GloucesterCast 1/31/14 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Ed Collard -The Paper vs Plastic Podcast


GloucesterCast 1/31/14 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Ed Collard -The Paper vs Plastic Podcast

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Topics Include: Ed Collard Passes The Torch to Mike Luster as New Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors President, O’Maley Innovation School LipDub Video, Administrators Deserve Kudos,  James Niedzinski’s Gloucester Daily Times Article and Thank Goodness for Local Newspapers, The Great Paper vs Plastic Debate.

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After Watching The Meet The Coywolf Videos I Got Myself This…


Simple keychain whistle.  Seeing as if you’re living on the North Shore you’ll be living with Coywolf, I figured why not?  Cheap. 

The experts on the PBS “Meet The Coywolf” program suggested that if you encounter Coywolf in your yard, you ought to haze them and make them feel uncomfortable. 

You can get them on Amazon for like next to nothing.

Craft Beers for Your Super Bowl Celebration

Come down to Savour Wine and Cheese to get all your wine for Super Bowl Sunday . . . 
Don’t forget our Craft beers for
your Super Bowl Celebration
(We just got in two new Lagers from
Jack’s Abbey – and we have lots of single bottles, 
even Tripel Karmelite)!
AND – we have some great snacks to go along with your favorites – from
Marconna almonds to chocolate-covered coffee beans.
And, of course, there is always CHEESE!
New favorites – Kunik, from Nettle Meadows in the Adirondacks (a triple cream goat brie with Jersey cow cream and Lagrein Weinkasse ( a cow’s milk cheese from Alto Adige in Italy, brined in Lagrein wine).  Try them together – we have both!
Beer and Cheese 1

Fish on Fridays

The Fish on Fridays series is a collaboration between Gloucester photographers Kathy Chapman and Marty Luster. Look for various aspects of Gloucester’s centuries-old fishing industry highlighted here on Fridays.

This week we look at Winter Flounder as it is landed by a Whole Foods F/V at Jodrey State Fish Pier (Gloucester Harbor). Dan Sutter (pictured trying to locate the vessel coming into harbor) and Alfred York work the dock unloading Yellowtail and Blackback Flounder. The flatfish were caught thirty miles off Cape Ann on Jeffrey’s Ledge earlier in the day.


YellowFinandBlackBackFlounderPhotos and video © Kathy Chapman 2014

Who Was This Man?

rex trailer

You young ones out there probably won’t, but any of you 50 somethings and beyond will certainly remember him.  In addition to being a tv personality that most kids in this region watched in the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s, he was also an avid scuba diver and skier, how my parents became friends with him.  My siblings and I watched him every weekend.

Howdy there, folks, we’re glad to meet you in Boom- Boom- Boomtown!

There’s a bunch of folks who’d like to greet you in Boom- Boom- Boomtown!

You can bet we’ll have lots of Western fun And excitement for you

We’ll ride and rope, do a square dance and shoot a gun And we’ll sing a song or two

Come along, folks, now we’re gonna start the fun in Boom- Boom- Boomtown!

From six to sixty there’s something for everyone in Boom- Boom- Boomtown!

So do-si-do and swing around, Get your gal and promenade down to Boom- Boom-Boomtown!

E.J. Lefavour

GHS vs Lynn Classical Girls Basketball Highlights From Cape Ann TV

Published on Jan 29, 2014

Catch the Game on Cape Ann TV Channels 12 & 20.
Watch your Gloucester High School Girls Basketball team take on Lynn Classical!
Check our website for scheduled airings at

Paper vs Plastic: Some Facts

Bob Velo from Crosbys Market stated in the Gloucester Daily Times article that the cost for plastic bags are 3 cents vs 10 cents for paper bags.

Tax data cast doubt on claims about declining use of plastic bags in D.C.

By Mike DeBonis

The District’s four-year-old tax on disposable bags has been a rousing success, leading to a 60 percent drop in household bag use and many fewer plastic bags littering city streets. Such are the claims of city environmental officials, citing surveys done by an independent research firm last year.

City revenue figures, meanwhile, show no continuing decrease in the use of disposable bags. In fact, bag tax collections have proven remarkably stable since the nickel-per-bag fee debuted in January 2010.

