(Hopefully) Dispelling Some Misconceptions About the HarborWalk

Gloucester Harbor Fishing Boat Jolly Roger ©Kim Smith 2014Window to the Working Waterfront ~ View from the HarborWalk

A little-remembered fact is that the HarborWalk artists were chosen from an applicant pool of local Cape Ann artists, as well as non-local residents. The public call to art was made over a period of several months, and it was widely publicized on this blog and in the Gloucester Daily Times. As a matter of record, myself, several fellow GMG contributors, and many artists in our community applied. The application process was made fair through the CAFE system. The semi-finalists exhibited their proposals at the Sawyer Free Library.

The following are just some of the posts that appeared on Good Morning Gloucester about the HarborWalk public call to art:

Announcing Opening Call for Gloucester MA HarborWalk Public Art Challenge

Joey’s step-by-step on how to apply: Public Art Call

E.J’s reminder: Artist Get Cracking – You Have Three Weeks

The GMG post about the semi-finalist group exhibit at the Sawyer Free Library.

It is my understanding that with a public call to art, where the funding is provided by a state grant, it is illegal to restrict the call to only local residents.

Whether or not you care for the artist’s work, is a horse of a different color and subjective opinion. The three winning artists were chosen by a jury of their peers, comprised of a panel that included local residents.

gloucester-summer-cinema-2-c2a9kim-smith-2014Did you know that the new and fabulously well-attended Summer Cinema is part of the award winning HarborWalk? There were over one thousand attendees at Wednesday night’s Leggo Movie event. Movie night has been the talk of the town amongst kids throughout the city!


Before Photos ~ Same View as Above, Looking Towards the Gloucester House Restaurant and Taken in 2011


Have you walked one of the new crosswalks? I did, and didn’t slip or fall, and I am quite possibly one of the most accident prone people you will every meet–just ask my husband. Rather than repeating hearsay, I suggest you walk one yourself.

Do you recall the trash talk about Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway when it was first built (inaugurated in 2008)? The idea of a carousel has been bandied about for the HarborWalk. Here’s Nicole Scrafft’s recent lovely post about how she and her boys spent a fabulous day at the park: Now That’s a Carousel.

Many in our community have freely donated their time and energy to creating the HarborWalk and several people, who would prefer to remain anonymous, have donated thousands upon thousands of hours of their time and considerable skills toward developing the HarborWalk.There are challenges to overcome in every design project. I speak as the landscape designer who provided the horticultural master plan for the HarborWalk. This is only the third year of the HarborWalk’s existence and it is already proving to have a tremendously positive impact on our local businesses and restaurants. Let’s give the HarborWalk a chance to become established, to grow, to thrive, and continue to provide entertainment, education, and fun for our community and visitors.

How will you help? Please contact me if you would like to become a Friend of the HarborWalk, at kimsmithdesigns@hotmail.com or in the comment section of this post.

Read what reporter Glenn Collins had to say about the HarborWalk in the August 13th New York Time’s article titled “Polishing Its Past and Preparing Its Future.”

“This year Massachusetts designated four new cultural districts on Cape Ann, based on their museums, galleries, restaurants, performance spaces and artistic communities. Visitors can now download a free Cape Ann Cultural Districts smartphone app, to access a bonanza of web information and self-guided tours. This summer, 20 new “story posts,” bringing the total to 42, afford a walking encyclopedia of information. They are affixed to granite bollards situated strategically on the route (GHWalk.org).

The posts are part of the Gloucester HarborWalk, a free, multimile, historic, civic and artistic public-access walkway that zigzags in and out of historic locales, piers, plazas, docks and parks. Call it stealth wayfinding, since it affords an intimate view of the harborfront, giving access to the town’s history — and the water itself — without disturbing the working port, or cutesifying it.”

If you have been enjoying the HarborWalk–the Summer Cinema, the story moments, window to the waterfront, and all that it has to offer, please let us know. We would love to hear from you. Thank you!

Don’t miss JAWS!, playing Wednesday, August 27th. I hope to see you there!

i4-c2-gloucester-harborwalk-garden-c2a9-kim-smith-c2a9-kim-smith-photo-2012-copy Gloucester’s I4-C2 in 2011, the year before the HarborWalk was built.

