Live From Bass Rocks…
Damaging Winds In Excess of 65mph!!!
Backlash a Big Question Mark!!!
Storm Continues next Several Hours.
Power Outages Likely … Sorry I’ve been under the weather today stuck at home sick in bed .. But I ran out with Marcy to get this footage for u.. Enjoy and I’m sure you’ll be shocked as well..
Thanks for viewing .
G.E.T. W.E.T.

Jon Sarkin – CATV Portrait Series

Hi Kim,

Would you mind posting this new video to GMG for us? It’s the first of a new DSLR series we’re producing called The Portrait Series. This first video features Jon Sarkin, the Gloucester-based artist.

Thanks very much,
Erich Archer

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Valentines from Heart Master Jim Dine

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Jim Dine HeartDrawing is not an exercise.
Exercise is sitting on a stationary bicycle and going nowhere.
Drawing is being on a bicycle and taking a journey.
For me to succeed in drawing, I must go fast and arrive somewhere.
The quest is to keep the thing alive…
–Jim Dine, 2003

decordova-2012-046_cropJim Dine’s Two Big Black Hearts, deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Lincoln, Massachusetts

Paul Lowry

One of my very favorite Jim Dine works of art is the Twin Red Hearts, located at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. The Paul Lowry photo taken in the snow is beautiful and the perfect image for your February Valentines!

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Valentine Greetings

Twin red heart image courtesy Paul Lowry photostream

I don’t care what that Groundhog saw . . .

sign of spring

This is the real sign of spring!  I looked out my windows through rain streaked glass and saw a huge wave of robins filling the trees on Rocky Neck Ave and Wonson Street.  I’ve never in my life seen so many robins at one time.  These aren’t winter overs – they are here to tell us that spring is right around the corner!  Either that or it is a mass robin suicide pact.  I vote for the spring option.

E.J. Lefavour

Snow got you down? Give yourself something to look forward to — Top blues artist coming to Beverly April 5


Here’s your chance to get tickets to see Gracie Curran & The High Falutin’ Band at The Larcom Theatre on Saturday, April 5th.

Tickets went on sale today and start at only $15.00

“A five-alarm stew of blues, gospel and soul that burns in your gut like the first time you heard Aretha Franklin…” – Alternate Roots Magazine

With appearances at The Gloucester Blues Festival, New England Blues Festival, and The Boston Freedom Rally with more than 50,000 attendees, Gracie Curran & the High Falutin’ Band are about to break into much larger venues.

This may be your last chance to see them in an intimate setting at Beverly’s Larcom Theatre, where you can expect to be infused with their amazing energy and stunningly soulful sound.   Here she is at the Gloucester Blues Fest last August:

White Chocolate Spoonful’s of Valentine Love


spoon 2

Todays Second Valentine recipe!

White Chocolate Spoonful’s of Valentine Love~The Perfect Spoon for Hot Chocolate!…

For recipe details Click see more Continue reading “White Chocolate Spoonful’s of Valentine Love”

Savour Special Event: Living with Intention

Special Event
Living with Intention
Miriam Divinsky, Ph.D.
Sunday, Feb. 16, 3:30 – 5:30 p.m.

Come to Savour on Sunday, Feb. 16, from 3:30 – 5:30 to meet with Dr. Miriam Divinsky and find out about her amazing work with clearing spiritual energies.  Share some wine and nibble on several of our wonderful cheeses while we hear Miriam explain how she can releases negative energy and clear blocks that prevent you from  reaching your highest potential.
Miriam Divinsky recieved her Ph.D. in Applied Psychology
from St. Petersburg University in Russia.  She is a certified, advanced hpnotherapist, a certified spritual dowser, and a licensed spiritual coach.
Come to Savour and hear Miriam present her techniques and help you pinpoint the areas that are keeping you from achieving your goals and having the abundance you want.
If you remember our “Women, Power, and Wine” event, you will remember Miriam’s engaging presentation on “The Secret behind the Secret.”  I have been working with Dr. Divinsky since then with excellent results in developing and growing our business.  So, I hope to see you there to listen, hear, inquire, enjoy and share your journey with us.
Go to Miriam’s website or contact her directly at 978 526-7627.
Savour Wine and Cheese
76 Prospect St.
Gloucester, MA 01930

After thinking about it I think the frustration comes from not understanding the thought process…


I think the thing that frustrates me the most about people refusing to perform simple internet searches and asking others to do it is the not really understanding the psyche behind people asking other people to search the web for them.

