George Washington Addair, Jr. Quote Of The Week From Greg Bover

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”

George Washington Addair, Jr. (1931-2012)

Although he founded the widely admired Omega Vector Foundation in 1978 there is little biographical information available about Addair, ostensibly because he did not want the work of the Phoenix, Arizona-based foundation to be about him, but rather about finding ways to help people discover their potential. Since his passing graduate volunteers continue to lead weekend workshops using the Socratic method to encourage freedom from fear through self-examination. Unlike most similar self-improvement programs the workshops are still being presented free of charge.

Judy Beavers Has Some Nice Things To Say

Hi Joey,
Been thinking a lot about Mass & Gloucester / North Shore, since a holiday visit to our son & his family in NJ.  Part of that visit included several visits to NY city — or as the inhabitants like to call it, the Big Apple.
Nothing against anyone who lives in, has lived in, or loves NY ….. but ……. I remain firmly a New Englander — proud of Massachusetts, our people, who & what we are, what we do, & all that we stand for.
There IS ‘no place like home’.
In NY, people readily pushed past, over, & around anyone in their way, including small children. No one was friendly.
Plus, don’t even begin to tell me that Boston drivers are bad or discourteous drivers.  NY city wins that title, hands-down.
The visit was good, being with family.  However, the trips to downtown NY (not our 1st by any means), only served to remind us how much we love ‘home’.
In our opinion, we have it ‘all’ right here…. far & above anywhere.
The people of Mass, & especially our beloved North Shore, have no comparison.  They are ‘simply the best’, & so is Mass!
Happy New Year to you & all the GMG readers.
Stay safe in the snow!
Judy & family

GMG FOB Mary McLoud Tucker Sharing Stories

Mary Tucker apple cranberry pieMary Tucker Apple Cranberry Pie

GMG FOB Mary McLoud Tucker (whose Mom was a Wonson) sends a lovely note, sharing her connection to Gloucester. Thank you so much Mary. We contributors are so appreciative of your participation in the blog and of your always kind and thoughtful comments.

Mary writes, “Yes, I know where Plum and Highland streets are located in relation to Mt. Pleasant Ave.  My mother was a Wonson.  She was the grand daughter of George Marble Wonson. Growing up at the end of Lantern Lane with all of her relatives houses up Marble Road.  A couple of summers ago, with the help of the owner of Rocky Neck Accommodations (who lived in a Wonson house), I was able to locate the path on what was the Wonson farm property that walks you out to the back shore.  Wondering if your walks have ever taken you down that path.  I thought better of doing that walk by myself!

My father grew up in the Victorian house at 130 Mt Pleasant Avenue.  The house has been renovated a couple of times and sold last summer.  While in Gloucester, I stopped by and spoke with the selling owners.  Happily they inquired about the history of the house and I was more than happy to answer their questions as we toured the much changed and renovated house.  The house I remember had two front doors.  In order to enlarge the living room the front door and entrance were removed ~ however the door was still intact and in the garage!  At the end of our visit, and many laughs, Rosa Ladd gave me the front door to my grandparents home at 130  Mt Pleasant Ave. It was a thrill to have the door with me. As my  nephew took the door out of the truck and into my yard I anxiously looked through the same glass my grandmother looked through to greet her three sons as they came home from war.

I do return to Gloucester, with some variation of family,  every summer.  Trying to follow the path of “The Gift” by Marty Luster.

photoView of Brace Rock from Dales Cove House

So, to move along,  last summer for our summer vacation I rented Dales Cove House that faces Brace Cove.  Attached is a video of the view from the porch.  if you have not been to the house you may enjoy the view from the other side of Niles Pond.

Happy New Year Kim. Your photos, posts, and philosophy have brought me so much pleasure ~”

photo-1Last summer Mary and her extended family had all come together for her brother’s memorial. Mary writes, “The night before we sailed, on the Lannon, to enter my brother Dave’s ashes to the Gloucester sea, we had a family dinner.  The gifts on the table were for each family attending.  Wrapped in McLoud plaid, the plaques say “HOLD FAST TO YOUR DREAMS.” “Hold Fast” is the McLoud family motto.  It was a wonderful family evening.”

All Photos Mary McLoud Tucker

Busy Days and Light Lunches

PrintMuch of today was spent packing up my daughter’s belongs and checking off items on her list needed before heading back to school latter tonight.  So focused on laundry earns and packing we forgot to stop and eat lunch….oops! After a quick scan of the refrigerator and the clock ticking,  we took a few moments to enjoy a light lunch together! It reminded me of  lunch time with my Aunt Gina in my grandfather store growing up… a story I share in my cookbook on page 185…

today lunch

“I love the look on the non-defecating eagle’s face. “

Hey Joey,
Happy New Year!  I snapped this photo today at the Roger William’s Zoo (AMAZING place fyi…open all year and 1/2 price in January + February).  Timing is everything.  I love the look on the non-defecating eagle’s face.  I could almost hear him saying, “Nice, really nice.  Way to represent.”     🙂
-Nichole Schrafft