Where Do Swans Go in Winter?

A reader emailed inquiring as to where do the Niles Pond swans go during the winter months. The Niles Pond swans are Mute Swans (Cygnus olor) and they are neither mute nor migratory. Mute Swans do not fly south in the true sense of a great migratory distance traveled, but do move around between bodies of water, and may move to a slightly warmer region.

Mute Swans swans grunt, snort, and hiss and their wingbeats make a beautiful throbbing sound when flying. See previous GMG posts about the Niles Pond Mute Swans ~

Vibrant Throbbing Wingbeats

Niles Pond or Brace Cove

16 thoughts on “Where Do Swans Go in Winter?

  1. Excellent video and captures the beauty of the pond – the song in the background music added to it. Now I don’t want to read the 100 emails I have in my in-box but this got me in a great mood for the rest of the day (your night there in Gloucester ) thanks! 🙂

    “Where the birds flock to and sing so does the spirit of peacefulness and beauty…what a journery here..

    P.S. There is an item readers digest Oct 2013 titled Look Twice see the world pages 144-147 about your loved Monarch Butterfly you may find interesting?


        1. Part of a Native American story and reminded me of your video and all the birds that I watched growing up that way 🙂


  2. Magnificent, Kim! I am really missing out by not being morning person! Thank you for starting off my day in such a beautiful way!


    1. Susan thank you so much–So much beauty in the pre-dawn and early hours of the day. When filming it is sometimes difficult to decide which direction to point my camera–that’s why I usually have two!


  3. Thanks for the film,–we just came back from the Bay of Quinte Belleville looking for some swans that nest there but did not see them today,–they are a graceful bird-
    m George & Irene Ginther

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What a beautiful place, the Bay of Quinte. Thank you for writing George and Irene. Google images showed that the Mute Swans breeding there are the almost pure white variant, same as our Mr. Swan 🙂


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