White Chocolate Spoonful’s of Valentine Love


spoon 2

Todays Second Valentine recipe!

White Chocolate Spoonful’s of Valentine Love~The Perfect Spoon for Hot Chocolate!…

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White Chocolate Spoonful’s of Valentine Love


7 oz. white chocolate candy wafers

8 heavy duty plastic spoons

3 tablespoons Valentine Nonpareils Sprinkles

8 Kraft Jet-Puffed Heart Mallows/Strawberry Marshmallows

8 Wilton Valentine theme Icing Decorations

Supplies Needed

Double boiler pan

1 large cookie sheet

1 small cookie sheet

aluminum foil

1 large cookie sheet of fresh pure white snow


1 melt chocolate in double boiler; remove from double boiler hello to cool five minutes before dipping spoons


2 “send your children outside” to fill large cookie sheet with snow; while kids are out gathering snow, line smaller cookie sheet with aluminum foil; place smaller cookie sheet on top of large cookie sheet filled with snow




3 dipped each spoon into chocolate and scoop up a spoonful of melted chocolate; place immediately onto aluminum foil lined cookie sheet nestled on top of in tray of snow



4 sprinkle with valentine Nonpareil; let set 3 minutes; center 1 marshmallow heart on top; each set spoon; set five minutes



5 place small dot of melted chocolate on the backside of Valentine icing decoration; secure to top of marshmallow; set 5 minutes

dotIMG_35686 remove top tray; chill in refrigerator 15 minutes before wrapping

spoon 3

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