Information from International Plastics website (for what it’s worth):

Recycling Partner

Recycling 4 live

Paper Bags VS: Plastic Bags – Real Numbers

Are plastic bags getting a bad reputation?

Look in almost any newspaper and more than likely you will find an article about local government that is considering to somehow regulate plastic bags. It is becoming easy to hate the “pitiful” plastic bag!

Paper vs. Plastic:

Articles usually leave out the facts as well as the side by side comparison. A truthful look at what is required to produce 1000 plastic bags versus 1000 similar paper bags. If the biased media would present the facts, as discerning people we could make educated and wise decisions.

If all the shoppers using plastic bags last year had used paper bags instead, they would have increased the amount of solid waste by over 100 million tons and taken up 7 times more space in landfills.

Paper VS Plastic Diagram

Lindle Willnow submits a great link with more facts from the National Cooperative Grocers Association-

Here is a reference that shows that neither option is that good but plastic seems to have a smaller, though longer lasting impact ( That said, I haven’t got on board with bringing my own.

Joey notes-

The 979 cubic inches for 1000 plastic bags vs  7188 cubic inches for paper bags does not take into account that after a year or two in a landfill that paper bag will be significantly less from decomposing and the plastic bag will be around forever.

If This Video Doesn’t Make You Proud of O’Maley Innovation Middle School Then You’ve Got Zero Heart

See this is the kinda thing that brings a school together like nothing else.  Whichever school administrator greenlighted this deserves like a thousand percent raise and I’m not even joking.  You can’t put a pricetag on how much this type of thing will do for school and community spirit.,

Frickin billiant!!!!

The O’Maley Innovation Middle School community recently came together to create a lipdub video of our SAILS theme song “Brave!”

Community Stuff 1/31/14

Docksider & Elementary Concert – Thursday,  February 13 at 7pm. Gloucester High School auditorium. Come hear great music & support music in our schools! FREE admission! Baked goods will be available for purchase during intermission.

Special Event

“To Light the Fires” 
A Guest Sermon by Lise Breen

Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church

Sunday, February 9th, 10AM

Join Gloucester UU parishioners on Sunday, February 9th for a guest sermon by Lise Breen: To Light the Fires: A Sketch of The Daltons, Black Citizens of Gloucester and the World”

Lise will remind us of Gloucester’s indisputable, tangled history with slavery with some accounts from Gloucester. One former enslaved African American, Gloucester Dalton, joined other Universalists at the laying of the cornerstone for the Gloucester church. Lise will introduce other Dalton family members and discuss their roles and identities as slaves, as fugitives and, finally, as extraordinary political activists. She hopes to meet with you afterwards to answer questions and discuss plans for an African American Heritage Trail.


About Lise Breen: While selecting content for the Gloucester HarborWalk, Lise came across evidence of our African American history. She hopes to garner support for an African American Heritage Trail to reveal the extent of slavery here and, more happily, recognize those who worked so hard to end it. Lise worked as a Research Associate with The Brooklyn Museum and, more recently, as a consultant documenting accounts from the rapidly changing fishing industry. She is a member of the Sargent House Board and the Gloucester Harbortown Cultural District Steering Committee.

Gloucester Better Together Cafe – Healthy Gloucester Collaborative…. FREE EVENT

Wednesday, February 12 (5:30-7:30 pm)

Where:  Rose Baker Senior Center-6 Manuel F. Lewis Street, Gloucester

Your Community, Your Conversation. Free event starting with a light dinner, and a relaxed evening of conversation as we continue our work to make Gloucester ….Better….Together, Cafe Style. Participants will move forward to the next step of action on themes developed at the October Cafe event. New participants are encouraged and welcome to attend. Bring family and friends and together we can build relationships, programs, and energy within Gloucester to strengthen and connect our community in a productive way. Free Event,  All ages Welcome; Childcare available onsite. RSVP appreciated, but walk-in are welcome! Sponsored by Healthy Gloucester Collaborative, with special thanks to the Gloucester Council on Aging.

Email to: or: 978 281-0908


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