The Dreaded AD

mom then and now

Alzheimer’s Disease is not a happy subject, nor one that is specifically Cape Ann focused, but is one that has, is now, or may one day effect many GMG contributors and readers, personally or through a loved one.

My mother, who is a very young, healthy and still beautiful 82 year old, has been suffering from increasing memory loss for a couple of years, and has been on Donepezil for almost a year, with little noticeable affect.  Recently she took a sudden, severe and alarming cognitive nosedive which has resulted in my spending more time at her house attempting to get her back on a even keel and doing damage control on the chaos of paperwork, bills not paid, and other alarming developments that occurred very rapidly.  While going through and organizing papers and her surroundings, I have been coming across a lot of the old photos and history that you have been seeing me share on the blog recently.

Over the past year, I have been researching Alzheimer’s, memory and brain health in general.  I wanted to share some of what I have learned in case it might be beneficial to someone else in a similar situation, now or in the future.  Also, if anyone has other helpful information to share from their own experiences, it would be most welcome.    Continue reading “The Dreaded AD”

Community Sing-a-Long in Celebration of the Life, Spirit and Music of Pete Seeger

pete seeger sing a long
Pete Seeger, one of America’s best-loved folksingers, an untiring activist, environmentalist, and an inspiration to many, passed away on January 27th, 2014.
Folk Life Studio and members of the Cape Ann folk-singing community invite all to an open community sing-a-long to celebrate the life, spirit and music of Pete Seeger.
Come as you are! Bring a song or a story, a snack or non-alcoholic beverage to share if you wish.
Acoustic musical instruments are welcome, too! This will be a participatory evening, as what could be a more appropriate way to remember and honor Pete?
We’ll start at 7 to be more accessible to families with young children. Song sheets will be available. Spread the word! Bring your friends! Bring your family! There is no charge for admission.

By Rose Sheehan and Anne Deneen

If There’s a God They Won’t Let Peyton Manning Win Today


For no other reason than just wanting to put to rest any discussion with him in the same category as Tom Brady as the Best QB of all time.

It’s very simple why I want the Seahawks to win.  For the love of god I just can’t bear to listen to sports media talk about Peyton incessantly all next year.

Let him lose and let him lose decisively.

In a perfect world Richard Sherman stubs his toe on the first play of the game, Payton Manning keys on his replacement and throws 5 interceptions.

For the record I think Peyton Manning is a classy guy and a great quarterback.  I’m just sick of looking at Tom Brady’s far and away better statistics in just about every category and hearing the sports media talk about Manning as if he is even in the same category of elite QB.

Who do you want to win tonight’s Superbowl?

Making Sunday Dinner with My New Favorite Kitchen Gadget

PrintA few weeks ago while shopping the clearance section at our local Marshalls I spotted a marked down ravioli press, a kitchen gadget  I have always wanted to try. I tossed it in my drawer of cutters and kinda forgot about it until being inspired to make homemade pasta during my trip to Boston’s North End yesterday.  For years I have cut and pressed ravioli by hand just like my Grandmother Felicia did.  I am beyond thrilled to have stumbled across this ravioli press. I am even more thrilled by how incredibly easy it was to use and how well it cut and sealed each raviolis edge, at the same time.  I give this gadget a double thumbs ups and I know my grandmother Felicia would have too!

ravolli post1

Yesterday after returning home from Boston I headed straight to the kitchen to find that ravioli press and whipped up 74 ricotta filled ravioli for todays Pre-Game Sunday Dinner

ravoli 3

Today we enjoyed the fruits of my yesterdays labor, and according to my husband son BJ  and princess Coconut…they were “the best I have ever made!”

Screw That Rat Punxsutawney

Punxatawney Phil six more weeks of winter blah blah blah if you plan your life around a rat in Pensyltucky I got news for you. The rat is only right 41% of the time since 1987.

2/2/2014, 7:09AM iPhone 5s, Chapin’s Gully, Dry Salvages with the Breakwater exposed at low tide showing the Straightsmouth flank if you click in a few times.

Now go outside this lovely morning on Cape Ann and check it out. After a Polar Vortex or three the morning seems balmy. And the sunrise over the Rockport Breakwater was lovely.

Rubber Duck has called it: Winter is over. Let’s start scraping, buy some bottom paint, maybe some deadly dick lures to catch an early mackerel.

