Year of the Dragon, part 4

As I mentioned in my previous posts on this topic, this is the Chinese year of the dragon (within the twelve-year cycle based on the Chinese zodiac). While I do not subscribe to any form of astrology, I like the idea of a “mascot” for the year. I am also particularly fond of dragons. So, as an origami artist in Gloucester, I decided to share a series of origami dragons that I have folded, either from my own designs or from others’ designs that I have modified to my own taste.

I’ve gotten a few responses to the idea of starting an origami group here on Cape Ann. Maybe to get started, if a few people would like to learn how to fold an origami dragon, I’d could to set up a time to teach a public class.   We just need to find a suitable date and venue. Which model I would teach would depend on the level of experience of the students.

Speaking of origami classes, the annual Origami USA convention in New York City is now open for registration! It’s a great event – I’m already signed up. Anyone else going?

Today’s dragon is my variation on Robert Neale’s design:

This is the simplest of the models I’ve presented so far, and represents perhaps the most “classic” species of dragon. It has an elegant simplicity that makes it one of my favorites.   This example is made from a 6″ square of uncut textured foil.  My contributions to this design are the horns and jaw on the head and the specific size and shape of the wings.

One can fold it without the horns and with slightly smaller wings in just a few minutes (as opposed to the other designs I have posted so far, which require more time to fold with any real precision).  That simpler form is the one that would be easiest to teach.

6 thoughts on “Year of the Dragon, part 4

  1. Were I not a total klutz, I woud love to learn how to make an origami dragon…They are my “pet”creatures too..Who says they’re not real


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