Better Pics Of The New Portable Podcasting Set-Up Using The iPad and Samson GoMic

Listen to the GloucesterCast Podcast here-

gloucestercastsquare11 (1)

Shown Left to Right- The Samson GoMic, Lightning to USB connector for connecting Mic to iPad, and cheapo earbuds which plug into the GoMic.


Here’s a shot of everything connected and ready for recording using the BossJock app on the iPad.  Note that I have the GoMic sitting on the table but that black stand actually doubles as a clamp which I clamp to the top of the iPad case.  I placed it on the table for this shot so I could get everything in the shot close together but normally it would be clamped to the top left corner of the iPad Case.  This can all be set up in less than 30 seconds.


This shot is to illustrate how small and compact the set-up is.  I placed a quarter below the GoMic for scale.


Samson GoMic available on Amazon for only $39.99.  You can use it with any laptop or computer with a usb port.  I’ve used it to tape podcasts with my laptop before but the ease of using it owith the iPad along with the BossJock app is so ridiculously easy I can’t even begin to tell you.  It’s plug and play.  The iPad immediately recognizes the mic, you hit the record button and you are off to the races.  When finished you stop recording, hit finish and then select how you would like to export it for use.

The GoMic is also good for use in conferencing, Skype and other uses like that.

You can get one on Amazon here


Here’s a great video showing exactly how it’s done (In this demo the video creator used an iPhone but the iPad version of the BossJock app works exactly the same way)-

In the second video the same video creator used a different mic with an iPad and the iPad BossJock app.  The mic is a nice mic but does not provide nearly the portability of the iPad/GoMic combo.

People Joining Left and Right! Love it! New GMG Google+ Community Group Formed

If you haven’t joined the GMG Community Google+ group then you haven’r seen some of Brenda Davis’ awesome then and now pictures.

Click here to join-

Good Morning Gloucester Community Group

The comment section on the blog is my favorite part.  It’s what makes the GMG community, the GMG community.  The interaction and sharing of kudos and ideas.

Click the link to sign up and be able to share your ideas and communicate with other members of the tribe.  Share Cape Ann Photos, Events, Stories, You Get The Idea.

I’d also like to do some live hangouts where we use the video capabilities in Google+ to broadcast.  There are a ton of possibilities to expand the possibilities for GMG.

Ever growing and evolving, that’s what this thing is all about. Smile

I’m keeping it a private group so once you sign up I’ll approve you.  This way we can control it from spammers and if anyone gets out of line we can just whack ‘em out.

Bring your positive energy and sign up.

If you don’t already use Google products like their email, Google Docs, ect, you’re really missing out on what I consider the best open free software out there.


A Place For Folks From The Good Morning Gloucester Community To Share Discussion and Comment On Things Happening On The Blog or Cape Ann In General. Feel Free To Add Your Own Gloucester Photos. To Be art Of This Community Rules Are Simple- Have Fun, Be Constructive, Do Not Slam People Or Businesses, Don’t Be Spammy and Enjoy Yourself!

I Love Sumac!

Now that’s not an opinion you don’t hear very often. I try to get my clients to love it too or, if they can’t enjoy Smooth Sumac for its unusual beauty, to at least appreciate the shrub for the myriad species of wildlife that it supports.

American Robins Eating Sumac ©Kim Smith 2014American Robin Flock Eating Smooth Sumac (Rhus glabra) Berries

Yesterday while walking through Halibut Reservation with daughter Liv, we encountered a very large flock of robins devouring seeds of sumac. The beautiful clump of sumac, with its bare crooked, leaning trunks and raspberry pink furry seedheads made a striking combination of shapes and textures against the windswept ocean vista. We disturbed the robin feast, but then Liv walked further down the path to photograph the Atlantic and I stayed behind, half hidden by an evergreen tree. The robins quickly returned to the ripened seedheads and I got to snap away until the next walker came along.

Smooth Sumac (Rhus glabra) is a shrub that naturally forms colonies; it can also be grown as a beautiful single-trunk tree. The yellowy-green flowers on female plants give way to deep rusty red berries held in erect, pyramidal clusters. What makes sumac so invaluable to wildlife? The fruits persist through the winter, providing nourishment for many, many species of birds and small mammals. Additionally, the foliage is a larval host plant for the Coral Hairstreak Butterfly!

robinarrivalsAmerican Robin and Winterberry photo submitted by Jacqueline Bennett. Thanks Jacqueline for sharing your beautiful photo!