12 thoughts on “(Hopefully) Dispelling Some Misconceptions About the HarborWalk

  1. I haven’t explored the HarborWalk much this year, due to mobility issues. I liked it from day one, and now I love it, if only knowing from photos that it has matured and is nearly finished. Projects like this will only serve to promote Gloucester year ’round for locals and visitors. I’m proud to have contributed my historic photos to the “Story Moments” granite posts in the City, and, like many other artists, I did it or free. As the late and great Joe Garland once told me, when I asked him about a controversy swirling around him when he did the right thing on an issue, he replied: “Hell Fred, this is Gloucester. What do you expect?” Well Joe, we’ll move forward, and follow in your footsteps, such as the restoration of our Schooner Adventure, and indirectly the Gloucester Schooner Festival, which she will sail in. We look forward to the 285 foot USCG brig Eagle visiting us next Friday (8/28/14) for this event. We’ll be blown away by the sheer size of this iconic American vessel. They’re coming here to see us, not because we’re dwelling in the past, but planning for our common good. Eagle doesn’t go just anywhere. Last time I saw her was in NYC for our Bicentennial. Gloucester isn’t shabby, and people like Kim Smith deserve a pat on the back.


    1. Fred you are amazing for taking the time to write especially after your very mobile day. It was wonderful to see you yesterday out and about on Rocky Neck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thank you for sharing Joe Garland’s sage word’s of advice!

      The photos that you donated to the Story moments are beautiful, as are the photos shared by so many in our community. There was so much of the HarborWalk’s creation that was donated by Gloucester citizens, and so much of her continued success will remain with the gifts of citizen time and skills.

      Please mail me at kimsmithdesigns@hotmail.com or comment in the comment section of this post if you would like to join the Friends of the HarborWalk. Thank you

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    1. Thank you so much Pauline for writing. I would love to learn about Mr. Davis’s contribution. I was hired by the architecture firm, Cambridge 7 Associates, and came onto the project at the time that you see in the above photos. If any of our readers care to share about the work that was done on I4-C2 prior to the HarborWalk, please write and we will post the information here. Thanks in advance.

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  2. Use this corrected copy too many typos :-O first transmission
    OOPS hit send before spell checking this!
    All of the above hit on why things in Cape Ann and traditions stay alive…Every city that is remembered and visited as such is always the mark of those who live there and make it happen. A quote from the book “Red thunder- follows several generations of family from birth to adulthood, old age, and death.” How are these four cycles of life depicted in this story” by David Matheson hits on this very well community and family
    “Page 326 the healing power of Nature: Nature has a medicinal power just to be in it, by opening your heart and your mind to it. As you turn your mind to it, the soul is refreshed. When the Soul is renewed, the heart and mind are joyous, and the body is healed. It makes you turn to the Higher Power (Each has their own) in thankfulness. And, in your spiritual thanksgiving, the soul rejoices. The healing power of the natural world is truly incredible. -Dave Matheson”
    I know what I feel in my heart and spirit but sometimes cannot do that justice with words so I reach back to the wisdom and lessons of others. What a great cast here GMG and I am very proud to say growing up there gave me the tools to garden life with when needed. The teachers, the fisherman, lobsterman, Police yes GPD, Fired Department, public safety and the Native Americans who led our ancestors when they landed…What a great community!
    To all who share on this web each day a major thank you from within – I have not forgotten where I started this journey in life from!
    To the moms, dads, and families your are the vital foundation here!
    Bless you all!
    I am catching a wave each visit to web site and get’s me to shore each time along with the warmth of the sun!! Feel that song coming on here:
    Great Job Cape Ann & Mass
    🙂 Dave & Kim:-)

    Dedicate this song to your loved ones and families…

    The Warmth of the Sun

    The Warmth Of The Sun “The Warmth Of The Sun”
    What good is the dawn
    That grows into day
    The sunset at night
    Or living this way
    For I have the warmth of the sun
    (Warmth of the sun)
    Within me at night
    (Within me at night)
    The love of my life
    She left me one day
    I cried when she said
    “I don’t feel the same way”
    Still I have the warmth of the sun
    (Warmth of the sun)
    Within me tonight
    (Within me tonight)
    I’ll dreams of her arms
    And though they’re not real
    Just like she’s still there
    The way that I feel
    My love’s like the warmth of the sun
    (Warmth of the sun)
    It won’t ever die
    (It won’t ever die)


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