DOUBLE XXL Technical Jackets Now In The House!

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Whenever I order GMG apparel I only order a couple Double XXLs because I never know how many we will move but it never seems to be enough.  Another reason I rarely order them is because the places that sell the gear always charge way more for XXL’s.

But I got some awesome new performance wear from a manufacturer who didn’t upcharge us for the XXL and thought I’d take advantage of it to take care of the many many GMG FOB’s who have been asking me to get some XXL gear.

So I got a bunch of White XXL Dry-Fit Long Sleeve Base Layer GMG Logo Shirts and Some Full and Half Zip GMG Technical Jackets.  The stuff is sick!  I also got some Sm, Lg and XL’s.  They are crazy high quality with vertical chest zip pockets and dry fit technical material.  Total quality, you will be psyched when you see these bad boys.

They are now available in the GMG Store.  Perfect gifts for the GMG/Gloucester Lover in your life!!!

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Performance jacket. A zip-up standing collar can be worn open or closed to give you just the right amount of airflow during physical activities. The zippered chest pocket makes this mid-weight jacket perfect for your phone or MP3 player so you can listen to music while you train. The arm pocket is a great place to secure your keys so they are out of the way.

Standing collar
Zippered closure
Long sleeves
Zippered chest and arm pockets
Shell: 100% polyester…

GloucesterCast 12/1/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guests Toby Pett and Amandacakes


GloucesterCast Taped 12/1/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guests Toby Pett and Amandacakes

Topics Include: Family Cookie Day, Turducken, ChromeCast, Downtown Gloucester Ladies Night, The Hive Gift Wrapping Service, Buoy Painting, Lobster Trap Tree, Rockland Maine’s Lobster Trap Spike, Favorite Gloucester Breakfasts, Sugar Mag’s, Lobster Land, Sailor Stans, Mamie’s Kitchen, Charlie’s Place, George’s Coffee Shop, Willow Rest, Best House Made Hash, West Indian Hash, Reader Subjects, Cruise Ships, Beauport Princess, Thanksgiving Dinner, Turkey Pot Pie, Sista Felicia On Cover Of Cape Ann Magazine, Mariposa, Lowell Peabody Call-Out, New GMG Technical Jackets, Manchester Athletic Club Holiday Fair

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Lobster Trap Holiday Tree Cards for Sale!

Lobster Trap Holiday Tree Cards benefit Cape Ann Art Haven. Click here to order your cards today! Limited Edition, and only 20.00 for a set of ten blank cards, with envelopes included.

Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree-1

David Brooks Photo

Bex Borden from Art Haven Shares Gloucester’s Lobster Trap Tree Story

BuildingTree_DavidBrooks and Ed CollardDavid Brooks and Ed Collard

Recently Rebecca Borden, President and Interim Executive Director of Cape Ann Art Haven, was asked by Conde Nast Traveler to provide background information on Gloucester’s lobster trap tree for an online slideshow they are preparing about New England’s lobster trap Christmas trees. Rebecca shared with me the same information for a Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism post on which I am working. Especially as the tree has become a holiday tradition beloved by all, I thought our GMG readers would love to know the story as well.

Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree-1

Rebecca writes ~

“Our tree is about 45′ tall and is built from 350 traps. We go for quality community engagement experience over height alone. The idea behind the tree began in 2001 by Janice Lufkin Shea, a downtown business owner. Jeff Worthley started it and built it for 10-years and then handed it off to David Brooks, founder of Cape Ann Art Haven and Ed Collard from the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce.


No one “owns” the tree. Local lobstermen donate their traps and volunteers work to build it. The fire department uses their hook and ladder to set the star at the top.  It is truly an event that brings out the best in the Cape Ann community and that’s why Cape Ann Art Haven has played a leadership role making it happen for the last six years. Cape Ann Art Haven is a community space where artists of all ages and abilities are encouraged to develop creativity and confidence through hands on learning and collaboration.  BuoyPainting3

We close off Main Street for our tree lighting ceremony because we have so many people and families that attend the event. I cannot put an exact number on those who show up but its in the hundreds. Everyone loves the tree – it is a beloved symbol of our winter holiday season.

Buoys Ready for Auction

BuoyPainting1BuoyPaintingFamilyOne of the things that makes our tree unique is that we have children paint donated buoys the week before the tree lighting ceremony. Last year we had more than 440 buoys painted by children – it’s a really big deal for them. The buoys are then used as “ornaments” to decorate the tree. When the tree comes down in January, we keep the buoys and auction them off as a fundraiser for Cape Ann Art Haven where they can go as high as $450 each. We also have local artists create specialty buoys and those have gone as high as $750 each.”

GFD+HangingStarGloucester Fire Department

All Photos Courtesy David Brooks

“Gifts Of Gold”…The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Printmag cover

