Old Christmas Greysole Fishing Trips

Sam Novello writes-

Dear Joe,

In the past, large Gloucester fishing draggers made annual Christmas fishing trips off the coast of Nova Scotia at a greysole “honeyhole.”  I believe your grandfather may have even found this spot.  From what I understand, the boats used to take turns fishing through this spot one at a time and filling their nets with tows of 25,000 lbs of greysole per tow being common.  This area is now closed to U.S. fisherman because of its location in Canadian waters.  I believe the last Gloucester boats to fish these grounds were in the Joseph & Lucia fleet approximately 25 years ago.  I have always been interested in this old “Christmas trip” and was wondering if any of your readers might have any knowledge or information about these trips and the location of this old greysole honey-hole. Thanks!

Happy Holidays!

Sam Novello

Dave Sag’s post Christmas Blues Party 8-11@The Rhumb Line ~12.26.2013

dave bw

Before I even start, let me please thank you all for  very nice year of playing music and for allowing me to invade your brainstems weekly with potentially dangerous information. I wish you and yours the very nicest Holiday Season. and hope for many more!
Okay, now back to it: Our post-xMas healing process begins Thursday night with the arrival of Ms. Lydia Warren. This lady knocked the fillings out of my teeth at this summer’s Glou. Blues Festival. A wonderful songstress, vocalist and ornery guitarist,  she’ll have you cavorting and gavotting in the aisles, whatever that means. She’ll be bringing along her insignificant other, too, in the form of Mr. Matt Kelley, a dynamic and road-worthy guitarist, to fill in the blanks. Squeeks and other percussion by  that tonsorially-challenged Drumbo, Mr. Steevee Chaggaris. I will have gained 5 pounds.

lydia warren


And here are distant early warnings about upcoming events:
Jan.2 Rik and Alec Razdan with the A-minus orchestra, includes me. Come celebrate the beginning of suicide season!
Jan.9 Andrew Clark. The tootin’ Torquemada of the tenor is out to destroy your will!  Billy Loosigian rocks out!
Jan.16 Chris “Stovall” Brown and his tooth-biting glitar!
Jan.23 The Good Old Salty Jazz Band. We get encores at the Senior center all the time. Come see what you’ve been missing whilst you doze in your Barcalounger.
Jan.30 Johnny Carwash aka Bob Davis steps up to your upper plate and knocks your teeth out.  Pyrotechnics (again) by Billy Loosigian, who was forced to learn a jazz chord for this date. Instrumental and surf madness ensues.

THE RHUMB LINE BAR & RESTAURANT40 Railroad Ave.Gloucester, MA 01930phone: 978-283-9732


Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve! I took this photo at a Christmas party on East Main Street, looking across Smith Cove. The sailboat was decorated with lights, as was the crane at Bickford's boat yard on Rocky Neck. Co-owner Marco Taormina did that every year. He was a gruff but likable character. He loved to drink his "green grenades," which were bottles of Heineken beer.
Christmas Eve! I took this photo at a Christmas party on East Main Street, looking across Smith Cove. The sailboat was decorated with lights, as was the crane at Bickford’s boat yard on Rocky Neck. Co-owner Marco Taormina did that every year. He was a gruff but likable character. He loved to drink his “green grenades,” which were bottles of Heineken beer.

Pet of the Week-Poly


My name is Poly. I think I can fly!  I am certainly trying hard enough to! I am an affectionate and active girl who is five-month-old.  I think I might be retriever and Terrier.   I have a pretty white-and-cream coat.  I weigh about 20-pounds and will be medium size when I am fully grown. I am residing at the Cape Ann Animal Aid, located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter, Four Paws Lane, Gloucester.  It is so nice here – the shelter is just beautiful and the volunteers and staff are so kind and caring.

I have only one suggestion for you.  I think you should stop by the CAAA and adopt me.  How many dogs do you know are as cute as I am and can fly?!


I hope Poly is in a new home by Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone!

Good Egg Report

Good afternoon all happy holidays
Wanted to let you know what Myriah Tucker works in the Oncology department here at AGH, and myself have been up to with the help of the Salvation Army and the community of Gloucester including Sen. Tarr office
Since times are tough and we wanted to make sure that everyone gets something for Christmas I did my own fund raising and with the approval of Salvation Army we helped Cancer patients. Actual people helped through AGH:
60 people
28 of them children
13 cancer patients,
 I want to thank the community of Gloucester, Cape Ann Savings Bank employees & La Trattoria and individuals were out pouring,
Cross fit Cape Ann adopted a whole family
Pigeon Cove Circle is donating a  Christmas meal to one of our cancer patient.
and we had extra toys for little ones we donated the rest to Sen. Tarr who had his own gathering of toys delivered them to
Shriner’s Children’s Hospital.
I think AGH, Salvation Army Sen. Tarr and the rest of the donors my angels god bless
Merry Christmas
Warmest regards Sefatia

Dave Moore Remembers The Troops

Capt Joe.could you post this for the troops who are far away – and missing their families – just like the ones back home who work for Fire Department-Police-Coast Guard who are on duty on all serving their communities and country many are former veterans also this includes the fisherman, lobstermen Men & Woman alike, like our services.Thank You!

“Please-Don’t forget the veterans both (Active and Retired) who are far from their homes serving their country still in many ways Say a prayer for those who have lost their life in support of motherland America and those countries who we help!

“My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?” ― Bob Hope

Mac Davis – Song Painter Album – “Home” (Mac Davis wrote this song)

ome – Gary Puckett & The Union Gap (another version)

Poppy Skaines
Uploaded on Feb 20, 2011
Serving in Viet Nam in 1970 I came across an album from an unknown songwriter at the time named Mac Davis. One song in particular that really moved me was a song called “Home”. Made me real homesick. Many years have past. I am thankful to all who sacrificed for our country.

No where could I find this song or lyrics on the internet. I dedicate this song and video to all the veterans who have served in the past and are serving our country today. God Bless them all.

“Home” – Mac Davis

And every night they lie awake
And dream of Momma’s chocolate cake
And wonder if there’ll be a tomorrow
And will they ever see their home and their family
Oh will they ever be back home, Oh

And boys who never learned to pray
Look to the heaven’s everyday
And stumble through a simple little prayer
And ask the Lord above
To send them home to the ones they love
Oh God I hope they make it home

And everyday some young boy dies
And in the night some young girl cries
He’ll never hear his baby’s laughter
He’ll never ever see his home and his family
But I guess he’s finely free
And at last he’s on his way back home, Oh

When we recall Christmas past, we usually find that the simplest things – not the great occasions – give off the greatest glow of happiness.” “-Bob Hope”

God Bless – and have a safe holiday season Dave Ret, Vet South Korea

Dave Moore (S-55/Ret USAF- Native nickname-Kukani Tiya-RD)
(“Quarere Verum”Seek the Truth”)