of other things that Pluto cannot. For example, Mickey went to his divorce lawyer because he wanted to break up with Minnie.

      “So let me get this straight, you want to divorce Minnie because she is insane?”, asked the lawyer.

      “Nooooooooo! I want to divorce her because she is fucking Goofy!”



  2. Actually – Pluto is named for Percival Lowell. He took all the “plates” which Clyde Tombaugh laboriously scanned and found, looking for some movement in that corner of the universe. This was done at the Lowell Observatory on Mars Hill in Flagstaff, Arizona.

    Full disclosure – Percival Lowell was my great uncle.


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