 On the eve of Thanksgiving while prepping my families feast, I received another “Gift Of Gold!” A Photo taken back in late October with photographer Allegra k. Boverman and reporter/writer Gail McCarthy from Gloucester Daily Times & Cape Ann Magazine was publically announced to have been chosen for the cover of Cape Ann Magazines’ 2013 December issue. I was fully aware that Gail had been working on an article about my cookbook project for the magazine, but was completely surprise by the cover!  Just prior to  the launch of my cookbook “Gifts Of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia,Harvest” in late August, Gail and I met to discuses my cookbook project and it’s journey for her story. In Late October Gail contacted me again, asking if  she could stop by my house to take a few photos for her piece with a photographer named Allegra, and hesitantly  asked if I could possibly stage my kitchen to look as it would during the holiday season, by the end of the week to make the magazine’s deadline. Always up for a challenge I immediately said yes. Knowing I had only days to pull this off, and knowing my holiday decorations were all in storage, I realized I had to get creative and  use what I had on hand left over form past functions and craft projects!  After quickly making a list,  I got to work. Crunched for time I reached out to the Mariposa Company in Manchester Ma, to borrow a few of their lattest holiday collection pieces that would best display my confections planned for the photo shoot. I am a huge fan/collector of Mariposa, and I use their products to display the foods I serve everyday. The company graciously agreed and within hous of my initial phone call to them, my table was beautifully set Sista Style decked out with the latest Mariposa Holiday Collection and ready for my homemade Sicilian treats.  I’m thrilled for Allegra and Gail that their hard work made the cover and I personally would like to congratulate them on a job well done. I also would like to personally thank the Mariposa Company for their willingness to help on such short notice and for consistently producing elegant serving wear for all my entertaining needs. Cape Ann Magazine 2013 December issue is  scheduled to hit newsstands this Tuesday December 3, Again I have been blessed to work with amazingly talented people who help make my mission to keep my cultures rich Sicilian Traditions alive for future generations. I simply can not wait to pick up dozens of copies for my family and friends on Tuesday. Cape Ann Magazine is sold at the following Gloucester Businesses:

sold mag

To purchase copies of “Gifts Of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia, Harvest” Click link below

Art in the Schoolhouse Preview Opening Reception Friday, 12/6

magnolia historical society art show poster3

Another great holiday art event that you shouldn’t miss – presented by Magnolia Historical Society.  Come check out their great new location in the old Blynman Schoolhouse, 46 Magnolia Ave.

E.J. Lefavour

Rubber Duck spends Ten Minutes on the Lobster Trap Christmas Tree

Rubber Dock got this whole Lobster Trap Christmas Tree done in ten minutes this weekend. Spent three minutes on Saturday and seven minutes on Sunday. Hard work and still made it to the Patriots kick off.

Saturday: I think this tree is a little short. Need a few more traps. Over here on the right. Chop Chop.
And some more over here on the left! Anyone? Hello?
David, I’m thinking maybe you should put a star here on top?
Look ! Right here! This star!
David, pay attention and stop looking at that camera! The star! Right where I’m sitting!
Here are some more elves who spent the entire weekend putting up this tree while the elves who blew out their knee stayed home. Ten minutes are up and Rubber Duck has to go watch a football game.


OKAY First Off If You Don’t Participate In Ladies Night You’re An Idiot and Secondly If You Don’t Take Advantage Of The Giftwrapping Service at The Hive You’re a Bigger Idiot!

It’s soooo easy to make Holiday Shopping Painless By Shopping Local and now with the Hive and Teen Artist Guild offering Giftwrapping service on Ladies night, it’s even easier and MORE FUN to get your shit done locally instead of fighting the crowds at the mall.  No Brainer City Baby!


Muffy White writes-

Hey Joey!

Okay – to add to the awesome traditions of Ladies Night the Teen Artist Guild is having an open studio/boutique and wrapping event.

Custom made wrapping paper to wrap gifts – for free, of course donations to the program would be lovely!

#coolart #coolerartists #TAG #TheHive

Can you share?


Cindy Rich’s Joey C Sweater Progress Update 11/30/13! Just The Sleeves Left!!!!

Cindy’s Update 11/30/13

I was aiming to have this to you by thanksgiving, but that’s come and gone.
Just need to knit the sleeves… Stay tuned… Cindy

photo (58)

Cindy’s Update 10/16/13

photo (56)

Will have to get some measurements soon… Working my way down to the waist

photo (57)

Great day to knit outside

Update 10/10/13-

image001 (2)

photoshopping by Ryan Waite of Ryan Waite Photography

FOB Cindy Rich Is Needles Deep Into Producing My New Sweater!

10/9/13 Update-

Close to the great divide… A few more rows and the body and sleeves will begin to take shape

photo (55)


Lots of stitches on needles now… Adding more every other row to create ‘broad’ shoulders and a ‘manly’ chest!!!

image (2)

Thanks to Coveted Yarn for sponsoring the yarn!  Did you know Coveted Yarn has moved from East Main Street To The lower level of Shaws Plaza on Eastern Ave.


Cindy writes-

On the needles…  How does cashmere sound??? Charcoal?


Moving right along… Neckband done… Division for back, front and sleeves…

image (1)

Moving down over the shoulders… Still unrecognizable as a sweater…

image (2)

Here’s the original offer which Cindy took me up on-

I’d like a lg mens merino wool sweater in the style above minus the Charlie Brown pattern color heather grey or charcoal.  Any knitters up for it?  Your picture on the blog and the yarn shop that wants to donate the yarn will get my time posting about the process.

Here’s where I saw the pattern but you might have a classic crew neck sweater pattern we could look at too.

Harbor Extremes From Bill O’Connor

Hi Joey,

The wind was whipping from the North through the outer harbor Sunday. Our cove was on the leeward side of the wind so it was relatively calm in the cove, but this shot shows how quickly things can change from one extreme to another on the water.  The distance from the dock in the foreground to the dock on left of the photo [getting hammered by wind & waves] is about the length of a football field.

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


Community Stuff 12/1/13

The Gloucester School Committee, in conjunction with the West Parish PTO, encourages members of the community to join them for a special meeting on Wednesday, December 4, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. at the West Parish Auditorium.  The meeting will serve two purposes, to be given an update on the progress of the new school building design and to provide an update on the “swing” school space during construction. 

In addition, members of the community are also encouraged to attend the annual State of the Schools Presentation on Thursday, December 5th at the Gloucester High School Lecture Hall at 7:00 p.m.  Superintendent Safier and members of the administration will conduct this presentation.