4 Days til Christmas Song ~ Louis Prima Recording of “What Will Santa Claus Say”

Louis Prima, “The King of Swing,” was a New Orleans born son of Sicilian immigrants. Primo’s career spanned five decades and he was a trumpeter, singer, songwriter, and actor. Prima was also the voice of the orangutan in Disney’s the Jungle Book, performing the song “I Wanna be Like You.”

I am curious to know if any GMG readers ever saw Louis Prima play during his long career.

Louis prima trumpet

A Sight Only A few Can See

Going passed the Manchester Historical Society, if you are very lucky, you can see the Nutcrackers standing guard… They appear only to those who can see beyond the streets and houses…

Nutcrackers at the Historical Society
Nutcrackers at the Historical Society 

Cape Ann Solstice Tickets Available at the Door ~ Plenty of FREE PARKING

You can’t get advanced tickets online any more, but you can still go the Gloucester UU Church and get tickets at the door ($25 for all ages).  Box office opens at 4pm.  Doors open at 7.  Concert starts at 7:30.  There’s plenty of free parking at the Church and nearby (Trinity Church parking lot and Library lot off School St. are both plowed) so come on down and celebrate the longest night of the year with some of Cape Ann’s finest musicians while you help to restore one of Gloucester’s most treasured buildings!


Holiday Specials Galore on Cape Ann TV

It’s a big week of holiday specials on Cape Ann TV featuring Bruce Tarr’s Toy Drive,  Holiday Delights, Local Music Seen Christmas special, Cape Ann Symphony Holiday Pops Concert, Church services, plus many other holiday events — and of course lots of football!  Get the schedule here — and check out Cape Ann TV’s young Santa guiding his sleigh through the night sky below:

Live Shopping: It’s the Farmer’s Market!

If you need some amazing local hand made gifts, snacks, desserts, pastas, honey, guacamole, soups, local veggies, breads, books, and crafts, then get your ass down here! You have until 12 noon to get to the Unitarian Universalist Church downtown. Make it happen!

A view from the stage, where you’ll find Sista And her books, along w GMG gear!

Spinach Risotto

rossoto 3

Spinach Risotto, a perfect dish to serve on cold winter nights. Risotto is one of the items that can always be found in my pantry. I reach for it often during busy holiday seasons.  Risotto is easy to prepare, makes a hearty meal on its own, and can be served as a side dish to almost any meal.

 Spinach Risotto


2 tablespoon salted butter

¼ cup olive oil; plus 2 tablespoons

¾ cup yellow onion diced

1½ cups Arborio Rice

4 cups chicken broth

2 cups water

½ cup Pecorino Romano Cheese

8 cups whole fresh spinach leaves with stems

1 large garlic clove finely grated

½ teaspoon kosher salt

½ teaspoon freshly ground pepper

Step by Step

1  Placed spinach in large colander; rinse under cold water;  roughly chop; reserve

2  Heat ¼ cup olive oil in medium sauce pan over high heat; add diced onion; sauté 1 minute


3  Add Arborio Rice and salt; cook 2 minutes; stir often; reduce heat to medium/high


4  Stir in 1 cup chicken broth continue cooking; stirring often, until liquid is 75% absorbed

5  Continue adding 1 cup broth at a time; until all 4 cups are added and absorbed; Note: this process should take approximately 20 minutes

6  Stir 2 cup water into al dente Risotto; stir; cook until 75% absorbed

7  Add finely grated garlic and roughly chopped spinach; mix well cook 2 minute; stir often


8  Mix in cheese; top with freshly ground pepper; drizzle with 2 tablespoons olive oil


Note: This creamy rich Risotto is hearty and tasty enough to serve as a meal on its own and makes a perfect side dish anytime of year!

David Collins Has Some Nice Things To Say and Miss Friend’s Class 1950-1951



20001Miss Friend's Class0001

Hey, Joey,

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I read it almost daily and like that it keeps me up on what’s happening in my old hometown.

I grew up just over the Cut Bridge, on Stage Fort Avenue, in the 1940’s and 50’s. My family moved to Connecticut the week I turned 16 because my father’s job as a buyer at LePage’s was phased out in one of the take-overs in the early 60’s. 

I taught school in Connecticut and have now retired to Florida. However, as other writers to your column have said, you may leave Gloucester but Gloucester never leaves your heart.

You had a picture recently of your mother and her friends at a gathering. I am sending along a picture from a gathering in 1950-1951 which may have your father or perhaps an uncle in it. 

It is of my kindergarten class at Miss Georgia Friend’s house on Riggs Street. She ran the school (back when kindergartens were not a part of the public school system). Mrs. Grace Andrews was also a teacher there. I believe Mrs. Andrews’ daughter was the Elizabeth Andrews Godfrey whose passing was mentioned in the Gloucester obituaries earlier this month.

Both Miss Friend and Mrs. Andrews were related to each of my parents whose families had been from the Cape Ann area for generations.

On the backside of the photo are listed many of the kids in the picture. I am the first boy standing on the left (#1). My mother was usually amazing with names and spelling but seems not to have known a couple and had trouble spelling some, among them Ciarametaro and Ciaramitaro. 

All these years later I am afraid I remember only a couple of the others in the photo. For certain I remember Diana Bell (#9) who went with me through almost all the school years from West Parish to GHS and was at the Universalist Church Sunday School with me for a while, too.

I also remember John Ciarametaro (#6) and Mary Ciaramitaro (#2), if these are the people of that name who were in the GHS class of 1963, the class I would have graduated with had we not moved at the end of my sophomore year.  

So, Joey, I was just wondering if any of your family is pictured. Also, if perhaps the Joseph Frontiero (#18) is related to Paul?

Again, I really appreciate the effort you and the others put into Good Morning Gloucester.


David Collins