Santa’s Out of Gas

SantaGas5430wmI have to confess that the holiday season, from Thanksgiving to yesterday, two days after Christmas, have exhausted me. Black Friday, Ladies’ Night, Men’s Night, the GMG Holiday party (the last two being back to back). I was also open every afternoon except Sundays from about noon to 5:15 pm, catching the last CATA bus to Rockport. My electrician described himself as “feeling like junk”, after a tough night. I feel like that every day, especially in my legs and abdomen, from the exertion at PT, work, and related to my cancer. If not for my medical professionals and friends helping me, it never could have happened.

Tomorrow, Monday, I have physical therapy at Addison Gilbert Hospital, which may be my last session until a rollover date. I’ve been a steady show-up at PT, like a football pro who’d get fined for a no-show. January will be a time of rest. This week, I’ll be open Monday 12/29, Tuesday 12/30, Friday 1/2/15, and Saturday 1/3/15. I carry on.


6 thoughts on “Santa’s Out of Gas

  1. I wanted to go to the Good Morning Gloucester party soooooooooooooo badly, but couldn’t, had to stay in Vermont. I am so glad you were well enough to do it. Rest up a bit if you can. Happy New Year! 2015 has to be a better year!!


  2. Hope to see you and Janet out strolling “the avenues” in Pigeon Cove once your physical therapy has ended. Maybe we’ll have some more temperate days like we’ve had this past week so it’s easy for you to get out and about. Thanks for hosting the best party of the season! Happy, healthy New Year, Fred and Janet!


  3. Fred,

    Your spirit will pull you through and stay strong – and his time of year is always hard…A little spirit boost here!

    “Our contribution to our nation and the world is not to be measured in the material realm. Our greatest contribution has been spiritual and philosophical. Silently, by example only…we live and will live, not only in the splendor of our past, the poetry of our legends and art, not only in the interfusion of our blood with yours, but in the living heart of the nation.” -Ohiyesa (Charles Eastman)

    Physician Charles Alexander Eastman was a Santee Dakota physician educated at Boston University, writer, national lecturer, and reformer.
    Born: February 19, 1858, Redwood Falls, Minnesota, United States
    Died: January 8, 1939, Detroit, Michigan, United States
    Spouse: Goodale Sisters (m. 1891)
    Education: Knox College, (Dartmouth College, Beloit College, Boston University)

    Happy New Year and God Bless Dave 🙂 & Kim:-)


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