Who do you want in your foxhole?

Say you’re at war.

Do you want the guy in high school that was on your team and you lost he says afterward “It was just a game.”? 

Or do you want the guy that took it personally?

You want the guy that no matter what, you guys were in it together as a team.  Fighting, scratchin, trying to get better.  Trying to be the best you can be and always having each other’s back- No Matter How Insurmountable The Odds.  Willing to take on teams larger than you stronger in physical stature but not in will!

Yeah, I’m takin this thing personally.  We’re in this together team.

You Play To Win The Game!!!!

You’re with us or you’re against us.

Bottom line.

3 thoughts on “Who do you want in your foxhole?

  1. Testify, Herm! But wait, after Herm was the Jets coach didn’t he leave and become the Chiefs coach? I guess he was with ’em until he was against ’em.


  2. Joey, what gives. This post is pretty cryptic. Does this have something to do with the Godfather thing you put up earlier. If so, why the big chip on your shoulder. Let it out…it will make you feel better. Maybe in time for the party tonight. See you there. 🙂


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