after thought

An item or thing that is thought of or added later.  This dinghy is named Afterthought and travels with the sailboat, Linnet.  Anyone know who it belongs to?  (Hint: It’s someone you all know from Good Morning Gloucester).

E.J. Lefavour

5 thoughts on “Afterthought

  1. I can recognize the attention to detail from a mile away. Had lunch at George’s with him this morning. Did you know his wife has been in Japan all fall? Wakarimas Anjisan.

    That was too easy, I’ll let someone else win unless I get the skiff.


  2. I built this dinghy 15 years ago from plans by the late genius Phil Bolger, published in Dynamite Payson’s book, “New Instant Boats.” It took about a week using the ‘stitch and glue’ method. Part of the cleverness of Phil’s design is the longitudinal thwart, which allows rowers of differing heights to sit where they are most comfortable. At sixty-five pounds, it’s extremely light, which makes it a good cartopper. Some years ago I had it on top of the Jeep at Three Lantern, Phil came in and complimented me on the execution. I was very proud.


  3. YEARS ago, someone in town had a dinghy they towed in back of their power boat. I thought the name they chose was quiet ingenious: “Tender Behind.”


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