14 thoughts on “Old Rusted Machine

  1. It looks like a fish packing line. We had two but much longer and the women would stand on either side of it. The fish would come in on the bottom conveyor and the women would pack them into 5lb boxes and once packed place the packed boxes onto the top conveyor to go down to the weighing person at the end of the line. After weighed the scale lady would send the boxes into the wrapping machine which would put a label around it and then into freezer pans which would be palletized and then be brought to the freezer.

    From the freezer they would be purchased for sale around the country at places like A&P Grocery Stores.

    Ask Debra Davis, I believe she packed a whiting or two in her day.


  2. It looks like an old hand packing line for fish. Is this located behind the Gloucester Stage Theater? If so, then it most likely came from Gorton’s.
    Dana DeCaro


  3. you are all wrong .you put the cover on a paint can and slid it into the conveyer and it sealed it tight. I ran thousands of gallons of paint through it in 1972.


  4. Joey..I think by Debra you meant Brenda..and I yes, I packed what seemed like hundreds of thousands of pounds of whiting at Capt Joe’s… also worked the cutting belt and racked pallets..the weighing machine was only ever trusted to Judy or Marie… 🙂


  5. I think it might have been a machine for staking whiting(cutting the heads off) every whiting boat had one.way back when I was fishing for whiting we use to stake them by hand with a long bladed knife on the rail for two cents more a pound.man that was brutal!!


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