*   *   *

Liv submits apparition from Halibut Point

No Brainer Magazine Subscription For North Shore Magazine $12 A Year


Click here for the deal


Publishing ten issues a year, Northshore magazine offers a colorful round-up of the very best in shopping, food, entertainment, style, education, and health, making it one of the premier luxury lifestyle publications north of Boston:

• $12 ($59 value) for a one-year subscription
• Find seasonal activities for the whole family
• Look for restaurants in a colorfully descriptive dining guide

“What a great magazine for those that live on or love the North Shore! Very well put together and informative articles about things that are right near my home!”
– LivingSocial Member

Northshore Magazine’s Website | Facebook | Twitter



15 IRNE Nominations for Gloucester Stage – How do you like living in a town with a Broadway-quality theatre?

This just in from Heidi Dallin:

Gloucester Stage Recognized by Boston Critics‏
Theatre Receives 15 Nominations for 2013 Season from the
 Independent Reviewers of New England

 The Independent Reviewers of New England (IRNE) recently announced the IRNE award nominations for the 2013 calendar year. Gloucester Stage received a total of 15 nominations for the 2013 season. The musical Spring Awakening received 9 nominations, Driving Miss Daisy received 4 nominations and Israel Horovitz’s Gloucester play, North Shore Fish received 2 nominations. According to GSC Artistic Director and Best Director nominee Eric C. Engel, “GSC is very proud of the actors, designers and directors whose work has garnered these endorsements.  And we’re very grateful to the press who find their way to so many theaters throughout the year.”

Spring Awakening Company
Spring Awakening Company
Melody Madarasz & Phil Tayler
Melody Madarasz & Phil Tayler
Aimee Doherty & Thomas Phillip O’Neill
Aimee Doherty & Thomas Phillip O’Neill
Lindsay Crouse & Johnny Lee Davenport
Lindsay Crouse & Johnny Lee Davenport
Eric C. Engel (L) & Benny Sato Ambush
Eric C. Engel (L) & Benny Sato Ambush

Gloucester Stage received fifteen 2014 IRNE nominations for their 2013 season. The 9 nominations for Spring Awakening include: Best Musical, Best Ensemble, Best Director of a Musical: Eric C. Engel, Best Actress in a Musical: Melody Madarasz, Best Actor in a Musical: Phil Tayler, Best Supporting Actress in a Musical: Amelia Broome, Best Supporting Actor in a Musical: Ross Mumford, Best Music Director: Catherine Stornetta and Best Choreography: Jodi Leigh Allen. North Shore Fish garnered nominations for Best Director of a Play: Robert Walsh and Best Actress in Play: Aimee Doherty. The 4 nominations for Driving Miss Daisy include Best Play, Best Director of a Play: Benny Sato Ambush, Best Actress in a Play: Lindsay Crouse and Best Actor in a Play: Johnny Lee Davenport. Mr. Ambush won the 2013 IRNE Award for Best Director of a Play for GSC’s 2012 acclaimed production of Master Harold … and the Boys.

Continue reading “15 IRNE Nominations for Gloucester Stage – How do you like living in a town with a Broadway-quality theatre?”

This Thursday night @ The Dave Sag’s Blues Party ~ Special Guests: A-Train…Put on your dancing shoes! 8 to11- 2.20.2014

Dave Sag's
Dave Sag’s

Dave says,

It’s a pleasure to have back those Saxophone rascals, the Razdan boys for another romp this Thursday nite. Last time around, we got snowed out. But it’s a go, now, and the A-Train Orchestra posse is back in town ready to poke you in the musical eye with their own brand of sizzling swing. There’s Dad, or Rikky, on  multiple contusions, son Alek right behind him on tenor and soprano saskatoon, aided by the capable  combo of Dan Whalen, on qatar, and Doc Vincent on  spin cycle. I’ll be on base, as usual. Hopefully some really slick dudes and their horns will show up to lubricate the proceedings. We shall see. Opening arguments at 8 pm. Bring your slide rule!

The Rhumb Line

Thursday February 20, 2014

a train


40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, MA 01930

phone: 978-283-9732

Fried Dough

Print IMG_3064

Fried Dough

Yes were currently smack dab in the middle of school vacation week, the cupboard shelves are nearly empty, and so are our wallets.  With all good snacks gone, are you in search of an inexpensive treat that’s mouthwatering and sinfully delicious? One that can get you through the rest of vacation week without breaking the bank?


How does a recipe serving 6-8  people for under $5.00 sound to you?  I have been asked numerous times by GMG FOB’s to share my quick and easy-go-to recipe for Fried Dough.  A treat my family is always excited to enjoy no matter what time day, or night!  Click see more for recipe details Continue reading “Fried Dough”

Pet of the Week-Zoe


Hello, pleased to meet you.  My name is Zoe and I fell on some difficult times as my loving family did not want to part with me but had to because of housing issues.   I am an affectionate and mellow girl.   I am residing here at the Cape Ann Animal Aid, located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter, Four Paws Lane, Gloucester.  Everyone is treating me just like family and I am comfortable, loved and being well taken care of just like my original family did.   I am hoping that I will find a forever home soon as I do love home life.  I am eight years old, I love taking walks and receiving hugs.

