City of Gloucester CODE RED from Mayor Kirk

 CODE RED – Issued at 6pm, Tuesday, February 4, 2014.

Good afternoon.  This is Mayor Carolyn Kirk with an important message from the City of Gloucester’s code red emergency messaging system. 

If you tend to park in school lots during parking bans, please listen especially carefully to this message. 

Effective at 7am tomorrow morning, Wednesday, February 5th, the city has declared a snow emergency and parking ban on all city streets due to the arriving snow storm.  Due to the timing of this storm, parking is also prohibited from school parking lots. 

From 7am tomorrow morning, Wednesday, February 5th until 7am on Thursday, February 6th, all vehicles are banned from parking on city streets and school parking lots.  

Violators of this emergency declaration are subject to ticketing and towing at the owners expense.

Residents and businesses are reminded that they are responsible for clearing snow from sidewalks adjacent to their property.  Your cooperation during this parking ban is necessary for efficient and safe snow removal efforts. 

To repeat, the city of Gloucester has issued a parking ban on all city streets and school parking lots as of 7am tomorrow morning.  The ban shall be in effect until 7am on Thursday, February 6th.

Thank you for listening, and this concludes this message.   

The Family Dinner Project From Gloucester Guy John Sarrouf


A start-up grassroots movement
of food, fun and conversation
about things that matter.

Hi Joey,

I just wanted to share the newest project I have been working on around family meals.  This is a collaboration I did with Cheerios to support families eating breakfast together.

You can check out the website at:

New Video: Reflections Good Harbor Beach (and sunrise time lapse)

Outtakes from films in progress, too pretty to delete. In thinking about music for my forthcoming film I found this beautiful pan flute song “Mochica en la Noche” by Santiago y Sus Flautes de Pan. The evocative music and heron in the vivid rising sun just felt like a perfect pairing.

Seaside Garden Club Presents All About Bonsai February 11th

Hi Kim- I hope you can post this in GMG for our club. I am very interested in this topic.  Hope all is well with you – keep up the good work!  Love, love your posts and photos – amazing as always!

Best regards,
Kate Willwerth

The Seaside Garden Club kicks off 2014 with a program all about Bonsai on February 11th at the Manchester Community Center.  Social time begins at 7:00 pm and the program starts promptly at 7:30 pm.  All are welcome, guests $5.  Light refreshments will be served.

Bob Downey will introduce the club and guests to the wonderful world of bonsai.  He will present the history and art of bonsai as well as demonstrate bonsai creation and styling. Bob Downey was the president and now co-president of the Northeast Bonsai Association for over 30 years.  He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this art.

Bonsai is the art of dwarfing trees or plants and developing them into an aesthetically appealing shape by growing, pruning and training them in containers according to prescribed techniques. In Japanese, bonsai can be literally translated as ‘tray planting’ but since originating in Asia, so many centuries ago – it has developed into a whole new form.  Overall, bonsai is a great interest, hobby or even profession to undertake. It has to be said that a successful bonsai is most definitely a horticultural masterpiece.


The Seaside Garden Club is a group of fun, active, civic-minded and hands-on gardeners.  We welcome all types of gardeners from beginners to experienced… there is always something to learn and share.  We invite you to become a member of our club and enjoy our monthly meetings which feature interesting guest speakers and creative workshops.  Visit our blog:

Wild Boar with Creamy Polenta Tuscan Dinner at Savour and Beach Gourmet!

Doesn’t that just sound divine? I have never had Wild Boar and this menu seems especially tempting–all for only 65.00 per person, including (many) wines!! 
Open Chef’s Table
Saturday, February 8th
7:00 p.m.
Hosted by Phil Buivid
Please join us for beach gourmet’s
 Open Chef’s Table

Hors d’oeuvres

Wine: ILauri: Lume Trebbiano d’Abruzzo 2012



 Mesclun Greens, Goat Cheese, Pecans and Strawberry-Red Wine Vinaigrette

Wine: Fabrizio Dionisio: Rosa del Castagno

Syrah 2012



 Tuscan Bean Soup

Wine: Antico Colle: Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 2009 




Braised Wild Boar with Creamy Polenta

Wine: Tenuta Santo Pietro: Perceptum, Rosso Toscana~Merlot, Cabernat, Petit Verdot 2010

Wine: Fabrizio Dionisio: Cuculaia Syrah 2009


Chocolate Torte with Chambord

Edward Rowe Snow

dad rex edward rowe snow and jim walton on adventure III

seacraft article in lowell sun_1961

This is a photo of Edward Rowe Snow (far left), Rex Trailer (notice he wore his cowboy boots, even when going scuba diving), Jim Walton of Boston Diving Center and Adventure III, and Willis Lefavour (my dad), aboard the Adventure III heading for a sunken treasure adventure.  Also, a newspaper clipping from 1961 picturing Edward Rowe Snow and Rex, and a story about Seacraft and Adventure III.

Edward Rowe Snow (August 22, 1902 Winthrop, Massachusetts – April 10, 1982) was an American author and historian.  He was a high school teacher in Winthrop, Massachusetts. During World War II, he served with the XII Bomber Command, and he became a first lieutenant. He was a daily columnist at The Patriot Ledger newspaper in Quincy, Massachusetts from 1957-82.

