GloucesterCast 12/1/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guests Toby Pett and Amandacakes


GloucesterCast Taped 12/1/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guests Toby Pett and Amandacakes

Topics Include: Family Cookie Day, Turducken, ChromeCast, Downtown Gloucester Ladies Night, The Hive Gift Wrapping Service, Buoy Painting, Lobster Trap Tree, Rockland Maine’s Lobster Trap Spike, Favorite Gloucester Breakfasts, Sugar Mag’s, Lobster Land, Sailor Stans, Mamie’s Kitchen, Charlie’s Place, George’s Coffee Shop, Willow Rest, Best House Made Hash, West Indian Hash, Reader Subjects, Cruise Ships, Beauport Princess, Thanksgiving Dinner, Turkey Pot Pie, Sista Felicia On Cover Of Cape Ann Magazine, Mariposa, Lowell Peabody Call-Out, New GMG Technical Jackets, Manchester Athletic Club Holiday Fair

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Merry Christmas (even before Thanksgiving)

Lest we all forget amidst our fun poking  jabs at each other’s tree-

Merry Christmas 🙂 From Gloucester To Rockland

as an aside (at the bank the other day I heard Christmas muzak a full week before we even had Thanksgiving)  WTF!

Here’s some more pics from last years Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree-

Ya think they have anything this cool in Anytown, or Plainsville USA? No freakin way! This is another reason Gloucester Rocks!

Gloucester's 2008 Lobster Trap Tree
Gloucester's 2008 Lobster Trap Tree and Art Haven Ice Sculpture
Gloucester's 2008 Lobster Trap Tree Adorned With Buoys Painted By Our Youth
Merry Gloucester Christmas

If you would like to help out building the tree or know any lobstermen who would like to donate traps to use they sure could use a hand-

Friday, November 27, 2009 at 9:00am

Gloucester Police Station Plaza