Prehistoric Origami

Michelinoceras and Anomalocaris, folded from a Japanese origami book I got for Christmas called “Dinosaurs 3” by Fumiaki Kawahata.  Neither of these creatures is a dinosaur, but you get the point – the book has diagrams for how to fold creatures of which we only have fossils. These models are not very complicated, but there are others in the book that are more challenging. I hope to fold some of them soon and will post photos…

Fr. Matthew Green


3 thoughts on “Prehistoric Origami

  1. Hi, Matthew. My son loves origami and has been looking for this book for months to buy. Unfortunately, it’s out of print. We tried looking in Japan to buy. Would you mind letting me know where you got yours from? Very much appreciated. Kyndra


    1. Hi! I bought the book from Origami USA, but it was a clearance item, precisely because it was going out of print and they only had a few copies left. They no longer have the book in stock. I’m sorry I can’t offer you any better news…


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