The other day we stumbled upon a skate boarding course and met some fantastic and fascinating people who were out enjoying the gorgeous day and spreading the word about their local companies and their missions.  While I did a quick “live blogging” post in the moment, I wanted to better acknowledge the local companies who were out their sponsoring the fun.

One of those companies was RESTOKE.

They have a pretty cool mission if you ask me….not to mention some great apparel and accessories.

RESTOKE is a word that is meant to impact everyone in a positive way. RESTOKE means to relive that unique and hard to come by feeling you get when you are doing something that thrills and excites you, whatever it is, and to Never Stop! Our focus is to provide RESTOKE through our lifestyle apparel and accessories, that inspire the passion in you to do and keep doing whatever it is that excites and thrills you.

Please check out their website by clicking HERE
or by going to

IMG_7108 IMG_7110 IMG_7117


One thought on “RESTOKE

  1. Excellent and we sure have come a long ways here great stuff – and fun indeed…Look out hills much more friendly that way than some places I have been too many vehicles…This way 22 million registered Yikes :-O Dave


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