I love to ride in the car, and if you work from home or are retired or can have a dog join you in the office, that would be perfect.  I have also lived with children and adults and get along with all.

I am a loyal girl and hope that you might want to give me a second chance in life and stop by and visit me.  If I see that you are coming to adopt me, you will know me as my tail will be wagging 100 times a minute!

Doug Brendel Has Seen the Light!


Joey, I’ve been cheering your rants about people who ask you for info instead of finding it themselves on Google. This morning as I was reading through the blog, I thought I had come to a situation where I really would have to ask for an explanation. Lovasco’s weather synopsis said, “Bombing storm off ACK later today.” As a humble ignoramus from the backwoods, I had no idea what this phrase meant. However, I didn’t want to put you or Lovasco in the position of having to say, “LMGTFY.” 

So I went to Google, followed your instructions precisely. I typed in my question: “What does ACK stand for?” Of course there were a few explanations of “gagging sounds,” and one reference to the Anglican Church of Kenya, but as I scrolled down, there it was – before I got to the bottom of the very first screen full of options: a reference to Nantucket Memorial Airport, which is known by the code ACK. 

Today I bring this message of hope to all FOBs: See how helpful Google can be to an Ipswich resident unfamiliar with the sophisticated parts of the state? Google can be helpful to you, too!

Love from the far west side of Ipswich,

Doug Brendel

“The Outsidah”

Wednesday February 19th 2014 Cape Ann Forecast…

Marine Forecast….
Wed: SW winds 5 to 10 kt…becoming SE with gusts up to 20 kt in the afternoon. Seas 2 to 4 ft. Rain with a chance of snow. Vsby 1 to 3 nm.

Wed Night: W winds 15 to 20 kt with gusts up to 25 kt. Seas 2 to 4 ft. A chance of rain. Vsby 1 to 3 nm.

Today sun / clouds with mostly cloudy skies late morning highs around 35-42 degrees .. Rain late possibly mixed with snow but mostly a wet afternoon .. Winds SW 10-15 mph becoming SE 10-20 mph late …
Wednesday night rain mixing with wet snow flakes .. No accumulations .. Rain ends by 10pm or so , lows around 30-35 degrees . West winds 10-15mph
Thursday Sunny with a few clouds temps in the 40’s..
Friday periods of rain very mild temps in low 50’s .
Saturday Sunny 40’s Sunday chance of rain low 40s . Night time lows 30’s
Colder trend next week with a few chances at snow or mixed rain and snow … Thanks for reading .. Happy Hump Day ….


Model Map of our rain late Wednesday ..

Low pressure moving across our area .


Community Stuff 2/19/14

Hi Joey–Thanks for posting the Legos Poster last week. Good turn out!
Hope you can also post this announcement poster for decorating bowls
at the Shipbuilding Museum. The bowls will be used at the Annual Empty
Bowl Dinner which takes place in May at Cruiseport. Thanks! Nancy
Dudley ESM


Good Morning Gloucester Folk,
Assistance to our program would be greatly appreciated.  Could you please post the following through 3/12/14.  We really want to insure the info gets out and we are able to get all kids interested in the programs on-board.  Our info follows and thank you in advance:

Rockport Youth Baseball and Softball is currently hosting on-line registration at The registration period ends March 12. ASA Softball is for players grades 3-8.  Youth Baseball is for players ages 7-16. The player’s age is based on their age as of April 30, 2014. The cost for ASA Softball & Little League Baseball is $95.00. The cost for U14 & U16 Baseball (ages 13-16) is $105.00. The cap per family is $190.00.  For questions email or visit our website

Jon Wright
RDSI Board

Rockport Medical Student Sydney E. Lovelace On The Move


Rockport, Ma

The National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine conferred honors and distinction upon Sydney E. Lovelace in recognition Of her academic success and commitment to the field of medicine and earned the NYLF Certificate of Achievement.

The forum was held this summer at Babson College which included rigorous academic studies as well as working visits to Harvard Medical School, Boston Medical Center, Carl J. Shapiro Medical Stimulation Center, Fairview Hospital, PRO EMS of Cambridge and more. College credit was earned.

Miss Lovelace is a National Honor Society student at North Shore Technical High School, Medical Program and will be attending a credited medical program at John Hopkins University of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland and also has been invited to represent North Shore Technical High School at the National Student Leadership Conference on Medicine & HealthCare at Harvard Medical School this summer 2014.

Those who wish to send remunerations to help defer tuition and travel cost can send them to:

Sydney E. Lovelace

4 Seagull St.

Rockport, Ma 01966