Wishing You Peace and Joy

Forgiveness ~ Nelson Mandela in his actions emodied the teachings of  Jesus. At his inauguration, Mandela’s jailers were given front row seats.

Live performances of Hugh Masekela performing “Mandela” (Bring Him Back Home)

For Peggy at Pop Gallery

snowy owl

While walking this morning at Stage Fort Park with Elynn Kroger, we encountered this beautiful snowy owl.  A little later, I ran into Peggy Russell from Pop Gallery, who also had seen him, but hadn’t been able to get a shot of him.  This is for you Peggy.  Merry Christmas.  What a special treat on Christmas morning.

Of course it never fails that I encounter something magical when I carry my chumpy little pocket camera.  I wish I’d brought the nice one Paul Frontiero gave me, as I had originally intended.  Lesson.  Never second-guess your first impulse.

E.J. Lefavour

You Know What Time It Is! Rocky Neck Plunge Time Baby!!!

Hey Joey.

It is time for our annual Plunge.!!!!!!

Please join us for this invigorating event. Once again, we will be running a
food drive for the Open Door . A van will be available at the entrance of beach
to leave food.

Location: Oak Cove Beach. Rocky Neck. Just off of Stevens Way.

Date: 1/1/2014

Time: 2pm. Due to the tide

What to bring: Beach shoes as it is a rocky beach. Non-perishable food. ( we
can also take checks made out to The Open Door)

Thanks for supporting this super deluxe event. As usual, all welcome…

Cathy McCarthy

Tucker Destino Photo