It seems like the simplest and most direct route for someone to find answers.  For example:  If someone couldn’t find a post that had been written on GMG yesterday, last week or last year they could go two routes, right?

Route 1  They either search on the GMG Search box or if they didn’t know it even existed they could point their internet browser to Google, type in the search term and get the answer within 30 seconds.

Route 2: They write an email to me, wait til I actually have time to read it, perform the internet search for them, copy the results, email them back.  Could take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple days before I get through the emails that come in.

Now knowing how much quicker it would be to just perform the search themselves I just have to ask myself why?  Why in the world does someone refuse to perform the search themselves?

Now we all know those people who pride themselves on “Not being a computer person”. Not the feeble minded ones, but the genuinely smart people in every day lives that are really really smart and successful but they wear the “I don’t have a smartphone” badge like it’s something to be proud of.  These are the type of people who would bite their nose off to spite their own face.  If you have a smartphone (and it’s not about money because you can get free smartphones with any carrier) you know the power you have in your hand.  You know that knowledge is power and the information at your fingertips with a smartphone is nearly limitless.

So to trot out the “I’m not a computer person” line in the year 2014 makes you look stupid.  I don’t mean this to offend anyone.  I’m just telling you that saying this line out loud to anyone is basically telling people that you’re an idiot.  Computers are so dumbed down today, that if you can spell, then you can use an internet browser.  A two minute YouTube instructional video can explain how to perform a Google search.

Here’s a great internet tutorial for beginners.  You may ask how I found it.  By golly I actually found it using a search on Google!  Crazy right? I knooooow!!!  So Crazy!

So then after the “I’m not a smartphone person” or “I’m not a computer person” people, could it be laziness?  Do the people that write in these requests for information posted on the web just not want to perform the task of typing in the query?

Again I’m not meaning to offend with these questions, I’m trying to figure out for my own sanity the thought process (or lack thereof) in asking someone else through email to find something online for them when the act of writing out that email request took more time and energy than simply performing the internet search themselves.  It actually takes less time and keystrokes for the person asking the question.

So I guess that kinda answers my question there.  It can’t be that they’re lazy because it actually requires more work for them to type out the email than perform the search.  So strike lazy.

I genuinely believe the disconnect is a simple 2-5 minute lesson on how to point their browser in the direction of a search engine.  Could it be that simple you think?  Do you think that people are so afraid of technology that they intentionally refuse to learn how to find a search box?  That two minute lesson would open up worlds of information and empower them so much but they still won’t take that leap.  Being able to search for flights, bus schedules, sports scores, local events, international events, knitting patterns, free music, writing, art, ect, ect, ect, ect, ect, ect, ect, ect……

What percentage of the people who refuse to perform internet searches do you think is due to “



Fear of Internet

Please help me understand.  Please.  I beg of you.  If you are one of these people could you write in (and you can make it anonymous) to help me understand why you wouldn’t perform an internet search.  Maybe if we hear from a few of these folks we can find ways to help them understand how easy it is.

Your Park Needs You

Ground Hog Day has past.   We’re on the downhill ride to spring!   It’s time to get ready for prime dog park season.

Many of you know that the City of Gloucester granted us the use of that scruffy, underused section of Stage Fort Park to build the dog park, but the construction was up to the dog lovers of Cape Ann.  And so is the ongoing maintenance of the park.

The Friends of Gloucester Dog Park board is a small group, and we are overwhelmed.  Lots of people have offered to help, but how to coordinate and assign tasks?    It’s time to figure that out!  Join us to help plan the future of our park!

Dog Park Community Meeting
Gloucester House
Wednesday, March 5, 6 PM
Topics of discussion will include an update on current projects (lights and agility area), fundraising and volunteer coordination.  We will also discuss what’s working and what improvements we’d like to see.
We need people to help us coordinate the following areas:

  • The Park Ambassador Program
  • Agility events (training, demos, completions)
  • Fundraising for our annual fund and park enhancements
  • Informational events and promotion
  • Park Maintenance

Please come! Lend a hand and voice your opinions!