So I Hated Windows 8 So Much That I Just Ordered Up and Paid For Windows 7 Software To Install On My New Windows 8 Laptop



I know of no man woman or child that went out of their way to defend Windows 7 to Apple fanboys like buddies Paul Morrison and Kim Smith than yours truly.

This guy’s idea of a work computer is not just a consumption device.  It’s a device used to edit and create content for CBS Boston’s Most Valuable Blog and North Shore Magazine’s Best Blog,

As big of a dope as I am, when it comes to creating content I’d say my opinion on this matters.

Windows 8 is a HUGE STEP BACKWARDS if you are a creator.   If you are a person that only uses their computer to casually browse the internet then you probably wouldn’t have a problem with it.

In my opinion WINDOWS 8 SUCKS ASS.  They dumbed down the interface so the windows 8 PC will be universally synced through the cloud to windows tablets and windows phones.  While the Windows phone version might be great because it brings up the level of usability on a phone, by the same measure they dumbed the interface down on the desktop of the PC.

So disappointing.

I’m paying money to go back a generation of an operating system.  Congrats Microsoft, one of your biggest fans is disgusted.

10 thoughts on “So I Hated Windows 8 So Much That I Just Ordered Up and Paid For Windows 7 Software To Install On My New Windows 8 Laptop

  1. The problem with Windows 8 is that is sucks if using a standard PC or laptop. However, if you had purchased a laptop with a touch screen, it is the balls! You can move all those tiles around, resize them, do all the stuff you can do with a tablet or smart phone and more with your fingers manipulating stuff on the screen.
    It is the typical quandary that technology faces often, where you don’t want to buy new software that your hardware can’t use and you don’t want to buy new hardware until software is available to make use of the hardware. Buy a touch screen laptop and you’ll appreciate Windows 8 more (maybe)


    1. I don’t care about moving tiles around or resizing them.
      I want to bang around editing in my desktop mode quickly and as beautifully as I did with Windows 7. They squared off the edges and made the desktop ugly so you would use their metro dumbed down UI.
      I don’t want a dumbed down internet browsing machine, I want a powerhouse content creating machine.


  2. Windows 8 is all about getting into the tablet space. However, it makes things much worse for the desktop (aka business user). Really .. do I hear Windows Me and windows Vista here?
    Our professional advise is to stick with Window 7 Professional. It really works. There are significant improvements in Win 8 as far as far as the file system & security goes, but they sacrificed all of the on the alter of being “cool” … competeing with the iThngs .. and getting into the tablet space.
    Things that are “cool” to twenty-somethings at 2Am while consuming cafinated beverages is definatately a PITA to a business guy just trying to crank out documents of do his accounting.


  3. i used to have a mac and happily switched to pc. windows 8 is not as good as windows 7. end of story. happy new year one and all!


  4. I felt the same way when I first got an IPad. Then I got an IPhone and suddenly it all became easy, just a total change from using Microsoft products forever. Now it is second nature.


  5. Where did I ever say I did not like Windows 7? I love Windows 7. With Service Pack 1 in the summer of 2010 I finally stopped bitching about Windows and moved several of my machines from Windows XP. With Windows 7 Service Pack 1 in 2010 they were actually able to emulate Macintosh OSX 10.9 which had come out in 2009. (By emulate I mean works almost as good.)

    I would only suggest that with Windows, always skip a generation. It has a mutation that appears in the offspring of the good version which reverts it to absolute suckiness. That would be Win 8.

    Unfortunately, although they are firing all those responsible the best windows operating system into the year 2015 will be Win 7 which is 2009 technology. Microsoft bet too much on awful Surface Tablet tech so Win 8 will be touchy-feely rub your fingers on your screen for quite some time.


  6. Built a new,computer with max memory and 2 TG external hard drive but don’t want a touch screen and loaded up with Windows 7.When the mket settles down a bit will get tablet with touchscreen.and try windows 8.


  7. OK, Joey, you’re just plain wrong about being a dope at creating content. People may not appreciate how hard it is to post something halfway intelligent EVERY DAY. The only reason we’re willing or able to do that on GMG is because we’re inspired by your writing (i.e., CONTENT).

    As for Windows: Vickie’s on Windows 7, but I’m still using XP (because Vista sucked and I don’t have the time or inclination to upgrade). Everything I need works just fine in XP (Word, Excel, Photoshop, Fireworks, Chrome — my favorite browser, SQL Server Manager — and the firewall software that gets me into the databases on all of our remote servers, all my HTML & Javascript editors, even Adobe Premiere for video editing & Soundbooth for studio quality sound mixing. So why would I upgrade? Back in the good old days (or bad old days, depending on how you look at them) most of us geeks generally agreed that odd versions of MS-DOS were better. Perhaps Microsoft has trouble with even numbered releases???????????????


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