Highlights from Inauguration Ceremony 2014

_DSF6788Mayor Carolyn Kirk and Senator Ed Markey

The Mayor’s, School Committee’s, and City Councilor’s inauguration and oath of office ceremonies were held at Kyrouz Auditorium at City Hall on Wednesday, January 1, 2014.  A warm welcome was given by Senator Tarr, followed by the pledge of allegiance, led by Baylee Kirk, the national anthem sung by Gordon Baird, and speech given by Art Haven founder David Brooks. Mayor Kirk gave a very inspiring inaugural address, highlighting her past term’s accomplishments and goals for the coming term. The Cape Ann Symphony String Quartet provided lovely background music for the event and Allison Doody gave an outstanding performance of Katy Perry’s Roar.

Sefatia Thekan and New City Council Member Paul Lundberg

David Brooks

State Representative Ann Margaret Ferrante and Vito Calamo

Senator Bruce Tarr and Baylee Kirk

Mayor Kirk Taking the Oath of Office

School Committee Members Taking the Oath of Office

City Council Vice President Sefatia Thekan, President Paul McGeary, and Councilor Steven LeBlanc

Gloucester High School Student Allison Doody singing RoarGloucester High School Student Allison Doody singing Roar

Melissa Cox’s special inauguration socks

Rocky Neck Plunge – A Frigid New Year’s Day 2014

rocky neck plunge january 2014

No one lingered long in the water or on the beach with a stiff frigid breeze buffeting all – except one man who seemed to be enjoying his swim. Kudos to everyone who ventured into the cold water on a very cold and windy day.   There seemed to be a good turnout of donations for the Open Door Food Panty, and a good turnout of people at the Cultural Center after the plunge for hot chocolate, delicious clam chower from Sailor Stan’s, and other goodies.

E.J. Lefavour

2014 Rocky Neck Polar Plunge

The Look Here On BJ’s Face About Sums It Up!!!


Anyone that bailed on it this year because of the arctic temps can just erase themselves from the past few years of mild Polar Plunge’s.  This Year’s Plungers Earned It!

Huge Thanks To Coastal Dog For Sponsoring 5 of their Killer Compression?Dry Swimsuits.  No sooner was I out of the water with a little waggle and the suit was practically dry.  No sand stuck in my butt crack due to the inner compression short lining and I’ve never ever ever worn such comfortable swim trunks.  I won’t ever wear anything else but Coastal Dog Apparel Swim trunks.  Check them out here- www.coastaldogapparel.com


Morrison and Rubber Duck Went with The Red Trunks




While filming along the berm between Niles Pond and Brace Cove at 11:30 today, my dog Rosie had a near death experience. I was crouched down on a lower rock and Rosie was sitting on the rock above me waiting while I was photographing. Suddenly all the birds took flight. I didn’t think too much of it because that happens seemingly at random sometimes. Rosie was engrossed in watching the birds, too. I stood up and charging toward her, not ten feet away, was a coyote. Upon seeing me as I stood up, the coyote hightailed it down the path towards the scrubby, wooded area between the pond and the sand.

Cape to Cape, with Love

How to say Happy New Year to my Facebook and GMG friends in a new and creative way? This is one of the best holiday cards I've ever received. It's made and sold by Jan & Chris Capece, owners of the Letters from the Cape store in South Orleans, Cape Cod. Jan graciously let me use this, and looks forward to seeing it on GMG this morning. Outstanding graphic design and photography. Gotta go there! www.lettersfromthecape.com
How to say Happy New Year to my Facebook and GMG friends in a new and creative way? This is one of the best holiday cards I’ve ever received. It’s made and sold by Jan & Chris Capece, owners of the Letters from the Cape store in South Orleans, Cape Cod. Jan graciously let me use this, and looks forward to seeing it on GMG this morning. Outstanding graphic design and photography. Gotta go there! http://www.lettersfromthecape.com

City Of Gloucester Tax Bills Error News From Councilor Paul McGeary

Tax bills in error

Wrong real estate tax bills sent out; corrected ones in the mail

The following notice has been released by the office of the mayor:
Due to a printing error, property owners in the City of Gloucester received an in correct real estate bill last week marked “Fiscal Year 2013” in the upper right hand corner of the tax bill. This bill has both the wrong fiscal year and the wrong tax amount due on it.Please disregard this bill. All property owners will receive a correct tax bill this week in the mail marked “Fiscal Year 2014”. The correct amount due is listed on the “Fiscal Year 2014” real estate tax bill.
Local banks and mortgage service companies did receive the correct Fiscal Year 2014 real estate tax bill information electronically last week. Therefore, any property owners that escrow taxes through a bank or a mortgage service company are, in all likelihood, not affected. Also, the correct property tax information is available to view, print and pay on the City’s website,  http://www.qloucester-ma.gov  under online services — real estate taxbills.
Taxes are due and payable on February 3, 2014.
The personal property tax bills that were sent out last week are correct.
We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. If you have any questions please contact the Tax Collector’s Office at 978-281-9735 or go to www.gloucester-ma.qov for more information.

Callahan closure
A reminder to Boston commuters who use the Callahan Tunnel:
The tunnel is currently closed and will remain so until March. Signs for alternate routes to Logan Airport and the North Shore are posted on major highways approaching Boston.

Thanks for your support and interest in our city in 2013 and I hope you all have a happy and prosperous New Year!

Community Stuff 1/1/14

January 18, 2014
College Success-Gloucester, running out of Gloucester High School, will be offering a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) workshop on Saturday January 18, 2014 to assist parents and students in completing the Federal Financial Aid Applications online. All FAFSA forms must be done every year until the student graduates from college.  Every family will leave the workshop with a completed FAFSA.  This workshop is free and open to the public. The workshop will be held at Endicott College’s Gloucester campus at 33 Commercial St. between 9 am and 3 pm.
Appointments are required and should be scheduled by calling: (for English) Betty Haggerty at 978-740-6667 x105 or emailing her at ehaggerty@salemcyberspace.org or (for Spanish) Andria Castillo at 978-740-6667 x108 or emailing her at acastillo@salemcyberspace.org. Each appointment is scheduled for 90 minute sessions between 9 AM and 3 PM. At the time of scheduling, you will obtain instructions and a list of required documents and information to bring with you. 

College Success-Gloucester is a program of Salem CyberSpace ( www.salemcyberspace.org )

New Adult Computer Courses at
Rose Baker Senior Center

On January 13, 2014 a new session of once a week computer classes will begin at the Rose Baker Senior Center. These are Senior Net classes, designed for older adults who are not as ‘tech-savvy’ as the younger generations but want to join the digital age. All adults are welcome to attend. These classes cover various aspects of computer technology and communication tools, such as Email, the Internet and social media. Each student receives a book and coaches are available to assist the instructor and help individual students.

The following courses will be offered:

§    Level I – Computer Fundamentals
§    Level II – Introduction to Computers
§    Digital Photography
§    Introduction to the Internet and Email
§    Facebook
§    iPad
§    Kindle

If there is enough interest, Word, Excel Spreadsheets, Genealogy and Fun with Computers will also be offered.

Registration is open now for all these courses. To signup, stop by the Rose Baker Senior Center, or call 978-281-9765.