Snow is widely known for his stories of pirates and other nautical subjects; he wrote over forty books and many shorter publications. In all, he was the author of more than 100 publications, mainly about New England coastal history.

Mr. Snow was also a major chronicler of New England maritime history. With the publication of The Islands of Boston Harbor in 1935, he became famous as a historian of the New England coast and also as a popular storyteller, lecturer, preservationist, and treasure hunter. Forty years later, he was still publishing.

He is also famous for carrying on the tradition of the “Flying Santa” for over forty years (1936–1980). Every Christmas he would hire a small plane and drop wrapped gifts to the lighthouse keepers and their families.

In the 1940s and early 1950s he hosted a weekly Sunday radio show for youngsters and early teens called “Six Bells” where one precisely at 3:00 PM would join in hearing of the adventures of pirates and buccaneers along the Atlantic Coast.

Many credit him with saving Fort Warren, located on Georges Island in Boston Harbor, in the 1950s.

In August 2000, a plaque was dedicated to Mr. Snow on his beloved Georges Island.  A Boston Harbor ferry boat was named for him.  (from Wikipedia)

E.J. Lefavour

Make a Mess Making Art!

This event sounds like a good time for a good cause! Check it out, below…

Messy Art Night Essex PTO


Essex, MA (January 27, 2014) – Essex Elementary School (EES) and the Essex Parent-­‐Teacher Organization (PTO) will hold their annual Messy Art Night on Friday, February 7, 2014. This will be the fifth year of the event, which draws attendees from all over Cape Ann and the North Shore for it’s hands-­‐on art projects led by artists from the area’s vibrant artistic community.

Over a dozen local artists will demonstrate their crafts and host hands-­‐on make-­‐your-­‐own projects at Messy Art Night, including sculptors, painters, collagists, mixed media artists, potters, and others.

Confirmed artists include: sculptor Chris Williams, illustrator Chrissie McNiff Twombly, potters from Art Haven of Gloucester, painter Kathleen McHugh, the Art School of Salem’s Andrew Carr, painter Margaret Sweet, illustrator Leslie Galacar, painter Emily Gala, The Art Center of Hamilton’s Erin Clark, mixed media artist Jen Mayer, painter Kristen Wilson, and sculptor Scott Mulcahey. Local Essex museums Cogswell Grant and the Essex Shipbuilding Museum will also host projects at the event.

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Pet of the Week- Moxie



Hello, my name is Moxie and I am a three-month-old male Chihuahua, Shih-Tzu mix.   I am staying at the Cape Ann Animal Aid, located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter in Gloucester until I am adopted.  I am here with my siblings.  We have lots of energy and love to play.

Like most puppies, we need guidance, patience and love in learning good manners.If you have time and energy for a loving pup who is too cute for words, please stop by and visit me. The shelter here is wonderful, the outside runs, the toys, the staff and volunteers.

I just love it here, but I am looking forward to a forever home and if that could be you, please stop by and visit me.

Also, I have a good friend in Rockport, he is a greyhound and his name is Moxie, too.  His owners spoil him to pieces – and I am looking for a newowner(s) just like my friend Moxie’s has – someone to spoil me to pieces.


1954 Good Harbor Beach- Those Were The Days, Weren’t They Virginia?

Hi Joey, Listening to your recent podcast, I thought “What can I do to spice things up for the guys?

Then I remembered some old snapshots I have of the Summer of 1954 on Good Harbor Beach. The Bodybuilders, members of the Old YMCA Weightlifting Club, would get together on Saturday afternoons at 3 o’clock and put on an exhibition of strength and entertainment I would call them the Beach Clowns You can see they were outstanding performing body lifts, pyramids, cartwheels, hand to hand, you name it. What a joy to watch them and a delight to their audience on the beach, every Saturday afternoon.

The first photo is my husband, Bob McKinnon, lifting Bob Bruce. Next photo Joe Orange lifting Bob Bruce. My Bob also had many poses with the Dickman twins, John and Charlie. Last photo is me eight months pregnant with my husband and Joe Orange. You have to agree these were the Strong Men of the greatest generation. All WW2 Veterans, home from the war and having a fun time. My husband and Joe Orange, also Tony Mattos, are the only guys left from the photos, but we have these precious memories. Virginia (Frontiero) McKinnon. 






Tuesday February 4TH 2014 Cape Ann Forecast..

Tue: N winds 5 to 10 kt…becoming SW in the afternoon. Seas 2 to 3 ft.

Tue Night: S winds around 5 kt. Seas around 2 ft. Snow likely. Vsby 1 to 3 nm.

Tuesday mostly sunny temps in the mid to upper 30’s with a light and variable wind … Tuesday night increasing clouds lows in the 20’s light winds from the south around 5-10mph .. Snow breaks out after 3-4 am Wednesday morning .. Wednesday snow heaviest from 5am-1or2pm looking at a Solid 8″ of heavy wet snow along with a gusty NE wind to 30mph !
Things should cool down by late Wednesday .. Dry out period Thursday through Saturday temps in upper 20’s to low 30’s .. Then all eyes turn to the south sat night late ESP Sunday into Monday big storm possible .. But it’s still 5-6 days out . Will deal with one storm at a time 🙂 Thanks for reading ..
Peter J Lovasco