Homemade Zip Line Improved

Last Sunday we showed you a video of our son’s homemade zip line built with stuff found in the garage.  He used a PVC elbow in place of a pulley because we didn’t have one.

As the week went on, friction cut a ridge in the PVC, slowing down the zip.  John noticed that it worked better in the rain (yes, moms, neither he nor his friends care about being out in the rain).

Finally, he started nagging us to get a pulley and on Friday after school we stopped at the Building Center and bought a good, strong one.  He offered to buy it with his money (earned from working various jobs) but we figured he deserved this one on us since he’d engineered the whole thing, witnessed first hand the effects of friction and figured a pulley would solve the problem.

There’s simply nothing like hands-on experiment and experience to spark a child’s thrill of discovery and inspire his quest for the best!  Here’s a video of the first zip line so you can see the improvement:

This experience also offered a chance to overcome his fear.  The first run on both zip lines was terrifying.  He simply didn’t know what would happen.  It took real courage to take those first leaps off the ladder.  Congratulations John!

Plenty of true Gloucester sounds tonight from Sea Shanteys to Bandit Kings.  Check out the music lineup here.

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