Oceanside Hotel Menu September 1, 1947 Magnolia MA

Good Evening Joey,

I was going through some papers today and found a dinner menu from the Oceanside Hotel

or the night of September 1, 1947.  My mother, who was a 17 year old nanny,  told me she had saved it from her trip there with the Drucker family for whom she worked.  When I googled the hotel, I found your blog. 

I have attached a scan of it.  If this is something that you would like for your collection, I would be happy to forward it.  My mother had kept it folded all these years, so it shows some wear.  I would like very much to give it to someone to whom it means more, either yourself or anyone else, as she passed years ago and it does not hold much sentimental meaning to me.

Hoping you may want it,

Sharon Viola

Oceanside Hotel

Sunday February 2ND 2014 Cape Ann Forecast..

Well today is Ground Hog Day ! Will Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow or not ? Him who wants 6 more weeks of Winter?


Sun: SW winds 10 to 15 kt with gusts up to 20 kt. Seas 3 to 5 ft.

Sun Night: NW winds 10 to 15 kt with gusts up to 25 kt. Seas 3 to 5 ft.

Today’s Forecast … Mostly cloudy few showers possible highs 45-50 degrees.. Winds south west 10-15 mph.. Tonight mostly cloudy low around 35. West winds 10-15 mph…


Community Stuff 1/2/14



Theatre in the Pines Prepares for spring performance

Nan Webber, Director, Theatre in The Pines, announced recently that The Heiress, by Ruth & Augusus Goetz will be the spring program in May.

The Heiress, takes place in New York in the 1850’s and the story tells of a shy and plain young girl , Catherine Sloper who falls desperately in love with a delightful young fortune hunter. Catherine lacks the worldliness from realizing the young man proposing to her is not entirely drawn to her by her charm.

Performance of The Heiress will take place on May 15, 16, 17 & 18. at Sprian Hall, located on the corner of Broadway and School Street in Rockport.

Plans are also underway for the September performance of Romeo & Juliet in September at the Shlin Liu Performance Center, 37 Main Street, Rockport. 

Further details regarding both performance will be shared as these date near.


Hi Joey,

I’m excited to share the news that a free community sing-a-long to celebrate the life, spirit and music of Pete Seeger has been planned for Friday, February 7 at 7:00 PM at the Lanesville Community Center.
Pete Seeger, one of America’s best-loved folksingers, an untiring activist, environmentalist, and an inspiration to many, passed away on January 27th, 2014.
This will be a participatory evening.  Though a number of seasoned Cape Ann folk performers (roster is still growing!) will attend prepared to lead songs, all are welcome to bring acoustic instruments and a song or story to share.  Song sheets will be available.

We hope the 7:00 start time will encourage families with young children to attend.  It’s fine to bring snacks or non-alcoholic drinks to share if so desired. Spread the word! Bring friends! Bring family! And remember, there is no charge for admission.

Rose Sheehan,

Folk Life Studio

LCC Flyer


News From Cape Ann Animal Aid
January 2014



Shelter Happenings

SallyStarting 2014 Off Right!
The New Year started of right here at our Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter! Big Sally, who spent over a year, in total, waiting for a new home, was finally adopted in early January! Hooray for Sally!
Christopher Cutler Rich Animal ShelterNew Hours in 2014
Our Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter will now be open for adoptions and visitors 6 days a week! We’re now open on Tuesdays from 11am-5pm. Come visit us soon!
See Complete List of Open Hours

ValentineGive a Helping Heart this Valentine’s Day
Make a donation in honor of your valentine, loved one, friend, or family member for Valentine’s Day and we’ll hang a heart and message of your choice in our shelter.
Learn More About Helping Hearts

Zoe MurrayMeet Our New Volunteer and Event Coordinator: Zoë Murray
Zoë Murray, a Rockport native, comes to Cape Ann Animal Aid after many years in the restaurant and hospitality industry, where she gained valuable experience in management and event planning. With her creativity, positive attitude, and friendly nature, Zoë is a strong addition to our team.





Hello Joey,

Hope you can use this on Good Morning Gloucester.



Featured in CAST’s Valentine celebration are Stephanie Cochran, Henry Cooper, Jeffrey Ellis, Madeleine Harlan, Ashlee Holm, Ray Jenness, Alison Landoni, David McCaleb, Nick Neyeloff, Dominic Parry, Thomas Rash, Annegret Reiner, Donald Roby, Jessie Sorrells, Carl Thomsen, and Daria Whittaker. Directors are Ashlee Holm, Ray Jenness, Thomas Rash, and Jessie Sorrells. Each performance will be followed by a reception with refreshments and door prizes.

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